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How To Use Hair Wax Properly For Professional Hairstyling Results

How To Use Hair Wax Properly For Professional Hairstyling Results

How To Use Hair Wax

Stop doing it wrong:

If you’re new to styling pompadours, quiffs, comb overs, spikes, or slick-backs with wax, you’re in the right place. Right here, I will teach you exactly;

  1. How to apply hair wax on curly hair or transform straight hair to curly hair.
  2. How to style pompadour, combover, and slick-back with wax.
  3. How to remove styling wax from hair and return your hair to its natural state.
  4. Biggest Worries and Fixes when Styling Hair with Hair Wax.
  5. And the most important frequently asked questions on hair wax styling.

Sweet, right?

Here we go:

How To Go From Straight To Curly Hair With Wax Or Apply Wax On Existing Curls

First thing, the golden rule:

Your hairstyling success comes down to using the right amount of wax. And here are the 4 key factors to consider to unlock the perfect size of wax;

  1. The length of your hair: Apply little on short hair and more on long hair
  2. Your intended hairstyle: A slick-back pompadour demands more wax than short cropped styles
  3. The type or brand of product you’re using Check my recommended hair waxes and hair wax buying guide here
  4. Have you pre-styled or not: Pre-stylers essentially give your hair volume and texture. So, waxing pre-styled hair demands less wax than normal.

But always remember:

Start from a small pea-size wax and work your way up, applying one pea-size after the other if you need to add more.

Now, listen:

If you’re transiting from straight to curly hair, grab the tools below first. Otherwise, just go through the step-by-step with your wax, avoiding the “optional steps”.

  • Denman brush (for short or long straight hair)
  • Hair conditioner (for detangling)
  • Curl sponge (choose the hole size of the kind of curls you want)
  • Hair pre-styler (for fine/thin/limp hair)
  • Hairpins for short hair or curling irons for long hair
  • Sea salt spray

With that said, time to wax and style:

  • Shampoo-wash hair to strip away dirt and oil, but don’t go crazy with shampoo
  • Rinse off the shampoo and dry the hair a tad, but leaving it damp
  • (Optional step) Apply hair conditioner and detangle using a Denman brush to loosen up sheds
  • (Optional step): Apply a pre-styler to give body to thin or fine hair so it holds longer
  • Take a pea-size wax, rub between palms vigorously to fade, and rub around hair from the root up
  • (Optional step); For short straight hair, brush-drive in a circular motion using the curl sponge, part by part to form curls
  • (Optional step) For long straight hair, wound in strands around curling irons
  • For existing curls, wound hair (strand at a time) around a finger to form a loop and hold down with hairpins
  • Remove hairpins or curling irons (as the case may be) after 2-3 minutes
  • (Optional step) Spray with sea salt if you want more shine and more hold that last longer

To make sure your curls last longer, see the videos below on 4 reasons your curls aren’t holding.

Moving on:

How To Style For Pompadour, Comb Over, And Slick-back With Hair Wax

First thing first:

Here are the basic and general first steps before styling an of these styles as should;

  1. Wash dirt and grime off hair with shampoo or water and towel-dry to damp
  2. Apply hair conditioner to improve texture and make the hair easy to style

So, to style for pompadour:

Styling Pompadour With Hair Wax

Styling Pompadour With Hair Wax

Here are the tools you need;

  1. A comb meant for your hair texture and length
  2. Hairbrush
  3. Blowdryer
  4. Hairspray (optional)

Ready? Let’s get to it:

  1. Comb your hair as you blow-dry, combing the sides backward and the front upward for volume
  2. Before the hair dries out, brush the top hair slightly to lift, hold, and shape
  3. Blow-dry in that position to help maintain that height, volume, and style
  4. Apply hair spray to lock in the wax
  5. Take another pea-size wax, rub between palms, and gently run through your hair

And that’s it.

Moving on to…

Styling Combover With Hair Wax

The first thing to know:

Styling a combover with hair wax or any other product is only possible when you already have a taper or fade cut. So, take this as a finishing touch to either of the two cuts.

