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A Young 17 Years Old North Myrtle Beach Entrepreneur Expand His Business

A Young 17 Years Old North Myrtle Beach Entrepreneur Expand His Business

A Young 17 Years Old North Myrtle Beach Entrepreneur Expand His Business

A 17-year-old boy started his business at North Myrtle beach. Trent Spencer is a student of Carolina forest high school who starts his own ice cream business at north myrtle beach named spencer’s snowball and ice cream which has become more and more prominent in just 1 and a half months and now trying to expand its business. He is already searching for a new location to expand his business.

Spencer said about his success that

I never dreamed in a million years it would blow up as it did.

Further, he said his business receives a lot of attention which supervised it towards victory. 

Ever since the news came out and Facebook, it has blown up.

He said.

We’ve had steady lines, and it’s been very good.

 That’s why he has already started to search locations to expand his business.

He said:

Many people want us in Conway, Myrtle Beach, or Surfside.

He said.

People want us a little closer, so I’m trying to meet people in the middle.

According to Spencer, if he finds some other location to expand his business then he will start this summer but if he doesn’t find any good location then he waits for next summer to expand. 

According to him, he gets a good profit from his business.

“I make enough where I’m happy with it,” He gets. “Probably around $6,000 a month.”

Moreover, Spencer said, he never expects he will think to expand his business in just 6 weeks. And he also gives credit for his success to his loyal customers like Carol Cyr and Jerry Breault.

He told Carol and Jerry to visit him after saw the news and then they became his regular customers.

Spencer also think to temporarily close spencer snowball and ice cream in the winter season but after summer will be back he again starts his work

He says when he gets a new location, he’ll hire an employee while he’ll bounce back and forth between the two locations.

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