Scalp Micropigmentation (Everything you Need to Know About it)

Scalp Micropigmentation

You may have heard of micro-blades for full eyebrows. Do you know that the scalp has similar practices? This process is called Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), which creates the illusion of fuller hair, but what is the difference?

“Although both belong to the category of micro-pigmentation, [micro-leaf and micro-pigmentation] are very different methods of pigment implantation.”

Explained by a makeup artist and SMP practitioner in Los Angeles.

Although the microblade is usually done with a manual blade, the micro-pigmentation is performed using electric tattoo equipment. This is because more force is required to penetrate the scalp’s skin, which is thicker than the skin under the eyebrows.

Before and After Scalp Micropigmentation

Before and After Scalp Micropigmentation

Functioning Of SMP And Its Advantages

The purpose of SMP is not to create hairline-like lines like shaving eyebrows but to replicate the appearance of shadows on the scalp using tiny layered spots with different black tones. This style is called pointillism and aims to create natural depth and clarity.

Skilled practitioners will work hard to ensure that these dots look like natural hair follicles and blend seamlessly with your skin tone. This process can be beneficial for people experiencing various forms of hair loss. Including the following people:

  • Cancer
  • Alopecia
  • Thinning hair

SMP Procedure

Does it hurt?

The answer is short and depends on the situation. Before this procedure, your SMP physician will apply a local anesthetic on your scalp. That said, please remember that there may still be some discomfort. However, how much discomfort you feel depends mainly on your pain tolerance.

People with scalp acne or other skin allergies (such as psoriasis) should avoid getting SMP during outbreaks or outbreaks because it is challenging to apply pigment to the inflamed areas. If you are prone to scar development, which is more common in dark skin, you may not be suitable for SMP.

Does SMP hurt?

After completing the research and finding a responsible and skilled SMP artist (how to do it in detail below), you may have a preliminary consultation. During this meeting, your practitioners will prepare you for what to expect and how to prepare.

Some General Guidelines Are Given Here:

  • Take a shower before each treatment. You will not be able to cleanse or wet your scalp (including excessive sweating) within four days after each appointment.
  • Each treatment usually takes four to five hours.
  • How much treatment you need will depend on the number of scalps that get SMP. Even in a small area such as the Widow Peak, because SMP is a process of layering colors, three to four treatments are required for long-term retention.
  • The treatment time is set within a few weeks.

In the few weeks between treatments, do not go swimming, use steam baths or saunas, or take scalding showers that may cause steam storms. Avoid exposing your scalp to the sun for the first four days (wearing a hat is OK if). On the fifth day after treatment, if the skin is very fair, you can expose the treated skin to the sun for an hour or 45 minutes.

But remember, reducing sun exposure to the treatment area means better long-term retention.

It’s essential to do these after the final treatment.

  • Avoid swimming, sauna, and steam bath for 28 days after the definitive treatment.
  • Avoid direct sunlight for 28 days. After that, use SPF 30-50 sunscreen.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for five days after the last treatment.
  • Moisturize the treatment area regularly after the fourth day (this is also true between treatments).

Cost of Scalp Micro-pigmentation? & How Long It Lasts?

The price of SMP varies with how much the scalp needs to be covered. Cohen said that the cost of each treatment is usually between US$400 and US$1,000, and micro-pigmentation is considered semi-permanent. Although the effect may last up to eight years, since all skin will fall off naturally, the treated area will fade over time.

Although the color may become lighter, the color will only change if the wrong pigment is used, which means that the color may fade faster if the skin is dehydrated. Since the skin tends to peel off along with dry skin, it will peel off the pigment faster inadvertently.

Risks In This Procedure

As with most medical procedures, SMP carries risks, although technically, micro-pigmentation is not considered a tattoo-tattoo ink that penetrates the skin. It is injected with a thicker needle-such as SMP, and other permanent makeup services bear similar risks.

These include allergies to individual components in pigments and infections related to tattoo ink. However, the most important thing is to know that becoming an SMP painter does not require formal training (the same goes for micro spatulas). For this reason, due diligence is indeed crucial when looking for reliable practitioners.

How To Find The Right SMP Specialist For You?

Before deciding to hire an SMP professional, it is essential to do your homework. Like there are many practitioners near you but, who is best? We suggest you go with SMPmobile because of their quality work and best Reviews.

Why SMP mobile?

SMP Mobile is a trusted center for scalp micropigmentation. Our custom program is designed to provide you with an ideal appearance, which sets us apart from the competition. Careful treatment of hairline pattern, position, and style preference will treat each customer differently.

SMP Mobile also prides itself on using the most advanced equipment and organic pigments in Los Angeles. But you can choose where to receive treatment in our studio or in your home. SMP mobile is offering scalp micropigmentation at reasonable prices. For those who cannot pay in advance, there is a financial option.

SMP Treatment Centers Should Have?

