Channing Tatum & Zoe Kravitz Dating, Rumors Circulate The Social Media

Channing Tatum & Zoe Kravitz Dating

It is appearing that High Fidelity and Magic Mike stars have started dating as they’re seen passing a lot of time with each other lately.

The actors have been spending time together and going on hangouts quite a lot; that is why it is speculating that they might have started seeing each other. The duo was spotted grabbing coffee together and having a fun conversation in the East Village. Rumors circulated the social media of them dating.

On Thursday, August 19, both Tatum and Kravitz were spotted having iced tea together in casual dresses, appropriate for the hot weather. It was their second hangout of the week; just a few days back, they were seen riding a bike. Tatum was pedaling the bike while Zoe was riding on pegs.

In January, Zoe divorced her husband Karl Gulsman, and fans thought that Zoe and Channing might be starting a romantic relationship. But an insider denied the rumors and said the two of them are only working together on their upcoming projects.

Coming to June, Zoe, the Big Little Lies star told that Channing was her ideal pick for the character in the movie, and when she wrote the character, he came to her mind as if the role was made for him. She appreciated his work in Magic Mike and his other shows, sensing that he was a real feminist and if Zoe collaborated with him, it would turn out great.

Tatum also stated that he became excellent friends with Kravitz after their initial meeting, discussing Pussy Island production. He also said that the actress advised him about fashion and told him not to wear crocs anymore. She was so sure that she ultimately convinced him, and he doesn’t wear crocs now.

When it comes to fans, they seem to ship the duo together. They’ve been tweeting, which says that seeing the two of them together brings so much joy. And another tweet said the couple had become an inspiration for all the fans.

Although Zoe and Tatum have not confirmed the dating rumors, an insider revealed that their friendship had taken a romantic turn while working on the film together. They’ve become more than just good pals, and spending time together and having fun with each other more than just co-workers. So let’s see where it goes.

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