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Best Fashion Nova Models You Should Follow

Best Fashion Nova Models You Should Follow

Olivia Nottebohm
Fashion Nova Models

Fashion has always played an important part in people’s lives. So has social media developed its feet in the daily lives of human fashion. Fashion Nova models are those who influence people towards clothing through their fashion, their pages, their style, and aura attracts a huge amount of people.

That’s why fashion nova a known clothing brand trusts them with their clothing. So here we are with the top 5 fashion nova models who are a huge influence and rank on the top.

5) Kara Del Toro              

Kara Del Toro’s dazzling hot elite model works for famous brands such as guess fox networks and many other known companies. She is known to be the most lovable Instagram model people get attracted by her shapes and curves, which perfectly fits in with any sort of hot clothing with the current followers of more than 1.8 million.

Kara Del Toro

Kara Del Toro was born in Houston and signed with the brand fashion nova her looks and style developed a sense of attraction in the eyes of people with the height of 5ft 8.5 inches and 56 weight.

She fits in the perfect body curves as one brand needs her aura relates to the brand images and her sensational images make people speechless. Hazel eyes and brown hair just adds up to her beauty.

She is currently single and tends to concentrate on work with a current net worth of 2.6M$ including the payment she receives from the advertisement. The 26-year-old young model makes a decent amount of living from her main career modeling.

She loves to rescue dogs and her love for dogs is irresistible in addition to it she loves to play music and tries to be active on her Instagram.

4) Janet Guzman

The marvelous model Janet Guzman with current followers of more than 1.7 million followers on Instagram tends to love social media and stays active all the time. The model Janet Guzman was born in Los Angeles and grew up there.

Janet Guzman

She developed herself to be skillful and loved to take pictures also worked as a fashion photographer until 2014. When she first posted her picture on Instagram and got famous and until then she has gained many achievements including working as a model for the most known brand fashion nova.

Her career as a model was supported by her parents but considering her to finish her college education. But the dazzling beauty with the height of 5ft 5inches and 55 kg weight made people addicted to her amazing personality and dazzling aura.

Janet Guzman is currently not interested in men and tends to show no interest in men recently by saying she would like to focus on her career first.

3) Cristal serrano

The magnificent beauty with 5ft 7 inches of height and perfect bodes sizes tends to rock the fashion industry with her sharp curves. She has worked for many famous brands are known as sabo skirt miss guide and love culture.

Cristal serrano

Cristal is considered the richest model in the industry owning a net worth of 1-5 million$. The fashion nova model considers her privacy as her priority considering that she is no longer dating anyone but according to some tabloids she has had at least one relationship.

Before overviewing her relationship with surfer Kealamakia Naihe with whom she had a son in 2014. But no recent engagement or marital news has come to mind.

A 26-year-old model with enthusiasm and love for the modeling field plans to grow. Her recent dedication is to work on her modeling skills and be a good mom also tries to be active on Instagram with the current 2.5M followers to watch.

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2) Tiffany Keller

The most alluring dazzling and sexiest model tiffany Keller known as  1 of the famous personalities in the field of modeling considering she is widely known for the modeling of famous brands such as Windsor, Salty Mermaid Swimwear Fashion Nova. Also, people may see her at the Miami swim week and maxim hot party.

Tiffany Keller

The perfect sharp curves of her body tend to make her bodes perfect in the swimsuits tiffany is known as one of the richest models with a net worth of 117M$ at the age of 24. She has been photographed for many amazing brands including posting her pictures with the celebrities which helped her Instagram to grow till date with the following of 3.4 million. Tiffany grasps the attention of many big companies.

With a height of 5ft 9 inches and perfect body measurements, tiffany has a huge demand in the industry. Considering no recent relationships tiffany likes to makes her personal and love life private including no information of any ex-girlfriends and no marital or divorce update. Since many tabloids tend to post stuff about her life but she approves neither of them.

1) Daniela Garcia

The topmost model of fashion nova Daniela Garcia with a huge fan following of 74.9 M followers. With a love for acting and the film industry. She approached her way in the 1980s through a local television station and then lead her way to film making and career as an actress in 2000 her influence and dedication towards the industry lead her to far famous positions.

Daniela Garcia

With the interest in politics, She made her way to policy adviser and then as a congressman played an important role in the development of education and health. Further on won many elections and became Michigan legislature, and then lost the election in 2018 and got appointed as the minister of an outreach program in the United States in 2019.

From her dedication to the film industry to politics German-born women influenced many and became the top rankest fashion nova model.


With the interest in fashion and models and as the interest in bizarre legging increased people, tend to search for top models the curiosity and wait for the top-ranked models is over.  Here are the top 5 fashion nova models 2021

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