Trending Ideas For Jumbo Box Braids

Unlike micro braids, the hair is split into larger parts, enabling the braiding process to move quickly. Also, jumbo thighs use more twilling hair, making each thigh thicker overall.

How many braids are used in jumbo braids?

That’s a total of six braids for each pack, so this style has a total of 18 braids. Until you get to the box braids, you can bind them using the two-strand process.

Significance of this hairstyle

Jumbo box braids are a trendy and flexible choice for hair styling. You may adjust the braid’s size and length to make several different looks, and the process is simple to complete at home. After you decide the size and length you want, wash and untangle your hair, cut it off according to the braid size you need, and start braiding! You can protect your braids using various methods, but this article focuses on the use of rubber bands to complete the look.

How to make a jumbo braid hairstyle

  • There are three basic braid sizes for this look—micro, regular, and jumbo. Normal braids are about the width of a pencil, but if you want jumbo braids, you should go for any size more significant than that. Make your choice based on the current state of your hair and the look you’re trying to make.
    • The bigger your jumbo braids are, the heavier they will be. If your hair isn’t in the best shape right now, it’s best to keep your jumbo brides on the smaller side of the spectrum.
    • Micro braids are anything smaller than a pencil’s width, while jumbo braids micro braids can differ slightly in size.
  • If your natural hair is your perfect length, then it’s beautiful. If you want your braids to be big than your natural hair, you’re going to need to buy hair extensions. Human hair extensions are the perfect choice, but they are also the most expensive ones. Make your choice based on what you can afford.
    • For example, waist-length box braids are an everyday look, but most people don’t naturally have waist-length hair! You’re going to need extensions for this look.
    • Bob-length box braids are also a typical style option. Depending on the length of the hair, you do not need an extension for this look. Remember to factor in the power of your hair. The longer the braids are, the thicker they will be.
  • If your hair is comfortable, remember to buy straight and silky extensions so that they can be skillfully woven into your natural hair. If your hair is thick and rough, or you want a kinkier, more undone look, make sure your extensions have a similar texture. Choose a weft bundle that is close to the braid size you’re looking for, as you’re going to use one weft bundle per braid.
    • You will add extensions during the braiding process, so if you have extensions currently installed, you will need to remove them and start fresh with new ones.
    • You may want to check your hair and the side of the extension by the side to make sure the textures fit before you buy something.
    • Consider hair extensions in attention-seeking colors like pink or blue for a fun look.
  • It’s essential to shampoo your hair within 24 hours of installing your braids so you can start with a clean foundation. Use a moisturizing, sulfate-free shampoo and use conditioner to avoid dry hair, as brittle strands are vulnerable to damage during the braiding process. Then, the towel dries your hair gently to get rid of the abundance of sweat.
    • When shopping for shampoo and conditioner, search the label for options that contain hydrating natural oils such as coconut or argan oil.
    • If you want extra hydration, consider having a hot oil or deep conditioning treatment right before you shampoo and condition your hair.
  • The leave-in conditioner will give you another dose of hydration and make it a little easier to detangle. Apply the conditioner from root to tip, focusing the most on the ends. Then start combing your hair out, starting from the ends, and slowly work your way up to the roots until all the knots and tangles have been eliminated.
    • Work slowly and in small parts as you untangle, taking care to be as careful as you can with your hair.
  • If you’re looking for a natural texture, leave your hair damp for a braiding operation. If your hair is relaxed and tries to build a refined, silky look with your braids, it helps dry your hair first. Be sure to add a heat protector and use the lowest heat setting to avoid hair damage. If required, apply the silking serum to the dried hair to tame the flies and control the frizz.
  • Use the end of the rattail comb to split your hair down the middle from the front to the back to make two parts. Then divide your hair from ear to ear around the crown of your head to create a total of 4 pieces or quadrants. Leave the front sections loose and clip the other three sections out of the way for now.
  • Jumbo braids are braids that are thicker than a pencil. It’s up to you to know how jumbo you want the braids to be! Use the rattail comb to build clean parts and to look for sections that are uniform in size. It will help you picture the hair in the columns or the grid when you cut it off.
  • For a super clean look, make sections flawless and build clean edges by adding a little wax or gel to each section of the hair separately. Twist the hair a little bit as you add the wax or gel from root to tip. Then wrap the elastic hair around the end of each segment so that they remain separate when you’re working.
    • Use the product sparingly, as applying too much can trigger buildup problems later on! Some people tend to miss the product for this purpose, but it’s up to you.
  • Grab the first hair extension, pinch the weft into a U-shape with your fingertips and nest the weft under and around the first segment of natural hair at the base of your scalp. Your natural hair should stay sandwiched in between the sides of the formation. If your wefts are super thick, cut them along the tracks to make thinner wefts. If you don’t use hair extensions, you don’t need to think about this move.
  • If you use extensions, your natural hair will form the middle section, and the hair extension will create pieces on either side for a total of 3 sections. If you don’t need hair extensions, just cut your natural hair into three equally broad sections.
  • Cross the right section over the middle section, then cross the left section over the middle section and continue to cross the right and left sections over the middle section until you reach the tips of your hair. Braid your hair tightly, but don’t pull it or cause tension in your scalp.
    • Avoid braiding your hair too tight, as this can cause scalp pain and discomfort later on. If the edges or the scalp feel tense or sore, the braids are too tight. If, despite your best efforts, your braids end up being too tight, don’t worry—there are ways you can loosen them.
  • If you get to the end of the braid, loop the elastic around your hair to secure it. If you want, you can dip the ends in incredibly hot water to seal them away instead of using hair elastics. If you have no experience with the hot water method, use hair elastics for the easiest solution.
    • Some people prefer to seal the ends, burning them efficiently with a lighter. If you’ve used this method before and feel familiar with it, feel free to use it.
  • Finish the gridded parts you built with your hair loose first, then unclip the next hair quadrant, create another grid, and begin the same technique. Keep going until you finish braiding your whole head with your hair. The full method could take 2 to 7 hours to complete, depending on the style you like, so be sure to take a few breaks!
  • You don’t have to do this, but it can make your braids look cleaner and more glossy. What you need to do is put a small amount of oil on your fingertips and work them softly over each strap from root to tip to smooth your hair down and add a little shine.