Now, here are the required tools:

  • Blowdryer
  • Hair gel and strong/medium hold hair wax
  • Wide-tooth comb and Denman brush

So, let’s get to it:

  1. Take a pea-size gel, rub between palms and apply through hair from the root up
  2. Blow-dry as you brush hair with a Denman brush from the back to the front
  3. Now, blow-dry and brush to the side you want (45degrees to the left is the best)
  4. Apply a pea-size wax and style to the side with your hands
  5. Brush and style the longer top to the left and blowdry
  6. Comb-lift the front up with a hair comb and comb the rest to the left
  7. Apply hair spray if you want


Styling Slickback With Wax

Get your tools ready:

  • Denman brush
  • Regular styling brush
  • Styling comb

Ready? Let’s do it:

  1. Comb the damp hair all the way back using a Denman brush
  2. Activate about 2-3 pea-size wax and apply from the crown all the way backward
  3. Activate another 1-2 pea-size wax and apply from the back to the crown
  4. Again, activate 1 pea-size wax and apply backward starting from the crown
  5. Finally, activate 1 pea-size wax to slick the sides backward
  6. Using the Denman brush, brush the hair backward to get it all nice and uniform together
  7. Style backward with a styling comb for a well-structured and nice-looking slick back
  8. For a looser regular look, comb backward with a regular styling brush

Did you notice something?

Yes, we used more wax here. And the reason is to slick the hair back and hold/weigh it down longer.

Next up:

How To Remove Styling Wax From Hair And Return Your Hair To Its Natural State


Once in, most styling wax can get really difficult to get out of your hair. Therefore, in this guide, I show you the easy trick to remove super-sticky heavy styling wax right now.

So, what do you need to achieve this?

  • Any shampoo or dish-washing liquid of your choice

Yes, that’s all. But remember this; never get your hair wet before washing off styling wax.

Why is this even a thing?

Well, wax is insoluble in water. So, water prevents the shampoo from penetrating the wax for proper 100% removal. It’s just like working with water and oil. 

Do you get it?

So, let’s get your hair wax-free:

  1. Apply a reasonable amount of shampoo to the dry hair and rub vigorously
  2. Leave the shampoo to penetrate the wax for 1-3 minutes
  3. Wash out shampoo and wax with cool water
  4. Dry the hair

Now hear this:

If you used too much wax, you may need to repeat this process twice or thrice just to remove the wax completely. For illustration, see the video below on how to get wax out of hair.

Moving on:

Biggest Worries and Fixes When Styling Hair With Hair Wax

Number one…

Wax Build Up

It’s a no-brainer:

Failure to wash out hair wax properly after use causes it to react with scalp oil to form a potentially irritating substance. Ew… what could be worse? This substance;

  1. Dries out your scalp
  2. Causes dandruff flare-ups than anything
  3. Irritates and makes your hair itch

Way out?

Wash out hair wax properly, following my previous guide above.

Another big worry:

Hyper Greasiness


This is likely to happen for three reasons. One, you’re using an extremely bright shine hair wax for men with dull hair. Two, you’re applying hair wax excessively. 


You didn’t wash out a previous wax before applying another one.


Always choose the right wax with the amount of shine you’re gunning for. Also, when applying hair wax, always work with a pea-size portion and add more if you need to.

And yes:

Remember to wash out a previous wax from your hair before restyling.


Non-Lasting Hold

So here’s the thing:

If your hair isn’t holding as much with wax compared to styling with other products, there are two possible causes.

  1. You’re using a medium or low hold wax
  2. Your hair is extremely long

For number one, switch to strong-hold-rated products. And for number two, always take your wax with you to restyle back and hold it in place as you go about your day.


See the powerful video below on how to make your hair stay up all day long.

To the final part:

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Wax Styling

So, here we go:

Do you use hair wax on wet or dry hair?

Dry hair, because water makes it almost impossible for the wax to penetrate to do its job. So, after prepping with shampoo or water, dry hair completely before waxing.

Can I use hair wax every day?

No. In fact, you should never use any product every day. Constant product usage exposes you to dandruff and hair loss.

Which brand is best for hair wax?

Gatsby, Redken Brews, Old Spice, Humble Health, Paul Mitchel, and Hanz De Fuko

And that’s it:



Styling hair with hair wax, just as with any other product, demands a true and tested guide. At least, it does if you want the best results.


In this post, I have shown you the complete blueprint on how to use hair wax for the style, hold, and shine you want. Let me know if you need further help in the comments down below.

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