Micro Braids – Everything you would like to Know

micro braids

Micro braids are the most delicate and small type of braiding style. The braids are tightly woven to the scalp, and the best thing about the design is that they will remain in your hair for months. It’s a typical style among African Americans, but it can be a style that anyone can use.

How to make micro braids

  1. Go to your nearest haircare shop, and you will find extensions in all colors and textures for your hair. Choose any synthetic braided hair that fits your taste. Some of the famous micro-braiding brands are Wet and Wavy and Milky Way Que.
  2. Rat tail combs are fine, but any combs with a cutting tool will work. If you don’t have this type of comb, you can get one from a haircare shop, or you can use a simple comb and the end of a pen or a bobby pin to split your hair.
  3. You’re going to use these scissors to cut loose bits of hair from the ends of the braids. If you don’t have hair scissors, you can also use regular scissors.
  4. You’ll use a spray bottle to wet your hair’s roots so that you can divide your hair into clean parts. In case you don’t have a spray bottle, you can soak the hair section with your fingers and water.
  5. Any bare hair gel is going to work. You’re going to use the spray to slick your hair before applying the extension to your hair and braid. You can also use the gel on the ends of your new braids to keep them smooth.
  6. You want your hair to be as safe as you can before you braid your hair since having micro-braids in your hair can harm your hair. Deep condition your hair twice or thrice before you make a microbraid. You can also use hot oil on your hair to protect it from harm.
  7. Once again, you want your hair to be safe, and you don’t want to tie your hair with split ends. So go to a hairstylist and tell him you’re going to cut your hair for micro-braids. You’re probably just going to want your ends trimmed. Avoid hair cuts with textures or thinning.

Braiding without hair extensions

  • Start by cutting off a 1⁄4-inch segment of the hair on the nape of your neck first. Use your cutting tool to produce a coating on the nape of your neck. Clip the rest of your hair up so that it stays out of the way when you’re braiding. First, you place the braids in this part of your hair, and then you cut off another 1⁄4 inch above the layer at the nape of your neck and tie that section next. You’re going to repeat the process by segment until your entire head is tipped. This section approach will help ensure that each of your braids’ hair is around the same length. It’s going to help transform your braids even more.
  • Start at the far left or right side of the segment at the nape of your neck, and cut off the piece of hair with the tip of your comb. You can also use the end of a bobby pin or a capped pen to make a tidy section about 1⁄4 inch wide by 1⁄4 inch long. Try to locate a part of the hair that is more on the ends.
  • Braid your hair by braiding the left strand over the center line and then the right strand over the center line down the hair. Pull your hair horizontally as you go to make sure your tresses are tight to prevent your hair from falling. But don’t pull yourself so close that it hurts your scalp. Your head is not supposed to be in the agony of the braids. If you have long nails, it may help clip them or have someone else with shorter fingernails tie your hair. It cannot be easy to secure these tiny braids with long fingernails.
  • Towards the end of the bride, the hair may be in short supply, and the strands may also become very thin. Depending on your preferences, you can avoid braiding when you don’t have enough hair to braid, or you may be able to relocate some hair from a larger strand to a thinning strand.
  • Using a thin elastic hair tie at the end of your braid to tie it off. Adjustable hair ties that are slightly smaller in diameter than a dime and are made of a rubber material perform best. Wrap the tie around the end of the flange several times until it is snug and safe at the end of the flange. During the showers, you should leave your braids in and swim. Be alert; if you use heat on your hair, do not heat the band and unintentionally melt it at the end of your braid.

How long do micro braids last?

Micro braids are a long-lasting protection styling alternative. For those who are looking for a theme to hold up for a while, this is it. It’s going to give you a well-needed break from doing your hair every day. Braids can last up to three months.

Difference between micro braids and box braids

For instance, not all braids and twists are similar. As their name suggests, box braids are chunkier and box-like in shape, whereas micro braids are super tiny plaits that are slightly more flexible because they can be worn straight or wavy, but the drawback is that they take a lot longer to mount.

How to take good care of braids?

  • Wash your micro braids with a gentle shampoo as needed. Carefully massage the scalp and the braids.
  • Apply a light leave to the hair in the conditioner for regular moisturizing.
  • Add extra moisture to your hair when it’s in micro braids by using light hair oil.
  • Don’t get dehydrated.

Are micro braids good for natural hair?

Micro braids are indeed intended to be small, but they shouldn’t be too small because they can cause harm to both your hair and your scalp. These micro-braids don’t even need to be of high maintenance. Just follow the easy measures, and you’re going to end up with the best hairstyle.

What hair is used for micro braids?

Russian human hair is another healthy human hair that is available to you. Russian human hair is collected and handled with the utmost respect. They put a lot of effort and attention to detail into every hair they make. Becoming more and more fashionable Russian human hair can be the ideal hair for perfect micro-braids.

How do you remove micro braids quickly?

To remove the micro-braids properly:

  • Begin by cutting the braid where the hair extension begins.
  • Be careful not to cut off your natural hair.
  • Wet your hair and add the removal cream or the removal spray.
  • Removal cream prevents the braids from being locked, making it easier to cut the extensions.

How to wash micro braids?

  1. Shampoo and Soak. Soak your braids with water before shampooing, and then apply your shampoo.
  2. Be thoroughly rinsed. Thoroughly rinse; repeat if necessary. I suggest using a light conditioner to add some moisture back in.
  3. Dry your braids full.
  4. Product Apply.

How to sleep with braids?

To cover the front of your hair, you’ll want to tie your scarf around the ends. The bonnet keeps the individual braids out of the way when sleeping to protect them from becoming frizzy. It can cut down on frizziness and protect the edges.

