Everything You Need to Know About Box Braids and its Type

Box Braids

What are box braids?

Box braids are a type of style of hair-braiding that is most common among black people. This hairstyle is best characterized as a “protective style” consisting of square-shaped hair divisions and is “boxy.”

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How long do box braids last?

When the hairline and nape are redone at the six-week mark, braids will last a maximum of 10 weeks. Eight weeks is the maximum period you can wear your hair in a braided style if the hairline and neck are not redone at the six-week mark.

box braids last

How to wash box braids?

  • Pick a shampoo that clarifies

As well as a sulfate-free solution, search for natural ingredients such as chamomile and tea tree oil. A clarifying formula on your scalp will help wash away dirt and chemical accumulation.

  • In an applicator or spray bottle, blend equal parts of the shampoo and water

To mix the ingredients, shake well and produce a foamy, diluted solution. The shampoo diluting makes the consistency much thinner and more manageable, which will make the process of rinsing much simpler.

  • Directly add the shampoo mixture to the scalp

To reveal parts of your scalp:

  1. Work section by section, turning over bits of hair.
  2. Cover the whole scalp generously with shampoo.
  3. Make sure your hairline is still covered, hiding the baby hair along the sides.
  • Using your hands to rub the shampoo mixture onto the scalp

Act in the shampoo using small, slow circular motions. A light, foamy lather is produced with the shampoo. Make sure it’s very gentle to be. Frequent wetting, holding, and rubbing will build frizz and harm or make the braids look old. It is necessary to use your finger pads, not your nails, to protect the scalp and the braid’s bases.

  • In the tub, clean your hair

Let the water clean the roots free from the shampoo. To better access, the water, massage the roots very gently and turn over parts of the hair. Ask somebody to support you by keeping the ends of the braids to the side if you can. This step will avoid the full-lengths’ wetting, which will keep your braids from feeling heavy and slow drying.

The rinsing method will wash the shampoo down through the ends of your hair if you do not pull the ends to the side, automatically washing them. However, this might cause the braids to become healthy. They’ll take a long time to dry, too.

How to sleep with box braids

  1. Add a slight curl to your braids and increase their volume
  2. Divide the braids into two and loosely secure each half with a hairband.
  3. Satin rollers or foam roll up the ends of the braids
  4. As leaving some space allows for more movement and, of course, better sleep, stop rolling all the hair up to the hair tie.
  5. Start the other side when finished rolling up the first side and repeat.
  6. Tie an oversized satin scarf around your hair and tuck in any remaining noticeable rollers.

Ways to style Long Box Braids

  • With buns
Long Box Braids with bun

The most stylish way to style your box braids into a chic updo is probably this. The significant benefit of buns is their variability. High buns can be bulky or more lightweight, loose or rigid, easy, or braiding elements.

  • With ponytails
Long Box Braids with ponytail

Make a high ponytail, wrap it in a lovely silken scarf, or tie a flower to your hair, and you look amazing already.

  • Twists
Long Box Braids twist

Twists! They are an extra dimension that you can put into your innovative hairstyles. For example, your ponytail or front section is twisted off your forehead.

  • With braids

A genius idea is asymmetric braids from box braids, covering each side of your forehead.

Do box braids damage your hair?

Since there is no thermal heat on the hair, box braids are a great protective style, ensuring your hair will not have any problems developing. That said, if they’re mounted incorrectly, they’re too big, or they’re left inside for too long, box braiding can damage your hair. In fact, by immobilizing strands within the weave, braiding structurally strengthens the hair. Braiding decreases the hair’s day-to-day interaction with materials, persons, and artifacts that can contribute to hair breakage friction.

Difference between regular and box braids?

Regular braids

It’s the braids’ baseline. Alternately, taking three sections of hair, passing each section over a middle strand on either side, think of it as juggling hair.

Box braids

Box braids are a type of style of hair-braiding that is most common among black people. This hairstyle is best characterized as a “protective style” consisting of square-shaped hair divisions and is “boxy.”

Which hair do you use for box braids?

It is typically a form of synthetic hair called kanekalon, which most often resembles the natural pattern and kinks of curly or blown-out Afro-textured hair. Kanekalon hair, when used for braiding, after you reach it with a blow-dryer and a brush, usually looks like kinky hair.

Can you do box braids without adding extensions?

Yes, it’s an excellent protective styling choice that helps you to keep your hair hydrated and removes stress caused by heavy extensions.

Here are the three Box Braids Style ideas You Can create Without Extensions:-

  • Box Braids on Blown Out Long Hair
  • Box Braids with Beads on Short Natural Hair
  • Box Braids with Asymmetrical Cornrows

Types of Box Braids

Sizes of box braids

Jumbo box braids

For each pack, that’s a total of six braids, so this style has 18 braids in total. You can link them using the two-strands method until you get to the box braids.

Micro box braids

This type of braiding style that is more delicate and small is the micro braids. The braids are tightly woven to the scalp, and the best thing about the technique is that they will stay in your hair for months. It’s a typical style among African Americans, but it can also be a style that everyone can use.

