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Russian women are always known for their beauty and charm. Wide beautiful eyes and wholesome physical and facial beauty industry tend to appreciate. Russian models are tall, beautiful women who have ruled over the industry by talent and harmony.

So why wait? Let’s discover the beauty that falls in Russia. Are you curious? I am too

Irina Shayk

Instagram Following : 15.8 Million (7th Aug 2021)

Irina is known to be the sweetheart of the Russian modeling industry. She has worked for many known brands and magazines, for instance, Forbes, time magazines, etc.; she is known to be the most intricate model.

Shayk came into the world on January 6, 1986, in Russia. She grew up with her mom and dad and used to have a great enthusiasm for piano later on as she grew up and not only grew but turned out so beautiful, she tried her luck into modeling and did her first swimsuit modeling from there on, there was no going back.

Her features, such as long deep brown hair, sensational dark eyes, and lips, are amazingly proportioned, making people utterly crazy about it.

People tend to love Irina for her undoubtedly sexiness, which makes her the hottest and the number one Russian model.

Irina Shayk Shares Photos From Fashion Week Fittings

Natalia Vodianova

Instagram Following : 2.8 Million (7th Aug 2021)

Natalia is a Russian model known for many highlighted works such as vogue runways, Louis Vuitton, loreal, etc.; just at the age of 17, she leads her foot in the industry at a very young age, no stopping it.

Natalia Vodianova

Natalia belonged to a not-so-wealthy family. They hardly made their both ends meet so that Natalia used to go and fell fruits with her mom with responsibilities on her shoulder. She chooses to work soon and ended up achieving a part in top Russian models.

In 2001, Natalia got married to the man of her dreams, the European sweetheart. She ended up concentrating on family for a long time. She had five kids in this span.

Now have started to the catwalk again.

Anna Selezneva

Instagram Following : 159K (7th Aug 2021)

Anna is a Russian-born model known to be one of the most style icons. She was born in 1988. At the start of her career, she started to work at the age of 17. since then, she has rocked the industry.

Anna Selezneva

Anna Selezneva has worked with brands like Versace and famous brands like Ralph Lauren. She also appeared on the vogue runway.

Looking at the start of their career in 2007 and hard work and dedication to the field, she walked her first runway in 2008. Since then, her work has been remarkable

The 33-year-old Russian model has done some fantastic work and is affiliated and marked with an agent named Mario Testino.

Anne Vyalitsyna

Instagram Following : 734K (7th Aug 2021)

Anne is a much known Russian actress-model holding American nationality in the year 1986 she comes from a family of doctors and physicians.

Anne Vyalitsyna

Anne Vyalitsyna is a gorgeous woman, weighs about 56 kgs with a height of 5 feet 11 inches. She has lovely light brown eyes with blonde hair, her body measurement 32-24-34. Her beauty is indulged and supreme in all of the industry.

Her work has been remarkable. Her career started at the age of 15 when she participated in an IMG competition. After winning the match, Anne decided to move to New York. She also worked as a swimsuit model and extended her career on and on

She is currently single and known past to be in relation with adam Cahan, tom hardy, etc.

Her work in the film industry was die-hard, and lullaby is the most known work.

Natasha poly

Instagram Following : 1 Million (7th Aug 2021)

Born and raised in perm Russia Natasha is a fashion model working with brands like Givenchy Louis Vuitton etc. her fantastic work and her high profile portfolio has extended her demand which caused her working on runways and fashion show which caused her to the peak at 2000

Natasha poly

Natasha poly is a married woman. She got married to her boyfriend, peter baker, and now is the mother of 2. She is known to handle her public and private life quite well.

Until now, she has walked 54 runways and is currently working for many known brands such as Calvin Klein and H&M, etc. her career has reached a peak with undoubted hard work and dedication.

Fun fact she is known to be active on social media for her fans and followers.

She is considered a supermodel by

Sasha Pivovarova

Instagram Following : 274k (7th Aug 2021)

Sasha is a very well known Russian model grew up in Moscow with her parent claims she always was interested in modeling hence they supported her.

Sasha Pivovarova

She is recent 34 years and married. The couple is the perfect duo because she is a model, and her husband is a photographer named Igor vishnykov.

She loves to travel and is known to be widely active on social media

Her career is a list of famous brand work she astarted her career off as an IMG model, but now her portfolio has exceeded the limits of various favorite fashion brands such as jimmy choo Prada also her advertisement campaign for Marie Claire and many more have been amazing

She also walked the valentine fashion shows runway additionally got 2nd highest position on the platform of

Sasha Luss

Instagram Following : 641k (7th Aug 2021)

As a Russian model, Sasha Luss is very famous. She was born in Moscow and was not famously interested in becoming a model. She used to love ballet, got motivated by her mother, and joined the field of modeling at the age of 13.

Sasha Luss

She walked her first ramp at the age of 16. She worked on brand campaigns for famous brands such as Dior Valentino. The designer loved her beautiful figure. Due to her photogenic face, she was photographed by many amazing photographers, most likely by Karl Lagerfeld.

She is a very private person and known to have two severe relationships in past her acting skills are also quite impressive, and currently, she is living in the city of New york

Vlada Roslyakova

Instagram Following : 86.5k (7th Aug 2021)

Vlada roslyakova is known as a wealthy Russian model with about 1.5 million dollars net worth. She is a very private person. There is no record about her family or relationships, so as of 2021, she is considered single.

Vlada Roslyakova

Vlada has worked very hard to reach this point her work for Gucci Lanvin etc. Not only that, but due to her beauty and work, she was titled in the top 20 models of 2000. When she first started her modeling career, she worked as a model for harper bazaar.

Eugenia volodina

Instagram Following : 890 (7th Aug 2021)

The famous Russian model was born in Kazan on September 13, 1984. She started to work at the age of 15. As a young model, she got huge success and worked for editorials such as harper Bazar vogue, etc. not only that, but she worked for many fashion houses such as Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc

Eugenia volodina

She is not committed and known to be single. She is a beauty with a height of 5 feet 10 inches with 54 kgs weight. Her body size is 32-23-34.

She is represented by famous modeling agencies such as supreme management Uno models etc.

Kate Grigorieva

Instagram Following : 389K (7th Aug 2021)

Kate belonged to a military family and was born in 1988. This Russian model is currently 32 years old.

Kate Grigorieva

She is known to participate in the Miss Russia contest and won two times continuously. Her work has been tremendous over the years, and she worked for many different brands like Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, etc.

Her work as a model has far exceeded the portfolio, and her beauty and hard work have made it work.

She is currently married to alexander and ultimately have a net worth of $1 million USD.

Final Words

Russian women are tremendously beautiful. The way they have made themselves worked in the industry has been remarkable. The list of Russian models pointed above has been nothing but an inspiration for people.

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