The Fashion Trends to Look Forward to in 2021

Fashion trends

Brace yourself with elegant trends in 2021, a whole new set of major trends are coming, and our “What to Wear” editorial team has a lot to say about it. Yes, we can’t stop talking about the S/S 21 series and the items we want to wear right away, and we are happy to leave those in 2020. So which ones were selected on our list.

It turns out that we are looking forward to a lot of things from the outstanding patterns everywhere to the final cool basic models that can be layered into color in every fashionista’s wardrobe. Looking ahead, see what our editors have to say about the upcoming fashions in 2021 and the works we are preparing to say goodbye to old fashion. I promise you will be immediately inspired and eagerly want to put on our New Year’s Picks.

Trends for Women in 2021

Wearing: Second skin tops

In addition to the powerful and versatile basic knowledge, I love everything. This is why the second-placed top is one of the outstanding trends that I will fall behind next season. It can be seen on the S/S 21 runway of designers such as Miu Miu, Givenchy, and Marine Serre.

Second skin tops

This is a work that every fashionista will try in the coming months. I promise. Whether it is paired with sports pants or worn under knits and pants, as we have seen on Prada, its versatility is unlimited.

Skipping neon green

If I’m telling the truth, the ubiquitous neon green trend in 2020 has never really attracted me, so I’m happy to welcome it.

Styling tips to borrow

Although I have seen tops worn alone with pants or jeans, I like the idea of ​​wearing them as undershirts under knitted fabrics or jackets, as seen on the Prada runway.


Wearing: Utility vests

The trend I am interested in next year is the multifunctional vest. The knitted pullover vest is currently at an important moment, and I think it will be an evolution. I will now wear a wearing stitch, a warm version, and then switch to the spring to have a lighter iteration. “

Skip tie-dye

“The trend to leave in 2021 is tie-dye. This moment brings people the joy of quarantine, especially in the form of sweat. I am ready to move on spiritually!”

Styling tip to borrow

Pair a jacket or sweatshirt under the vest, and put another shade to increase the look.


Trends for runway 2021

Good Trench

In the final analysis to solve the current fashion problem, which boils down to a simple question: what do we want to wear now? The innovative battles offered in spring may be based on classic concepts, but they are hardly your typical bundled fare. From the eye-catching lapels to the interesting slits, the lowered waist and the bold sleeves, it seems that you can have your own shirt and statement of personality all at once.

Button down XXL shirt

Believe that your oversized shirt is your husband’s shirt or your dad’s shirt. Let your Double XL be yours and yours. The appearance is full of billowing silhouettes, inspired by standard poplin. These poplins are reimagined in shades of pink and orange to make a dress that looks long and wide, or the proportions make you look twice.

Petal to the metal

How does your garden grow? Bolder, brighter, and more influential seems to be the only way out for spring. Of course, the designer is not here for Daisy. Instead, they brought floral motifs to sunny yellows, neon tulip dresses, and celebratory evening dresses, and used pink shades, so incandescent lamps needed shade to look at them directly.


Coats of many Colors

Although 2020 is literally isolated from the world, the prevailing belief is that now is the time to stand out from the crowd. What better way than wearing a bright coat? Spring is here, you can choose stripes, patchwork and check patterns.

Cinch it

There are springs at the waist. Although belts are nothing new, this new iteration has never been underestimated; instead, it shapes the body. Whether you are about bows and arrows or avant-garde works like heavy metal, you can easily find the middle ground.

Cool Khakis

Mix all popular denim looks with light khaki. Tan cotton née twill, usually suitable for high school students and suburban dads. Oversized, casual, and super feminine portrait tops, tailor-made suit jackets, sweater vests, and more sequins than you, are popular and may be expected for a tailor.


Future trends for Men

New Utility

Today, the practicality trend has been going on for several seasons, and the obsession with the safari jacket has reached a feverish level at the 2020 spring/summer fashion show. Now, for the spring/summer of 2021, the appearance has been updated, with a more all-round ”high performance” atmosphere. From Gucci and Zegna’s city officer jackets to jackets (the former is leather cut from the canvas), to Balmain’s all-leather travels, and Dior’s crazy crocodile’s Field jacket next summer, it all looks like you are getting rid of the battle of the apocalypse (you will become a reality).


Perhaps this is more of a micro-trend, but nautical notes have appeared in many exhibitions, including Gucci’s anchor-covered intarsia knit sweater, Dolce’s exaggerated British style top.

Go Wide or Go Home

For SS21, almost every menswear designer can put out a series of extra-wide trousers. Some people, such as those in Zegna and Casablanca, fit the chic modern Yves Saint Laurent appearance-folds and tassel draping, highlighting the tailoring skills of the two houses. Gucci and Hermès (Herms) trousers are cut high and have a retro atmosphere, while in MSGM Dolce.


Oversized trench coat

Everyone knows that the windbreaker is a must-have item in spring, but for the spring and summer of 2021, the appearance has been greatly modified. In Wooyoungmi, Tod’s, and Loewe, paper trenches made of stone and caramel have the flavor of the 1970s, while MSGM, Ermenegildo Zegna, and “tides” are dominated by dusty roses and midnight blue respectively. The key to wearing your own oversized windbreaker next season is to match unexpected accessories.

Oversized trench coat

Pastel Splash

We’ve said it once, and we repeat it again, spring pastels are actually effective. And for SS21, it is easier than ever to put on pastel works that you want to wear again and again. From wearing a two-piece cotton candy suit on Gucci and Ermenegildo Zegna to a sponge-colored knitted cardigan on Prada (which looks like a work-from-home outfit), if you don’t wear pink roses, next season, Dijon mustard and periwinkle (preferably all at once), you did it wrong.

Vests under suits

In addition to oversized suits and tailors from the 80s, two sets of soft dark styles were worn in V-neck sweaters, tank tops, and kimono shirts. All these styles are designed to show as many models as possible. Tom Ford (Tom Ford) and George Armani (Giorgio Armani) dressed to the best, Mark Weston (Mark Weston) for Dunhill (Dunhill) barnstorming performance and Paul Andrew (Paul Andrew) for Salvador Salvatore Ferragamo’s performance showed more elegance.


Mind-blowing trend ideas for kids

Autumn-Winter trends

Every child in the new 2020-2021 autumn and winter series absolutely loves bright colors. Therefore, all shades of red, coral, green, blue, mint, and bright yellow are popular this season. However, you cannot avoid using basic colors such as grey, black, or white. Many designers are trying to eliminate the difference in appearance between boys and girls, and increasingly offer neutral clothing options. However, at the same time, they leave room for a single model.

Trending Sweaters

In winter and autumn, you need to create some warm looks. A classic baby boy sweater will be a good foundation, and all the 2020-2021 autumn and winter series will show the classic baby boy sweater. A bright yellow sweater looks particularly beautiful: it brings joy to everyone, including children. However, you can always find sweaters that a particular child likes in a wide variety of products.


Sometimes it is necessary to wear more formal clothes for children, so the designer provides customers with several types of shirts, which are very suitable for creating a child’s corporate image. For example, a high-quality blue plaid shirt is a good solution. The model looks modern and stylish anytime and anywhere.



It is important to buy a pair of good trousers for children in winter to avoid serious illness. The designer carefully considered the materials and chose the most suitable material for the cold season. The new series includes a variety of pants, the main materials, and appearance of which are different, so everyone will find the most suitable choice.

Kids Outfit

Kids Outfit

Sometimes it is a good choice to buy a ready-made kit for your child. It saves the time required to create the appearance. There are different sets in the new set. Some of them consist only of trousers and pullovers, some include additional coats. There are many options.

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