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tree braids

Tree braids are typically used as a style of protection. You cannot do this braiding style without the extensions to the base, and then the rest of the hair is left loosely and not braided. The braided length can vary accordingly to liking as if you want long or short or according to your need. So you can consider it, and then the loose hair is like the branches.

How to make tree braids?

  • Unless you are very talented at braiding hair, it will be challenging to do this technique independently. If you want someone to do your tree braids, offer them to trade. It is the way you both do it will get practice and a new hairstyle.
  • After washing, you should not dry your hair full. Making braids with wet hair gives much better results. You don’t need your hair to be thoroughly soaked, but you want it to be pretty damp.
  • Make sure your hair doesn’t have knots or tangles. Tangles can cause issues when you’re splitting your hair into rows and when you’re making your braids.
  • It might be a good idea to break them into small parts thicker than a yarn piece. You may even make the person who gets their hair done split the hair extension as you go. They will have details ready for you to mount while they sit there. It is going to make the braiding process go much faster.
  • You should take the first part from the hair that is nearest to one of your ears. Start from top to back of the head, using front of the comb to detach a strip of your hair. Use a ponytail holder or a duckbill clip to lock the other hair away from the segment you’ve just created.
    • These parts should be the same size as you would have used for a regular cornrow braid.
  • The extension should be nearly folded in half, with the center point being the point of connection to the scalp.
  • Braid the extension piece in with the piece of your natural hair that you cut. Combine the natural hair with the extensions, keeping the three equal parts. Do one complete rotation of the braiding. In other words, fold all the pieces over the top before a pause.
  • You’re just going to take out one side of the extension; the other side will get taken out of the next cycle. Pulling the pieces out will repeat like this, with one half of the piece being pulled out in one period and the other half being pulled out in the next. This way, the hair extensions are all relatively the same length. It’s better to hook the size of the extension to the hair you took out of your shot. It will keep you out of further braiding, as it will be the first piece of attachment that will shape the body of your hair. Make sure you’re just taking out your hair extension, not your natural hair.
  • It will ensure that your braids don’t get too thick and that the last extension is locked in place.
  • Place it directly in front of where your braid is currently stopping, fold it around until it is incorporated into the next braid cycle.
  • Ideally, you can continue to braid like this until you get past the endpoint of your natural hair and then work with hair extensions.
  • Using the outer two parts of the hair, secure the flange with a knot. Allow the middle section of the hair to fall through the flange. Use these two parts of the hair to tie another knot and secure the braid in place. It is necessary to avoid tying off the bride before you hit the end of your natural hair. Tie the knot in your real hair can be very harmful to your hair.
  • It’s a good idea to go halfway up one side of the head and then turn to the other side, work your way up the same level. This way, you will assess more efficiently that your tree braids are symmetrical on both sides.
  • If the extensions are in, they can cut your hair to give you layers and body. Just cut your hair as usual, except that you need to keep your comb away from the finished scalp.
  • It will help to keep your extensions clean and shiny, as well as to prevent significant tangles. You can wash your hair, too, do it gently. It works better if you’re using synthetic extensions, but you can gently wash natural hair.
  • This will help keep your scalp healthy, allowing your natural hair to grow. It will also help to prevent a dry, itchy scalp.
  • Vigorous brushing or combing will pull the extensions out of your hair. To stop this, keep your hair detangled by securing it at night and applying a detangle. If possible, wash your hair with your fingertips, not a comb or a brush.
  • If one of your rows is loose or out of shape, but the rest of your braids look gorgeous, take it out and braid it again. If a professional had done your braids, they might do a re-tightening free of charge.
  • At this stage, the braids would have loosened, and your hair is likely to be frizzy. If you don’t want your braids to be redone, just cut them. It starts from the ends of the braids till the back of your head, undo the braids and remove the extensions as you go. This method should be painless and straightforward, although it may take a while.

Difference between tree braids and micro braids?

The main difference between small tree braids and micro braids is that the tree braids use the cornrow process, whereas micro braids do not. The hair is tied in the tree braids from the far edges and continues back. Your hair is braided off from your head with micro-braids, and you only connect it to one point.

Difference between tree braids and regular braids

Difference between tree braids and regular braids

Tree braids

Tree braids are a natural form of hair extension that is growing in popularity. Unlike other hair extensions, you don’t need fire, chemicals, or needles to add length to your hair. Instead, it’s a way to use cornrow braiding to add extensions, with a series of braids and knots used to keep hair extensions in place while your natural hair is secured underneath neatly.

Regular braids

It’s the braids’ baseline. Alternately, taking three sections of hair, passing each area over a middle strand on either side, think of it as a juggling coat.

