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10 Best Lipsticks: Lip Colors, Balm And Gloss

10 Best Lipsticks: Lip Colors, Balm And Gloss

Best Lipsticks

Wearing makeup is like having a conversation. If your lips are speaking your eyes should remain silent. So if you are a lip girl, you must go through this hell of choosing the right lip colour for your lips. The chosen lipstick should complement your outfit and smile.

It’s not even that easy to choose a lipstick. It has to tick every quality that we have been looking for. It should be lightweight but super pigmented. It should have a glossier look but not sticky. The ideal lipstick should last long but come off quickly when you try to. Ahhh… it too much pressure right? Well, cheer up my dear! Because we have got list of 10 best lipsticks collection for your Lip colour needs.

To keep you out of that mysterious hole that is full of Lipstick options that are more than just pain in the neck. We have selected some of the most trendy and best Lipsticks that are going around and cherished by everyone from Instagram models to superstars. 

So let’s get started on getting you the best Lipsticks in town.

Victoria secret Apple Tarte Lip Gloss

The pink colour has always been in every girl’s vanity. But sometimes we are looking for a lipstick that doesn’t make us look like a doll if you are that girl then don’t you worry because we have the best Lip Gloss that’ll fulfil all your lipstick needs.

The perfect lip gloss is defined by its shimmery and glinty texture that makes your lips look fresh and plump. But the only thing that makes us go fireball is when our perfect hairdo sticks to our glossy lips on a windy day. There must be some gloss that gives its entire girly vibes without this mess.

Well there is here we have Victoria Secrets lip-gloss collection with a non-sticky formula that’ll make your lips hydrated fresh and plump and the best part; they are non-sticky.

This heavenly Lip Gloss is the perfect shade for everyday use; it is super lightweight and long-lasting.  

La Bella Donna in Seduction

Brown color always takes us back to the ’90s when brown was a trendy shade. Now in 2020, every lip filter has plump brown lips right. Well, you don’t need that filter anymore if you can give your lips that exact look with La Bella Donna in Seduction.

This innovative Flat brush will help to inline and filling your pout quickly.

We know that chocolate is always in and this brown trend will come around again. to give your lips that sweet chocolaty look La Bella Donna’s lipsticks have this unique brush nozzle which will help you get that sweet look.

Revlon Luscious Matte

Love matte? Well then cheer up because we have the best lipstick in matte.

The Revlon luscious matte in Fire and ice super lightweight formula will keep your lips hydrated.

The only quality that we need in a matte lipstick to give a matte dryness free look and this lipstick has had it. Plus it comes with 14 other shades. You read it right 14 other shades in this matte goddess. 

NYX Butter Gloss

These days the most trendy dolly lips have pink shades. Here we have the new NYX butter gloss which will give you the exact baby pink look you want with qualities of a lip balm. This gloss is prepared by professional for your lips you keep them from drying out, and its lightweight formula will make your smile even more precious.

The colors are super subtle and can be pulled off without being overly sticky or embarrassingly thick. Its super shimmery nature will give you your photogenic dream look. 

MAC Retro Matte in Young Attitude

Navy color is a surprisingly versatile color, and its craze is up on the hype. If you are looking for the best navy lipstick online, then stop looking more because MAC presents the best navy lipstick in matte. This bold lipstick by MAC in young attitude is to die for. It flatters all type of skin tone from light to warm and looks delicious on any set of lips. 

Its super creamy matte finish will keep your lips hydrated for 24 hours and don’t you worry it comes off as easy as it can be. Just stroke a makeup wipe on your lips two times, and it’ll come off.

Fenty Beauty in Sultry Purple

The new Fenty beauty shades by Rihanna will make your lips shine brighter than a diamond. Fenty beauty in Sultry Purple will give your lips the hydrating satiny visage. If you want to go a little quirky and bold, then this product is a must-have in your vanity.  Its super moisturizing formula will keep you lips hydrated and will protect from the sun with its SPF qualities. So wear your favorite shade boldly because you can pull it off no matter what.

Fenty Beauty in Vivid Pink

Those who are in the grip of Pink colour are going to love this vivid pink shade in the town of pink.

This new shade of hot pink will give you the most nourished and pampered lips that you have always wanted. The secret is behind its semi-matte comforting look combined with long-lasting effect. The best part is that it compliments every skin tone, so wear it daringly without any hesitation and pull it off like a bombshell.

Covergirl Exhibitionist Lipstick Cream In Romance Mauve

Have you ever envied a cover girl and thought what on heaven is she wearing on her lips and why does it look so hot. Well, let us introduce to our lipstick in Mauve shade. The new COVERGIRL Exhibitionist Lipstick Cream in Romance Mauve will give you the perfect hot look that you are looking for. It’s perfect for any occasion. 

Imagine when you want to flaunt a bright and bold shade but don’t want to go a little out there. This mauve shade is here to rescue that kind of situation. 

Truffle Crème Lipstick by Kylie cosmetics

If you are a nude loving girl, this lipstick will treat your Zero Makeup look just right. And when we are discussing nude, how can we forget Kylie, the nude queen.  

The new Truffle Crème Lipstick by Kylie cosmetics will hit the bull’s eye.

 It has the creamiest and velvety texture which will give your lips the ultimate fresh look that you have always wanted. 

Its ultra-pigmentation and long-lasting formula will keep your lips glassy and fresh.

This nude-pink mix is flattering on pretty much every skin tone, and it’ll always elicit ‘what lipstick are you wearing?’

Laneige Two tone lip bar 

This one is for our Korean Makeup Fam.

If you want natural cherry lips, then this is the best lipstick in the market. You can wear this lip bar quickly. With this product on your lips, you don’t have to worry about it matching your tone.

This lip balm will last longer then you expect so you don’t have to worry about reapplying this lippie. Blue and matte this lipstick won’t dry out your lips and keep them fresh as baby lips.

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