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10 Famed Models Who Cannot Be Identified Without Makeup

10 Famed Models Who Cannot Be Identified Without Makeup

Famed Models Without Makeup

The makeup is hardly anything in life that is freer than removing makeup casually and honorably. Whether it is going to the store or around the house, it seems to be contemptuous of the patriarchal “rules” established by the society around the standards of women’s beauty.

Of course, it is; they will not be attracted by obscurity, nor will they be selected as the headlines of the world’s most amazing fashion show. Even so, the makeup and leisure of the faltering superstar at home. This is what some of the most gorgeous models in the world look like without makeup (spoiler: they are even more beautiful).

Kendall Jenner

Reality TV star and supermodel Kendall Jenner is not a heavy makeup in daily life-unlike sister Kylie, she has become an entire profession with a glorious painting of her face. If anything, fans are more accustomed to seeing Kendall without wearing any makeup, especially considering that she has appeared on “Alliance with Kardashian” since she was a child.

kendall jenner without makeup

It can be said that when she walks into the hottest fashion or elevated runway, the results are amazing (correctly, because it looks great, this is her job).

Kendall will not share her beautiful face without makeup online, but there is a special selfie that caught the attention of fans because it showed more points than expected: a bunch of freckles. As described in Teen Vogue, Kendall showed off her beautiful natural freckles even before becoming the most popular catwalk trend. Now, this has far exceeded the curve.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid (Bella Hadid), along with the supermodel of the same name and sister Gigi (Gigi), swept the modeling industry, her booming rise finally at the end of 2017 she held the second Victoria’s Secret in Shanghai (Victoria’s Secret) fly high for those vital wings on the fashion show.

bella hadid without makeup

Although Bella is known for her amazing facial features (she always defends those lips), is often spotted, and almost all of them are shiny, but when she scrapes it back to the fundamentals, her true beauty really shines through.

While on vacation in Greece, Hadid posted an amazing makeup-free selfie on Instagram, noting that she was sunburned a bit at the time (although it was not noticeable). The model “It Girl” has always had good skin, but when she quit smoking publicly, she took a more glorious step. She announced the news on Instagram and attached a picture of her charming-looking Zhongyan, which made it more meaningful to reject the unhealthy prop.

Ashley Graham

If there are more positive role models and supermodels than Ashley Graham, she has not made herself famous. The anti-Photoshop pro-curvy queen has her logo everywhere from the cover of Sports Illustrated (making her the first-ever “plus-size” model that exceeds 12 sizes).

Ashley Graham without makeup

She preached the real gospel, even used unmodified paparazzi footage for swimwear advertising, and let avid Instagram fans know that there is nothing shameful when it comes to their bodies.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Graham takes pride in showing off her natural beauty, including her skin. Although Graham is proud to be satisfied with her body, she admitted to the New York Times that there is a situation where Photoshop can tell them: “If you want to reshape anything on my body, I won’t allow you to do that but if I have fat juicy pimples on my forehead, please take it out. ”

Jourdan Dunn

Considering that Jourdan Dunn was found in a Primark store, it’s no surprise that she doesn’t care about always looking perfect. For many reasons, she is an idol. Dunn believes that her 18-year-old mother is the driving force behind her career. She is the first black model to walk for Prada in 10 years. As early as 2008, she was the first black model to be the top-earning model of Forbes and the first black model to appear on the cover of British Vogue. Solo in the second year of more than ten years.

jourdan dunn without makeup

Considering that she worked until six months of pregnancy and returned to the fashion show less than a year after giving birth, it is clear that Dunn did not let anything down to her-certainly, not free makeup. When the gorgeous British posted a clear selfie, the most surprising thing was that she might be more eye-catching without the so-called slap. No wonder she emerged from obscurity a few years ago.

Irina Shayk

Victoria’s Secret superstar Irina Shayk is no stranger to free makeup. Even knowing that she was often shot by paparazzi, her life did not have the need to be immersed in foundation, lipstick, and eyeliner. Why is she doing this? Shayk’s career depends on her high spirits, so when she is on a business trip or relaxing with friends, she must be intoxicated during that time, she can only let her face breathe.

irina shayk without makeup

Obviously, the woman shines from the inside out. When asked by “W” magazine how she can keep her skin in a photo-ready state, Shayk revealed a strange trick: “In the morning, I always use ice on my face-it makes me naturally puffy. “She also recommends avoiding direct sunlight and using higher SPF on the neck, hands and face, because these areas age faster and are more sensitive”.

