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How to do French braid?

How to do French braid?

how to do French braid

Here are the Steps you should follow while doing a French Braid

Prepare the hair

Make your hair tangle-free and make it gentle, smooth, and ready to braid, brush through your hair. Brush hair backward, away from your forehead, for a single braid that goes down the back of your head. Instead, you might want a braid down the side of your head, or you might want more than one braid. In that case, depending on how many braids you would like, split your hair and brush it into parts. When it’s dry or when it’s wet, you can braid your hair. But, braiding damp hair, when you take it out later, gives you smooth, pretty waves.

Start by sectioning your hair

 Start the process by collecting a large chunk (3-4 inches wide) from your head’s top middle. All hair should come from the same “hair row.” in this segment. You don’t want to pull strands from higher up or lower down. At this point, if you have bangs, you can put them in a braid or leave them loose. Choose what looks best to you think. To braid them, you’re going to have to grab your hair from the very top of your head, right over your forehead. The part you’re starting with has nothing to do with how wide the braid will be. You start with a small portion, but as you add more hair, the braid grows thicker.

Separate into three parts this first “chunk.”

French braids use three pieces of hair to create their pattern, much like traditional braids. By running your fingertips through the chunk that you carry to make three even bits, separate them. Make sure that pieces are not more extensive than the other two or smaller.

Start in a traditional braid

Next, you have to get your hand placement right: keep two strands in one hand and the third strand in the other. Start by crossing the “right” strand over to the middle in a typical braid. Then, from over to the center, cross the “left” strand. Repeat until you’ve created a regular braid with a few rows.

Work with fresh hair

Keep this typical braid pattern going, but begin to put in other pieces of hair. Grab a few strands of hair from that side of your head before crossing a segment from the middle, and add it in cross-over. Work on another tiny piece of hair each time you cross over. It doesn’t matter how much new hair you grab each time. The less hair you hold, the more intricate the braid will look. Collect the hair near your face and neck for the best-looking French braid. If you pick up bits from the middle (near the leading strand), strands from the outside will cover them up later.

Bring all the hair into your braid

Start running out of free hair to put in the braid as you work down your head. You should have added all of your hair by the time you hit the nape of your neck.

Terminate the braid

Finish it off as a typical braid when all of your hair is in your working braid. Keep working until the end of the strands is reached. Then, with a ponytail holder, protect the braid. Stop using rubber bands as when you cut them, this rip and tear hair.

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