Ashley Graham’s Body Measurements And Personal Life

ashley graham body measurements

Ashley Graham is 33 years American model. She was born in Nebraska on October 30, 1987. Since her childhood, the glamour industry has captured her attention.

She start her career when she was 12 years old by modeling. She is also a TV presenter and has done various TV shows and magazines.

In a TED talk, she has focused on Self-acceptance; she has always guided her fans to accept their bodies as they are. In various Instagram posts, she has posted her full mirror snaps to make her followers and fans understand that she loves her body as she is.

Ashley Graham Measurements

Your beauty, skin, looks, everything depends somehow on your thoughts and how you see yourself. If you are mentally not stable, then you cannot look beautiful. It does not matter how sharp face features you have got.

If you are not happy with yourself, then how can you make other’s beliefs on you? To be beautiful, first, you need to be confident. Be confident, be beautiful.

People have often commented on her Instagram regarding her body shaming, and she has always replied to them calmly and politely. Like once someone asked on her snap that from your belly it looks like you are pregnant, and she replied, “No, honey, it’s just belly fat.”

What makes her more beautiful is her confidence. Ashley Graham is considered to be a plus-size model, but she still looks stunning. Let us see this plus-size model’s body measurements.

Ashley Graham’s Height And Weight:

Ashley is 5 feet 9.5 inches or 176.5 cm tall, and she weighs 91 Kg. Wait! What? Yes! You have not read wrong she is 91 Kg, but she has a maintained and curvy figure with that weight. It isn’t easy to maintain such a curvy figure. For this sexy figure, she works out daily.

Ashley Graham Weight

She focuses on her legs and thighs more and gives most of her time in the gym to her legs. She likes toned legs.

Ashley has given a part of her time to her workout. She is strict in her diet plans and exercise.

Ashley has body measurements of 42-30-46 inches. Her breast size is enormously large that gives her the plus point in being sexy. Her waist then plays a role in giving her the curvy figure.

She wears a bra of size 38 with cup size D as her breasts are 42 inches. Forty-two inches breasts, 30 inches waist, and 46 inches hips are enough to make anyone melt for her. She has a curvy body shape and has a more sexy body type than an hourglass.

Ashley Graham Height

Her shoe size is 10(US) or 7.5 (UK), and her dress size is 16 (US) or 20 (UK). People were always curious about her breast implant because they thought it is hard to have this large breast size naturally. So they assumed that she had got breasts implant.

But these are just rumors. This is her natural size. She has not got any artificial surgery like other actresses to be sexy or beautiful.

She loves being natural and real. It was said that you make hobbies and then hobbies make you. That’s what happened to her case. She made herself confident of who she is, and now her confidence makes her beautiful.

Despite being a plus-size model, she still walks on a ramp or appears in public and draws everyone’s attention towards herself. Once someone asked her for being the “Plus size,” she replied, “I like more like my size.” She weighs 201 pounds, and she is proud of each one.

Even during her pregnancy, she keeps sharing her photos of every stage of every month.

Ashley Graham Pregnancy

From stretch marks to ultrasound, she kept sharing every little detail.

Let us discuss her diet plan.

What does she eat to maintain her body figure?

She is a lover of sweet potatoes, and it is her favorite dinner. She is a foodie and enjoys her food to the best she can. But she avoids meat to her best. When asked about her lunch routine, she said,

I like to have protein lunch, but I avoid meat because I cannot digest it quickly, though, I shall try a huge green salad with quinoa, carrots, tomatoes, avocado, and any leafy green vegetable as the main course with pesto sauce for dressing.

In rice variety, she likes brown rice as they are healthy plus tasty without carrying extra fats. She loves to eat fruits. She eats fruits in her snacks times. Apple and bananas are her favorite snacks. She does not follow any strict balanced diet in which you are restricted not to eat this or that. She eats everything but in controlled proportion. Her trainer then does his best and takes her to an intense workout three times a week that burns all her extra calories.

Ashley Graham’s Personal Life:

From her maintained body and the way, she takes care of herself. With the sexy looks she gives, she must have a vast love life, but this is not the case here. She has only one love, and that is her husband. She is in love with her husband, Justin Ervin.

Ashley graham husband

Her husband, Justin Ervin, is a cinematographer. They met in 2009 in a church and fell in love with each other. They got married the same year without waiting to be together, and they are still living together happily and lovely life.

Her husband is black, not from her region that was odd for her family. She said it was difficult first for her to introduce him to her family because her family believed in racism. In an interview in 2017, she said,

I will never forget that feeling of just sitting there and thinking that how ill I make him to those people who raised me and taught me how to live. He was treated very terribly for the first time, I was so embarrassed at that time, but he said to me, “racism is never surprising but always disappointing.

In 2019, they announced that they are expecting their first child. In 2021, they announced the expectation of their second child. They understand each other and love each other unconditionally that can be seen by their Instagram posts where they use to share their beautiful moments with their followers.

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