Ideas For Scary Clown Makeup, Is Scary Clown Makeup Really Scary?

Scary Clown Makeup

Makeup is an art, and who can do it ideally is an artist. Does makeup only mean to look bright or attractive? Or if it is only to use for parties? As I have told you, makeup is an art so let’s add some fun to this art to make it more exciting and different.

Getting Bored At Home, Bored Of Netflix? Exhausted Of Social Media?

No worries, I am here to tell you how to make your weekend more exciting and have a fun game by using makeup with your friends. Just take your makeup kit and start the practice of different characters, whoever you like to be.

Makeup is an art, and practice makes it perfect. Tell your friends to take different characters if you have any party at school, college, or even at home.

Top 5 Scary Clown Makeup Ideas


Here are some ideas on how you can make yourself look different and attractive.

Just makeup on your one eye only and left the other one with just a little liner and shades, and do not forget to make your lips black like

1side scary makeup

You can also try a joker look to make your party more enjoyable and longer. For the joker look, all you need is a makeup kit and a joker’s nose. You can use a small ball for that purpose too.

Joker Look

Want a joker girl’s look without that poky nose? Then here you go

women Joker Look

Do you want to scare your siblings and add an element of joy to create a friendly environment with them as in this era we do not have much time so what we have to use it wisely and productively and go for such look

scary makeup

Is not it funny plus scary?

If you do not want too much makeup look or too sticky a face, you can choose a simple one that can be done in no time. It will save your time and give you a different look that will surely make others attentive to you.

missing clown makeup

Are you missing your childhood friends and the shows you used to watch with them? Then invite them all for a get-together with the theme of those characters.

Is Clown Makeup Really Scary?

Clown means a cosmic entertainer, so entertainer is not only supposed to be scary. Before, it was considered only for TV shows like in horror movies to scare the audience of a specific character, but Clown makeup is not really scary. You can make it cute and sweet too by changing some shades of colors instead of making it dark and blackish. Just like this below, one.

clown makeup

You are not supposed to follow all the rules of what others are doing or what shades before were used for any specific look. These are just ideas you can use, and by changing the technique and color shades, you can produce your unique look.

There are multiple options to try. For example, you can try any bird look. Your favorite animal look, your favorite animated hero, or anything, I repeat anything!

Have you ever heard that a painting describes a story? Yes, a painting usually holds a whole story in itself in the same way this makeup can also tell you a complete character, an entire scene, and an actual situation. Makeup is related to painting as well. Makeup is like painting a face, painting a body then. If a painted canvas can tell a story, then why not a painted face can tell?

For example, someone before took this butterfly look, but she decided to be butterfly from the upper face and added those creepy teeth to make it more pleasant and mysterious in a way.

clown makeup with jewelery

Jewelry, dress, and other accessories can also be used according to the look.

Look like your sky, according to your weather:

How is the weather at your end? Is it sunny, rainy, cloudy, or thundery? Do you want to update your friends and near ones in a unique way? Then all you have to do is stand in front of your mirror, take your makeup brush and paint your face according to your weather.

clown makeup according to your weather

Is not it engaging you in an exciting activity? Yes, it is.

How can you paint your face in small blocks like most of the clown makeup artists do?

Well, for that look, you can use a net pony or hairband, cover your face with that band, and spread the makeup all over your face while wearing that hairband made of the net; after you are done with making your base take that off, and you are done with your base. After that, you can modify it to any look you want.

If you do not want to paint your face but want to have some fun without using your face makeup, go for other options like using hands, arms, or any other body part to surprise your friends.

Do you want a bloody hand for April fool or to scare your friends?

You do not have to do a long job but only wear a hand band or rap tissues around your hand and then apply foundation and face powder on it according to your skin tone. After that, cut it from the middle, apply red lipstick with some simple water or rose water, and massage it all over that area to look like blood.

There were only some ideas so you can make a start, the first step.  You are not restricted; use anything from tissue to blush on and try different looks on you to spend your time in a more fun way and in a more exciting way.

I hope you find this article to make your vacations, weekends, and parties more joyful. 😇

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