Adriana Lima

Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima (Adriana Lima) is the closest to real-life superwoman. She returned to Victoria just two months after giving birth to her second child, Sienna. The Queen’s Secret Fashion Show. How much work does Lima need to do before getting pregnant to get back to health and share the hard work out with social media followers. She accepts this job regularly.

adriana lima without makeup

Although the Brazilian beauty did not want to reveal how to keep her body and face radiant, she only became a reality on Instagram after experiencing illness. “Sometimes, people will question that a model life is easy. That is wrong. We work as hard as anyone else. Today, I have 10 hours of working hours a day. I caught a bad cold while shooting, coughing constantly, and a terrible headache. She wrote: “This hasn’t stopped me from doing what I like.” The supermodel went on to say that it is worth coming home and pointed out that she is indeed the real face of a hardworking model.

Emily Ratajkowski

Model actress Emily Ratajkowski (Emily Ratajkowski) contrasted with Amy Schumer in the romantic comedy “The Feel Pretty”, showing her natural appearance, Especially in a sequence, after her role was unceremoniously abandoned, it was revealed that she was actually completely unsafe under all this. Ratakowski herself is known for not wearing makeup in Los Angeles and New York, so obviously she is at least more confident in real life.

emily ratajkowski without makeup

Ratajkowski is not afraid of her super sexy image. What is unforgettable is that her swimsuit series Inamorata Swim shot Lena Dunham, and the result was happily shared on Instagram by the creator of Girls. But when it comes to her social media accounts, the “Lost Girl” actress still remains super sexy, even if she has free makeup.
She confessed in the New York Times that facial makeup is not really necessary because it is not very common for her to pay dividends, and because of her “big” characteristics, she does not need heavy makeup. Can explain why the face lacks a normal day.

Chrissy Teigen

Nothing is more willing than the uncontroversial social media queen Chrissy Teigen to flirt with the generally accepted rules that women are bound by. Musician John Legend’s model, cookbook author, mother and proud wife are not shy about sharing on social media. Whether it’s breastfeeding, weight gain after pregnancy or bizarre cravings (considering that her own book is called “Cravings,” the last one is not surprising), Tegen has almost nothing.

chrissy teigen without makeup

The legend shared a beautiful and naked photo of his wife, which attracted the attention of Instagram fans and aroused the enthusiasm of Instagram fans because he sweetly added the caption “No filter needed” to the lens.

Considering that Teigen said frankly that she felt uncomfortable due to the perfection she saw online, her husband’s support meant more.

Cara Delevigne

British model, actress and all-around chick Cara Delevigne, like her good friend Kendall Jenner, is known for being a tomboy. When Delevigne turned his attention to the movie, it was unforgettable to starred with Dane DeHaan in the sci-fi epic “Valeriana” and “City of a Thousand Planets”, as she played The ability of the chameleon is more obvious.

cara delevigne without makeup

Delevigne and her amazing eyebrows appear in many paparazzi shots without makeup, as well as in many social media photos of herself. But her most memorable nude photos almost saw the British being blinded by a true idol-even though this person never signed with Rimmel. While strolling in the Louvre, Its Girl poses in front of the Mona Lisa, and then requests a date with the lady herself through Instagram.

Unfortunately, progress did not go well, and Delevigne was brutally rejected due to lack of response. Oh, well, maybe she can try her luck on the Eiffel Tower?

Bar Rafaeli

Israeli stunner Bar Rafaeli is famous for dating actors, and is the leader of Pussy Posse of the same name, Leonardo DiCaprio, who served as film director from 2005 to 2011. However, in reality, she has a lot of things, from her acting career in her own country to leading philanthropy to reduce plastic bags and more water conversion in Israel, not to mention hosting a gay parade in Tel Aviv in 2013.

bar rafaeli without makeup

She is also a very successful model, as pointed out by Forbes in 2009, is the highest paid in Israel.

As a busy working mother, Rafaeli is always worrying about perfect makeup, especially when she is with her family. She vowed to have facials-especially pure gold facials, as she had memorable on Instagram in 2014. If her best beauty secret is to bathe her skin with pure gold, it is unlikely that ordinary people will get the same effect. But fortunately, everyone can achieve a fresh and freckled appearance.

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