Do they last longer?

Super-sized braids don’t last as long—only up to 6 weeks. Again, you don’t have too much access to your scalp, so it can be challenging to take care of your natural hair. And there are not as many ways to style them with fewer braids. It would help if you considered buying 7-8 packs for mid-length jumbo braids.

Fashion icons like Teyana Taylor and Rihanna support this bold look.

Adorned with fashion icons like Teyana Taylor and Rihanna, jumbo braids have the boldest, boldest look of the bunch. These great plaits are around the size of two markers together. They use the most hair in your braid pieces, making for a shorter braiding period – you only have to sit on the chair for 45 minutes – 3 hours. They’re quick to DIY, so you can always change your hairstyle.

-They’re incredibly low-maintenance, so you’ve got fewer braids to take care of and style. And these braids are chic, fashionable, and can match any outfit.

Rihanna’s stunning hairstyle

Rihanna flew to her native Barbados to see the iconic and newly-free Buju Banton in a concert. She suited up in a checkered Off-White dress and matching boots for the presentation. But the best part of her look was her latest jumbo box braids, which reached her waist.

Teyana Taylor jumbo box braid hairstyle

People are a fan of her stunning hairstyle. Many people follow the cause of her gorgeous look. Youtube is full of Teyana Taylor’s inspired hairstyle. She slays the hairstyle. Her look is changed with she go for this hairstyle.

How to wash jumbo box braids?

  • Shampoo and Soak. Soak your braids with water before shampooing, and then apply your shampoo.
  • Be thoroughly rinsed. Thoroughly rinse; repeat if necessary. I suggest using a light conditioner to add some moisture back in.
  • Dry your braids full.
  • Product Apply.

How to sleep with braids?

To cover the front of your hair, you’ll want to tie your scarf around the ends. The bonnet keeps the individual braids out of the way when sleeping to protect them from becoming frizzy. It can cut down on frizziness and protect the edges.

Do jumbo box braids damage your hair?

Braids will help you keep hair out of your face without a lot of strain, whether it’s a jumbo box, boxer, or single tail. Make sure you’re not pulling too tightly when you put them in not to cause hairline breakage.