  • SMP training certificate
  • Demonstration of body art practitioner license (depending on state requirements) -Certification of blood-borne pathogens -County health permit
  • A clean & sterile environment with a sink
  • A packaged needle that can be opened in front of the customer
  • Barrier protection during treatment (nitrile rubber gloves, masks, barrier tape, and protective devices on SMP processing equipment).

The general rules regarding licensing and SMP vary from state to state. For example, in California, the process of tattooing, branding, piercing the body, or permanent makeup (including SMP) has been licensed and regulated in exactly the same way. In other words, a licensed tattoo artist can switch to SMP with almost no training.

Cohen explained that tattoo shops or artists should not provide such services. She said:

“If you see a tattoo shop or artist offering similar services, please go in the other direction. “

Also, reliable sources from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned: “Consumers should be aware of the risks involved in [tattoos and permanent makeup] to make informed decisions.” or the pigment used in it.

Cohen received special training in SMP by Zang SMP expert Zang Miah. He said that if it is done by an inexperienced practitioner, the result may be disastrous.

If you are hesitant to practitioners, Cohen warns that this shows that the environment is not the best sign for you. In short, trust your instincts.

Next, be sure to ask the artist how many appointments are scheduled each day. This service is very time-consuming and requires a lot of attention. Therefore, if a person sees more than four or five SMP clients every day, that is usually a red flag. This may indicate that practitioners are not giving every customer the attention and time they deserve.

You also want to know more about the practitioners’ background, such as who trained them, the length of the training, and check their portfolio (Instagram is usually a good way to do this). It may also be helpful to talk to some practitioners’ former clients about their experiences.

Ultimately, it must be remembered that SMP is an investment. However, if the operation is done correctly by a qualified and well-trained artist, SMP can really increase confidence without downtime.

Who Is a Candidate for Scalp Micropigmentation?

SMP hair repair is a safe and effective way to help you look younger and feel better on the hairline. Like tattoos, micropigmentation uses natural dyes or pigments to mimic the appearance of hair growing from the scalp. Expert technicians will use pigmentation agents to make them follow your natural hairline. Of course, the color will be customized to match your skin tone and hair color.

Therefore, ideal candidates for scalp micropigmentation are completely bald or bald and like the close-up “shaved” appearance of long, shiny hair. However, if you think that SMP hair repair is only suitable for bald men, please think again. You will surprised at who is a candidate for SMP hair repair.

  • Balding Or Thinning Hair: SMP Hair Restoration

Micro-pigmentation of the scalp can achieve the effect of filling patches or thin areas on the scalp. After repairing the hair with SMP, the sparse areas will look as if follicles are growing, and the scalp will be no longer exposed. Men & women who choose to keep their hair short and avoid frequent shaving are also suitable for scalp micro-pigmentation. Baldness is another reason why men and women sometimes shave their heads. Micropigmentation is an option for these persons too.

  • Men Who Shave Their Heads

From the rock to the Drake, this close, “five o’clock” shadow is very popular now. But a mottled scalp may be almost impossible to achieve. SMP conditioner can match the color and luster you must give to your hair, giving you a relaxed and modern appearance; the repair of SMP hair is also essential for people in law enforcement or military fields, in this case, to encourage people to keep a clean and professional appearance.

  • Maintenance

Not everyone has time to style or maintain their hair. Using SMP hair repair, almost no maintenance. Customers only need to embark on their own lives and enjoy the new look, and then they can swim and shower without worries.

  • Affordability

Hair transplants can be expensive, and the results can take some time. Also, hair transplants can be costly. Compared with other hair and scalp solutions, SMP hair repair is cheaper, and the effective rate is 100%, and the desired effect is easily achieved.

  • Time

Those who may have scars due to head trauma or previous surgical procedures usually choose SMP hair repair to conceal or reduce the appearance of the scar in a cosmetic way while increasing the density of the hair.

  • Alopecia

Hair loss is a disease characterized by the initial stage of hair loss, but it will progress to complete hair loss. Scalp micropigmentation is an excellent choice for people with alopecia.

  • Scars

Those who may have scars due to head trauma or previous surgical procedures usually choose SMP hair repair to conceal or reduce the appearance of the scar in a cosmetic way while increasing the density of the hair.

  • For A Better Hair-line

Scalp micropigmentation can positively change the Appearance of the hairline or receding hairline in men and women. People choose scalp micropigmentation for various reasons. The most common reasons may be that it is non-invasive and less painful than hair transplants because they require skin grafts of donor’s hair.

Of course, suppose you suffer from skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, or seborrheic dermatitis. In that case, you need to consult your medical expert to determine if this procedure is right for you. This is also true if the scalp is excessively dry or chronic dandruff. Make sure to have an honest conversation with your micro-pigmentation specialist to ensure that the process is successful and realistic expectations.

If you are bald, then you are ideal for scalp micropigmentation. Maxim scalp micro-pigmentation technology trained technicians can help you look and feel the best with our revolutionary 3D scalp micro-pigmentation method.

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