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Scarlett Johansson husband 2021

Scarlett Johansson is a 36 years old American actress. She was born in New York and recognized a hidden actress in early childhood when she appeared in a play as a child actor, but she started her career properly when she was seen in a film in 1994.

She is a World-renowned actress and was the World’s highest-paid actress during 2018-2019. She has been nominated and awarded multiple times. She was nominated for two Academy Awards and five Golden Globe awards and was awarded for best-featured actress for a play.

She is holding a huge fan following on Instagram and every other social media platform as she is one of the influencing actors of America.

But wait, we know all about her fame about her work, films, fan following, and everything about her career. Everyone knows, but today I will tell you about her personal life especially focusing on her marital life. Whom has the World’s highest-paid actress chosen as her life partner, and who that lucky one is?

Here you will know all about her relationships and her family.

Jack Antonoff, 2001-2002:

jack antonoff and scarlett johansson
jack antonoff and scarlett johansson

Scarlett dated her classmate Jack Antonoff for one year when she was in professional children’s school. Antonoff is an American singer and songwriter and is precisely of Scarlett’s age, but they did not make it serious and soon left each other.

Josh Hartnett:

Then Scarlett dated Josh Hartnett, her co-star. They were seen dating each other after their movie was released so it was good news for their fans, but this relationship too could not survive for more than two years.

Josh Hartnett and scarlett johansson
Josh Hartnett and Scarlett Johansson

In fact, Josh in his interview, hinted of being regretted dating Scarlet. He said it had affected his career, and his romance with co-stars has made him various enemies in Hollywood.

Ryan Reynolds (Finally Got Married):

After one year of breakup with Josh Hartnett, Scarlett started a relationship with Ryan Reynolds, a Canadian actor. They started their relationship in 2007 as she broke up with Josh in 2006 after passing one year. They got engaged in 2008, and within three months of their engagement, they got married in the same year.

scarlett johansson ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds

This marriage was started with love, said Scarlett, but this too ended within three years. Scarlett added that she did not have a proper understanding of marriage and took it as her growth period. She also considers that she was too young when married to Ryan as she was only twenty-three years old then and she said that she romanticized her first marriage. So they got married in 2008 and divorced in 2011, actually the news of their separation broke in 2010 so they were living separately from 2010 and officially divorced in July 2011.

Romain Dauriac:

After being in a relationship with co-stars and with the men of the same career, she dated Romain Dauriac, who holds an advertising agency. She divorced Ryan Reynolds in July 2011 and started dating Romain in November 2012. They made their relationship public when Dauriac was joining Scarlett during one of her film launch. Then they finally got married in 2013.

scarlett johansson Romain Dauriac
Romain Dauriac

They married in Montana. Scarlett and Dauriac seemed to be family-oriented couple as she gave birth to their daughter just after one year of their marriage.

From all above, it seemed that Scarlett wanted to have a happy marriage for which she was trying her best, had tried co-stars and then started a family with a man and had a daughter but this marriage also could not last more than two years. After two years of marriage, they splitted in 2017, and Scarlett filed for divorce and they got officially separated.

Colin Jost:

After her divorce, she was seen dating Colin Jost, an American comedian, actor, and writer. They made their relationship public when they both kissed at the Saturday Night Lives’ season 41 finale party. They were seen dating in 2017.

scarlett johansson Colin Jost
Colin Jost

After two years of this, they got engaged in 2019 and married in 2020. People liked their couple and admired them together. People started liking them when they were attending Museum Gala together in 2017. They were looking more than adorable.

How they both met each other?

Well, if asked about their first encounter then they both met in 2006 for first time but they had different paths then.

After almost a decade, they started dating and during this time they were not apart but were doing work together for Saturday Night live show, Jost is the writer of this show. They had been in different relationships during this time but Jost’s writing skills and confidence drew her attention to him. She added in an interview, “He seemed very confident and as a writer if you are not confident then your stuff can never be produced.” This shows how she was considering his skills.

Jost also considers her best in her work. As he has said about Scarlett in an award show that she is wonderful, she is working and she is pretty cool. They both admire each other’s work and seemed to be happy with each other.

Big news for Scarlett and Jost fans!

So after dating three years, they got married, and now they are expecting their first child. After one year of getting married, they have given another reason for their fans to rejoice as Scarlett Johansson is pregnant according to recent reports.

Scarlett Johansson pregnant

The couple wanted to keep it private for now, but internal sources have confirmed the news of Scarlett’s pregnancy. A few days back, Jost said that he would start his family soon, he said it would be challenging for him, but fun too but but but who knows, this soon will be really very soon. Their fans are excited for their new family member.

So this was all about the married life of Scarlett. I have tried to add every information regarding her marital life.

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