Normal pencil size box braids

The size of medium box braids is a lot of mystery, but they’re usually about 10mm, the same width as the regular No. 2 pencils.

Lengths of box braids

Long box braids

If you want a more trendy look, then the best choice is long braids. However, bear in mind that these braids may get in your way when you sleep at night and can be uncomfortable.

Short box braids

Females favor this old-school look with long hair or a passion for longer styles. It seeks to use the hairstyle’s short box braids. This size is a perfect choice for someone who likes to get a bob hairstyle. Without looking strange, you can turn it into a strong braid that is traditional, elegant, and can fit well in many situations.

Medium box braids

These short box braids stand out for those not picky about length. This size is a type of modernity that is quite fashionable. The style is a little different, but it has a lovely, natural feel to it. There are exuberant and trendy beads.

Box Braids Hairstyles

Here are the top 15 box braiding styles.

Massive Wrap Around Box Braids Bun

For several reasons, we love box braids, with versatility being one of the biggest. This style is a sock bun that doesn’t need any socks! Wrap your hair into a sleek bun, and you’re ready to rock your formal look.Large Twisted Box Braids Bun

Massive Wrap Around Box Braids Bun

The types of box braids are endless. This twisted bun allows the gorgeous volume offered by larger braids to be thoroughly exploited. When you manage this level of sculptural styling, you’re guaranteed to give off a royal vibe.

Long Thin Box Braids

Long Thin Box Braids

These tiny braids are super cool, not quite micro. We are all about a side part with that beautifully layered length that allows gorgeous hair to fall on one side while showcasing beautiful cheekbones on the other.

Medium Long Box Braids

Medium Long Box Braids

It’s incredible to know how to do boxed braids with funky patterns, but it’s just as great to wake up and have nothing to do with your hair at all (except maybe a little water-based moisture spray). It is a no brainer to add gold beads.

Box Braids Bun Style with a Side Plait

Box Braids Bun Style with a Side Plait

You get to be an artist while styling medium box braids, so whatever you do, do not restrict yourself. You spent hours getting those things, so now you can take full advantage of their fashionability.

Box Braids in a Formal Bun

Box Braids in a Formal Bun

I’m going somewhere for a look that’s all yes, spinning braids into a super sweet and super-high bun. To keep the look elegant, you can tuck the parts under. Before you have box braids, the healthier and more nourished your natural hair is, the better it looks when you have them in (not to mention way less chance for damage).

Dark Side-Part Box-Braids

Dark Side-Part Box-Braids

As with long braids as smooth as these, all you need to do for a sexy look is whip your hair to one side. If you’re wondering how to style box braids, one potential response is definitely: don’t do any styling. They’re like a cocoon when done right, which helps hair expand, giving you a break from hardcore maintenance.

Ombre-ed Black and Red Box Braids

Ombre-ed Black and Red Box Braids

Hairstyles of box braids can incorporate almost every other pattern, one of which is ombre. Next to black hair, a simple favorite is red or fuchsia. For a knock-out look that modernizes awesome 90’s duds, single braids are woven with vibrant strands.

Fishtail Braided Box Braids

Fishtail Braided Box Braids

Pull back those smooth, well-cared tresses and split them into three parts, combining them into one thick braid. As buns are decadent and put too much weight on your head, style gets the hair off your face without that nuisance.

Chunky Braids in Half-Up Pigtails

Chunky Braids in Half-Up Pigtails

Hello, the nineties! We’re pleased to see you. We were over you pretty fast in the ’80s, but in the ‘90s, we just never fell out of love. Insert here the name of your favorite childhood pop star, and channel the diva into spunky little cat’s ears as you twist cute half-buns.

Blonde, Pink and Black Box Braids

Blonde, Pink and Black Box Braids

Small braids for boxes never get old. You can run through them and enjoy the playfulness of the thinner strands with your fingertips. Select bright colors, including blond and pink, for added fun. Have your stylist weave them inexpertly. This girl is, by the way, killing the bold lip.

Box Braids Pigtails

Box Braids Pigtails

A box braid is a 90’s throwback in itself, but don’t stop there. Buns from Princess Leia show beautiful features and add a lot of grit to any outfit. Easy to achieve, with tube dresses or tank tops and jeans, this style will look great.

Thick Jumbo Box Braids

Thick Jumbo Box Braids

It’s valid no matter what size you choose, but you need to consult with your stylist about the stress level with thicker braids. If she puts the braids too close, the weight factor would be exacerbated and lead to breakage. That said, don’t worry, go jumbo.

Goddess Box Braids

Goddess Box Braids

We can style wide box braids in so many beautiful styles, one of the best being a hair crown that you build yourself. Start bringing your hair across the back of your head to the left ear and then moving along the hairline.

Tied Up Gold Box Braids

Tied Up Gold Box Braids

For a second, forget about natural hair color, and choose something entertaining to work with. Lowlights and highlights are braided into individual strands for a broad dose of personality in golden blonde, light brown, and pale blonde. Twist and wrap to show off the choice of hues for funky styling.

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