Difference between jumbo box braids and regular braids

Jumbo box braids

The hair is split into larger parts, enabling the braiding process to move quickly. Besides, jumbo thighs use more twilling hair, making each thigh thicker overall.

Regular braids

It’s the braids’ baseline. Alternately, taking three sections of hair, passing each area over a middle strand on either side, think of it as juggling hair.

Which hair is more likely used for jumbo box braids?

You want to use good synthetic extension hair when making the jumbo box braid style. The Sensational Pre-Stretched Synthetic Hair will get the job done for this reason. You would also want to make sure that your hair is really moisturized and detached beforehand for greater convenience. Pomade will also be significant in the success of the theme.

Hairstyles for jumbo box braids

1) Ponytail with braids

Ponytail with jumbo box braids

Ponytails are the best way to keep your hair in place, and side braids offer a fun-loving look that complements the structure of your face. And if you’re a jewel, you can decorate a few strands of braids with tiny golden cuffs.

2) High bun Updo

High bun Jumbo box braids Updo

Do you want to know who is going to ROCK this look? Queen Bee Beyonce, of course! Why? Why? Because that’s FIERCE, that’s why! It’s an effortless look for those big box braids, and you need a stretched headband and some lovely bobby pins to recreate it.

Start by putting your braids in a high ponytail until you separate them into two parts and on the opposite sides, curl them around the center of the ponytail before you build it up. Easy peasy, you tried it a couple of times. The practice is excellent!

3) Pop of blue hairstyle

Pop of blue hairstyle

You want to play around with color, but you’re not sure where to start? Or maybe you don’t want to go blonde because that’s the way everybody seems to be wearing their hair these days? Stand out from the over-crowded with a blue hairstyle, going as loud as you dare. If you want to stand out, you could always head lighter and go for a pastel hue.

4) Hazel brown jumbo braids

Hazel brown jumbo braids

This dark brown chestnut is perfect for any lady who wants a classic, elegant, beautiful finish to her hair. With everyone getting all the bright colors under the sun through their locks, sometimes it’s good to go back to the start-ups, back to something classic and comfortable.

5) Jumbo box braids with the zigzag parting

Jumbo box braids with the zigzag parting

So why don’t you make a bug out of it? This zigzag parting look is super cool, and it demonstrates attention to detail. It just adds something extra to the design, you know? This isn’t exactly the kind of look you can get quickly or by yourself, so why don’t you ask a stylist to give you a shot? The practice is perfect, as they claim.

6) Blonde hairstyle with braids

Blonde hairstyle with jumbo box braids

Honey blonde is always a perfect way to wear your jumbo box braids. Plus, it’s a very cool summer look too! Add the zigzag parting again, and you’re going to have something exclusive that all the other girls won’t have. There’s nothing necessary about that look, that’s for sure.

7) Long bob braided hairstyle

Long bob braided hairstyles jumbo box braids

You want box braids, but you don’t wish to crazy long hair… The long bob or lob, as is widely known, is just right, so you can always tie your hair back if it comes in your way. Add a few hair cuffs so you don’t feel too bare without the length of your hair. Give your head a break in times and keep it back a little bit. You’re going to be shocked how easily you get used to it!

8) Half upbraided bun

Half up braided bun jumbo box braids

It’s quick, simple, and useful. You’ve got all the benefits of the lovely length of your hair plus the beauty of the bun. And the hair cuffs, too! Oh, Swoon! This look has everything you need for a proper in-trend hairstyle. Just give it a try! You’re going to be happy you did.

9) Black jumbo braided hairstyle

Black jumbo braided hairstyle

Black is still in trend, so put on your little black dress with substantial black box braids! Remember, if you’ve gone from a light blonde to a jet black, you’ll need to change your makeup routine. This may make you look a little washed out, so you might need to get your foundation-game up.

10) Dark green braided hairstyle

Dark green braided hairstyle

Wow! Wow! Wow! What a look, man! If you haven’t thought about the dark green box braids, you don’t know what you’re missing. These are the best ones we’ve seen in a while, and we expect that everybody’s going to want a look like that. Just inquire for a dark green stylish.

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