Which hair is more likely used for tree braids?

You want to use good synthetic extension hair when making the tree braid style. The Sensational Pre-Stretched Synthetic Hair will get the job done for this reason. You would also want to make sure that your hair is really moisturized and detached beforehand for greater convenience. Pomade will also be significant in the success of the theme.

Can you tree braids without extensions?

Yes, we can make tree braids without extensions. An excellent protective styling choice that helps keep your hair hydrated and remove the stress caused by heavy extensions is tree braids on your natural hair.

Hairstyles for Tree Braids,

Ponytail with tree braids

Source: @fastest_braider

This hairstyle is one of our go-to hairstyles! Here we have a classy tree braid ponytail, and the hair is multi-tone. Various shades have been used, from black to blonde. We love everything about this look, from trendy and classic updo to bright colors. Hair like this will impress, and it’s great for those who like to make a point.

Half bun Tree braids

Half bun Tree braids
Source: @mal_bailey

Next, we’ve got a cute braided hair idea to show you. We have long tree braids with curls for this look. Half of the hair is stylized. The half-up style is so pretty that you can recreate this relaxed bun or try a ponytail. We love the color of our hair. Bright colors like that are perfect for spring and summer.

Stylish goldish hair idea

Stylish goldish hair idea Tree braids
Source: @easuellen

Are you looking for a glam and fashionable hairstyle? If this is the case, this could be great for you. For this look, the hair has a side braid pattern with long, beautiful curls. The hair often begins with a goldish color and then switches to a darker shade. Impress those who like their hair.

Hot updo tree braids

Hot updo tree braids
Source: @cutelooksdar

it is the next hair concept we love! The style has three braids with tight waves, and the hair is multi-tone. A few different shades were used, including black, green, and red. All the curls are styled up into a small ponytail with short bangs. It is a fun and make-up hair idea, and it’s another look that’s perfect for the summer. Recreate this or try your updo in any color.

Stylish braided hairdo

Stylish braided hairdo
Source: @beverly_osu

If you’re looking for a classy hairstyle that’s going to impress, you need to see this. Here we have the beautiful look of a tree braid. The hair features fragile braided hair, which then changes to long, very loose curls. Hair like this is adaptable as it suits every occasion and looks glam or casual, depending on how you wear it. This style is excellent for a time when you want to dress up to impress.

Braided hairdo

Braided hairdo
Source: @tshanimarithe

Another glam idea is the next hair idea. This time, we’ve got long braids with perfect curls. The hair is a beautiful color, too. It’s all pretty and straightforward to wear in this theme. Hair like this is ideal for those who thought their hair was a little drab, so they need a beautiful makeover. Of course, you can build this style in any color you like.

Stunning tree braids

Stunning tree braids
Source: @allthingsvirtuous

If you like the sleek and elegant hair concepts, it could be great for you. Here we have a mid-length tree braid with a side section. It’s an effortless, portable style that’s going to suit everyone. You can keep it comfortable like this, or you could even glam it with a few cuffs. Gold cuffs will look gorgeous.

Medium braids

Medium braids
Source: @jeanneep

This next look is lovely and very elegant. Here are the mid-length tree braids that shift to twists. The hair has a soft brown hue, too. It’s a beautiful hair idea, and it’s going to fit every occasion. It is another look that can be glammed up or down, depending on how you wear it.

Highlighted tree braids

Highlighted tree braids
Source: @allthingsvirtuous

If you need to try a new color, don’t you want your hair to be too dramatic? If this is the scenario, you should see this. Here, we’ve got long tree braids with twists. The hair is black, with a soft copper color applied to each of the ends of the twists. You still get a bright color pop, but it’s not over the top. Recreate the look of copper or try a different color.

Brown tree braids

Brown tree braids
Source: @fastest_braider

Brown is a trendy hair color, and with hairstyles like that, we can see why. Here we have brown tree braids with chunky, multi-tone twists. The brown color looks lovely, and it makes a point. There are so many brown shades from dark to light, so there’s a brown to suit everyone. If you want to wear a classy color, try brown hair like this.

Long hair braids

Long hair braids
Source: @hope_braidsnmore

If you love to have long hair, you need to see the hairstyle. The hair is very long and has a mixture of long braids and loose curls. It’s a beautiful hairstyle that will be great for the summer since it has a comfortable, beach-like look. Recreate the whole face, including the color, or you can select a different hue for your hair.

Final Words

Tree braids are mostly known for protection, but with time its purpose has been extended over, so give it a read to all the hairstyles you can make with tree braids 

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