How to do box braids?

how to do box braids

Here are the steps are given to do box braids:

Prepare your hair

As with every protective design, your natural hair should be covered and cleansed before adding a style. A moisturizing shampoo accompanied by a deep conditioner is recommended. Apply my leave-in/heat protectant as I divide my hair into four sections, then blow-dry each portion separately.

Part hair into sections

Partition your hair into as many parts as needed and then start making smaller parts inside the pieces. The smaller amounts would be the size of your braids, so feel free to make them as micro or jumbo as you want. I recommend alligator clips to hold sectioned hair that you are not currently braiding out of the way while installing a braid and an excellent precision comb for effortless, flawless part

Split part into three pieces

You can hop into braiding until you’re all prepped and separated. Split into three parts the section that is ready for braiding.

Gather extensions

Gather and break your hair extension into two sections, a large area and a small section. Then fold the smaller section over the more extensive section, leaving you with three even bits.

The best hair used for box braids is silicone braiding hair. Latched and Hooked is my favorite synthetic hair as I had allergic reactions to the many synthetic hair chemicals used to treat them. Latched and Hooked is a business that manufactures toxic-free hair braiding that decreases the risk of an allergic reaction if not removes.

If you’re a novice and struggle without unraveling to finish your braids, I recommend using pre-stretched hair to remove the blunt ends that beginners have problems with. When you braid your braids down, they’ll stay put.

Braid in extensions with your hair

Pair the three looped pieces as close to the scalp as possible with three pieces of your hair, keeping the loop down with your index finger, then start the braid as I usually would. Continue braiding down until the braid is complete using hair jam. Using fewer products for delicate textures and use more products for more coarse textured hair.

Repeat till all of your sections are beautiful box braids

You will soon have a head full of box braids as you continue to part and braid over your head. Since tight braids can cause breakage, be careful of how tight you braid your hair. Bridgette advises using light cream-based moisturizers to provide more lubrication and moisture to avoid breakage and protect the hair around the face.

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