Hairstyle Drift Alert: Curtain Bangs

curtain bangs

The latest type of bangs that have become popular-curtain bangs-are so beautiful, you might want to consider trimming your hair and shaking this celebrity-inspired look. We know that deciding with bangs is not easy. After all, they add a few minutes (or even more!) to your hairstyling every morning. However, this face-to-face explosion is the perfect way to relieve tassels.

Read on to learn precisely what curtain bangs are, how to use hairspray and hairspray, and more. The good news is that bangs are suitable for straight, wavy, and curly hair. Remember, apart from considering your texture; curtain bangs are best for people with medium to thick hair. This is your guide to curtain bangs.

What is Curtain Bangs?

The curtain bangs are bangs separated from the middle, which frame your face on both sides. They are usually located on the longer side with a slender end, giving a laid-back atmosphere. Curtain bangs were once trendy in the 1970s, and now they are back in fashion. It makes sense, not only the other beauties in the 70s, but the curtain bangs also look beautiful! Not surprisingly, recently we have seen some of our favorite celebrities in sports.


Curtain Bangs look best on?

Scroll through your social media feeds, and you will most likely see some images of curtains exploding. Although we firmly believe that everyone should try any hairstyle they want, some hairstyles usually work best with specific facial shapes. Do round bangs look good? Do they fit your square face? It turns out that you are lucky. Curtain bangs look beautiful, especially on the square and rounded surfaces. That’s because they can help lengthen the appearance of your face, giving it an oval appearance. 

What’s the best way to style curtain bangs? 

Although straight bangs and small bangs can work with almost zero styles, I think bangs are their senior cousins. Since the curtain bangs are in the middle, you need to train your hair to maintain its shape. And get used to the idea of ​​having the middle part! It means you need to adapt to thermal styling and use products to help bangs and bounce.

To style your bangs, moisten them, dry them with a towel, and spray them with a leave-in conditioner or a small amount of hair spray. From there, use a round brush to dry the bangs so that they leave the face. Drying them this way will help your curtain bangs rebound. After the curtain bangs are completely dry, separate them from the middle of the sides and spray them with hairspray, such asLL’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT, to finely control the hairspray to help hold it in place.


3 Hairstyles that look Gorgeous with Curtain Bangs

You know how to style your bangs, but what about the rest of the mane? Fortunately, the hairstyle that perfectly matches the curtain bangs is not to be missed. That being said, we have already assumed responsibility for the three lists compiled by ourselves.


Long curly hair is always the preferred hairstyle, but it will look more beautiful when paired with curtain bangs. The frame lines of your face will seamlessly blend into the loose curls, creating a completely romantic atmosphere.

curtain bangs Long and wavy

Use large barrel curling tongs to wave the strands, then run your fingers through the bristles to relax the appearance.



Messy hair, especially when paired with curtain bangs, don’t care! After styling the bangs, sweep the rest of the hair into a messy high ponytail. No need to overemphasize the perfect look.

curtain bangs Messy ponytail

Your curtain bangs will keep your hair on your face without leaving too many marks so as not to affect your day.

CURTAIN BANGS HAIRSTYLE #3: side-swept braid

Did we mention that we like romantic hairstyles done by curtain bangs? Okay, this is another one to add to your list. Sweep the wire harness to one side before weaving a loose, carefree braid. Let your curtain bangs hang freely, let you have a Bohemian style! Still now not sure if you ought to get curtain bangs? That is why you want

curtain bangs side-swept braid

If you have not been persuaded to get curtain bangs, please also explain why you would possibly favor bounce on the curtain bangs trend, except that they are bound to cause some serious jealousy.

  • Benefits of curtain bang 1: They can help cover up uneven hairline. If your hairline is not straight, you can use a set of beautiful bangs to hide it and create a very stylish hairstyle.
  • Benefits of curtain bang 2: They can help you look young. Think about it: bangs cover your forehead, so if you want to hide good strains and wrinkles, bangs would possibly be a real choice. 
  • Benefits of curtain bang 3: They can help hide blemishes. In the same way, bangs can help cover the fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead. They can also help cover up other skin imperfections on the forehead, such as dark spots and spots.

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