Do micro braids damage your hair?

Braids will help you keep hair out of your face without a lot of strain, whether it’s a micro, boxer, or single tail. Make sure you’re not pulling too tightly when you put them in not to cause hairline breakage.

Difference between micro braids and regular braids

Micro braids

Micro braids are the most delicate and small type of braiding style. The braids are tightly woven to the scalp, and the best thing about the design is that they will remain in your hair for months. It’s a typical style among African Americans, but it can be a style that anyone can use.

Regular braids

It’s the braids’ baseline. Alternately, taking three sections of hair, passing each area over a middle strand on either side, think of it as juggling hair.

Hairstyles for Micro Braids

1) Half head micro braids

Half head micro braids

If you’re not ready to turn all your hair into a micro-braid, you can pick the amount you can style. While you apply this braiding technique to your hair, you can do it for half of your hair. In this way, you’re going to get a whole new look for your face. Shine with the finest 2019 hairstyles in the 2020s, too.

2) Updo along with micro braids

Updo along with micro braids

Who says that the braids don’t go well with the updos? With your updo, you will look stunning with these small braids. While you’re still enjoying your braided hairstyle, you can avoid the heat of summer and try to put all your hair at the top of your head. Good luck with the latest hair procedure.

3) Wavy micro braids

Wavy micro braids

How would it look like if you were to apply twists to the waves? Stunning, huh? Yes, you’re right here. Look at how good it appears to be adding those small and tiny twists to your wavy hair. You’re sure to love the idea of how you’re going to kill with this easy hair technique. No wonder you’re going to be the most beautiful hairstyle girl in the room everywhere you go.

4) Updo with simple micro braids

Updo with simple micro braids

Straight micro braids look terrific. You’re not going to think of some other updo when your hair is tied up in thin braids over your scalp, and the other pieces are left straight. Believe it; this is going to be one of the most amazing hairstyles you can add to your gorgeous hair. Try to paint it in gold to give it a different shine.

5) Curly micro braids

Curly micro braids

If a braided hairstyle inspires you, then you need to look forward to the micro-braids. The curls you’re adding to these braids will make you look great. Try this lovely hairstyle. You may even add some pink highlights to make it look sexier.

6) Updo on red hair

Updo on red hair

Don’t think about how you’re going to transform your hair with your braids. With the simple twists that you add to your hair, you can change your hair into something you want. Often you can use the red color and then transform your hairstyle into something scorching and sexy. Best hair for micro-braids involves straight hair, which will help the twist align properly.

7) Ponytail with Ombre highlights

Ponytail with Ombre highlights

Would you like to get a pure African hairstyle? If it is, then you can try this excellent braiding style. You’ll feel like you’re not going to have any regrets after you try this hair technique in your hair. Your golden hair will look as gorgeous as it has ever been, and you will shine with the contrast of ombre. Dark and light are the right mixes. There is no doubt, therefore, that you’re not rocking with this hairstyle.

8) Medium sized hair with micro braids

Medium sized hair with micro braids

These classy and sexy braids can give you a different texture to your medium-sized hair. You’re sure to love how stunning you look in this comfortable style. It doesn’t take much effort at all. With no action, you will look beautiful. Try this kind of hairstyle.

9) Unique styled micro braids

Unique styled micro braids

No matter how much your hair length is, you can still choose classic hairstyles. Can’t you make your hair look like you want to rock the room? Yes, you can do that. Despite trying the straight micro braids, try this designer’s braiding style to make it look like you’ve spent much time styling your hair.

10) Curls with highlights hairstyle

Curls with highlights hairstyle

Try this stunning hair technique with red and golden tension on your curly hair. Micro braided hairstyles will make your hair look gorgeous and sexy at the same time. You’re never going to regret the effort you put on your hair to shine. You may even place some braids on your scalp and make it sexier.

11) Two bun hairstyle

Two bun hairstyle

Double Buns could make you look like a cute little cat. Apply a winged eyeliner to get an elegant look and enjoy this hairstyle every second. With this hairstyle, you can make yourself look pretty good. Also, add some round hoop earrings to make you look like you’re coming from the world of Disney.

12) Stylish black hair with micro braids

Stylish black hair with micro braids

Black is going to make you shine with all your effort. You can leave your glossy black hair untied, or you can turn it into an updo. Whatever style you add to your hair, you’re going to shine with elegance. Below your updo, you can add a few straight micro braids to make it look like you’re putting some effort into your braided hairstyle.

13) Little micro braids

Little micro braids

If you think the braids look only when they’re thick, you’re wrong. Braids will look incredibly gorgeous when you add them to thin hair. The small, invisible styles of the micro-braids will make others wonder whether you’re using the braiding technique in your hair. You’ll feel like your braided hair is everything you’ve ever wanted for your hair.

14) Micro braids on curly hair

Micro braids on curly hair

Damm, the sexy curls on the braids look so hot. You’re never going to say no to this dream hairstyle if you’re a hair addict. Don’t you think about the compliments you’re going to receive? Everyone’s going to love your hair, and they’re going to ask you for hairstyle ideas. You’re going to shine in the room if you try this gorgeous hairstyle. Apply small shades of red and pink with golden highlights to your hair.

15) Hot curly micro braids

 Hot curly micro braids

No wonder the curls never make the stage fail. You’re never going to forget to look hot and bold with a small number of coils. No matter the size and texture of your hair, you’re going to have this tremendous final look that will make you look like you want this hairstyle for life. Try this basic technique to rock the wavy hairstyles of the micro braids.

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