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Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair (Complete Guide)

Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair (Complete Guide)

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair

Pre-stretched also termed as extended, or pre pulled. In stretched braided, the strands of hair are stretched, so the ends of the hair are not sharpened, but they stay smooth so that hair gets a sleek and beautiful look. This hairstyle is highly recommended and looks good at any age. This hair has been in much demand nowadays on occasions, night parties, weddings, and gatherings.

What are the Best pre stretched braided hair

Difference Between Non Stretched & Pre-Stretched Hair

If we discuss the difference between pre-stretched and non-stretched, it is pretty much evident and straightforward. The pre stretched hair is pre-pulled, and their end is not sharpened, and the non-pre stretched can be extended more than four or more inches. This step can make the hairstyles more creative and worth time taking. These hairstyles have been an inspiration for people as they are much creative.

How to do Pre Stretched Braiding Hairstyle

Step by step guidance

  • At the very first, you have to moisturize your hair, so they look manageable and tangle free. Take ¼ hair from down your hair and pin them up, so they don’t mess up with your crown hair. Then side part your upper hair. Then middle part your hair from the middle of your head. Then twist your hair which is left untied on the other side of your head. If you want to blow dry them, you can.
  • Then untie your hair from the other side and apply conditioner to them. Moisturize your hair thoroughly so that there remain no more tangles. Twist them up, too, as you have done on the other side of your head. Then with the left hair, make about hair inch twists and tie them up too. Twist the hair in a way that the hair looks parted.
  • Then untie your hair, and if you want to add jumbo braids, you can add up/install the braids in them. The ends should look unsharpened so that a sleek and beautiful look is maintained.
    • Is this style suitable for hair?
    • This style saves much time for the stylist. It is effortless to do. This style doesn’t break your hair because it only has twisted.

How to Shampoo pre stretched hair

  1. Apply shampoo and soak your hair at first. Soak your braids with water before shampooing, and then apply your shampoo.
  2. Make them thoroughly rinsed and do repeat if necessary. You can use a light conditioner to add some moisture back in. This step can make your hair look smooth and sleek.
  3. Then blow dries your hair so that they dry out completely.
  4. Then apply the product.

Advantages of Pre Stretched Hair

  1. This hairstyle is highly manageable.
  2. This makes your hair look sleek and straight.
  3. This hairstyle is not much time taking.
  4. These hair is already stretched.
  5. This is an easy job hairstyle

Do braided extensions damage your hair or not?

This type of hair style damages your scalp and hair, whereas it takes hours to install these hairstyles. These hairstyles are not much recommended because they break your natural hair.

Hairstyles for Pre Stretched braiding hair

1) Pre-stretched braids with an up do hairstyle

Pre-stretched braids with an up do hairstyle

This hairstyle is a pre stretched hairstyle in which twists of all the hair are made, and they are tied up in a bun-type style. This hairstyle is highly manageable. This hairstyle looks good with bold makeup and bright colors. Mostly this hairstyle is taken with summer vibes. Because the hair is tied up and not scattered, this hairstyle is usually best for wedding day and night events. The front part has twists in rows, and on the back, there is a massive and big bun.

2) Pre-stretched hair with micro braids

Pre-stretched hair with micro braids

In this hairstyle, micro braids are made as it also has pre-stretched touch, making the work more accessible. This hairstyle has sectioned-type parts. This hairstyle is suitable for all aged women. You can add accessories and bands to the hair too. This hairstyle will make your hair look more beautiful. Pre stretched is an advantage to the styling.

3) Pre-stretched hairstyle with ponytail braids

Pre-stretched hairstyle with ponytail braids

In this style, we have a combo of braids and twists. As the top of the hair is twisted and looks sectioned, a ponytail is made from which little sections are taken and braided. This hairstyle gives such a badass look. This hairstyle gives a casual look. This hairstyle is easy to carry. It looks good on college-going and university going girls.

4) Pre-stretched hair with box braids

Pre-stretched hair with box braids

In this hairstyle box braids are added, and pre stretched hair makes this look much easier and simpler. The braids are created on all the hair to make sure that the braids look broader. This look makes the hair more voluminous. This look is much beautiful with colored hair and accessories in hair.

5) Pre-stretched hair with curly hairstyle

Pre-stretched hair with curly hairstyle

Pre stretched hair makes this look much simpler. The curls are made in the hair. Gel ad conditioners are applied, so the hair looks more voluminous and sleek. This hairstyle is a mix of elegant and bold hairstyle. The pre stretched hair is very lightweight and thus is easy to handle. Pair up these curls with beautiful bands and accessories. Curls look much better in an ombre hair color.

6) Pre-stretched hair with braids and curls

Pre-stretched hair with braids and curls

In this hairstyle, pre stretched hair is used, and from the top, the braids are created, and the braids should be a bit broader and look voluminous, and from the down, the loose curls are made. This look is much beautiful with brown and golden shaded hair. You can add gel and conditioner to your hair to make them look more voluminous and beautiful. The braids are done in a sectioned manner.

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