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The Ideal Command to Surviving Mercury Retrograde in 2021

The Ideal Command to Surviving Mercury Retrograde in 2021

Mercury Retrograde

Suffer from the worst of saying the wrong thing at the worst time? There is an explanation for the star; its name is Mercury retrograde. The information you need to know about this cosmic event and what to store when it happens in 2021. On Sunday, February 16, Mercury (the communicative planet) will reverse in the watery Pisces, entering its first retrograde motion in 2021.

On the same day, Mars, the planet of action and desire, entered Mori’s career-oriented sign. When the fast-moving Mercury sails backward, we may encounter frustrating misunderstandings, technological breakdowns, and travel accidents. Fortunately, with the Mars planet in Mori’s hard-working constellation, we gain momentum to help us survive Mercury’s notorious retrograde.

So anyway, what is the agreement with Mercury retrograde? What is the best way to fight it (or at least survive)? Read on; you need to know how to get out of this cosmic facial care intact.

So what is Mercury retrograde?

Mercury-named after the Roman gods and once the gods’ messenger, the planet controls the rapid development of communications, travel, and technology. It can help us transmit messages by controlling what we say and dealing with what we hear from others. Three to four times a year, Mercury seems to regress in the sky. Although other planets will also retrograde, this particular retrograde may destroy everything related to communication and transmission. Putting aside the hourglass, when Mercury rests, it gives us time to breathe.

This period is a planetary reflection of “two cuts once” and provides three opportunities to ensure that our work is perfect. The first occurrence occurred when Mercury first crossed an angle of the sky during its pre-retrograde shadow period. The second situation is when Mercury is retrograde and exceeds this level when errors can be checked and corrected.

Our last chance to move forward is for Mercury to cross degrees during the shadow period after the reversal finally. Mercury retrograde effects begin to take effect approximately two weeks before the planet begins to appear to move backward from the Earth. The two-week cleanup is still ongoing after the retrograde ends.

During Mercury retrograde, we need to be extra careful. Please check every text, email, and DM carefully, and then take a moment to explain your intentions carefully. Spelling errors and Freud omissions will happen. Mercury retrograde will also affect our decision-making, so avoid signing any major contracts during this period (although necessary, please be sure to read the fine print carefully).

Mercury’s retrograde motion should blame large-scale electronic failures in terms of technology, so it is recommended not to buy any new products in the next three weeks; if you do, please make sure they have a warranty. Traveling during Mercury retrograde can also be more frustrating, so be prepared for delays, cancellations, and a lot of trouble.

Last but not least, we can always expect people from the past-including old flames-to reappear during Mercury retrograde. It is best to refuse unexpected coffee invitations and “innocent” suggestions to obtain a drink in many cases.

In what way can I survive Mercury retrograde? Anything good about it?

way to survive in Mercury retrograde

Keeping Mercury retrograde is very simple: remember to proofread everything, choose your words carefully, avoid signing contracts (or read them carefully), back up data and cause trouble for travel. The truth of the space warrior is that Mercury retrograde is not all bad. 

Although Mercury retrograde is not a good time to make major changes, it is ideal for reflection.

Since February 16, the central theme surrounding this year’s first Mercury retrograde is getting lost because the direction to follow is more challenging. This retrograde is driven by the spirit of the traditional planetary ruler in Pisces, the ambitious Jupiter, so our overall direction is correct, and our intuition is correct. Still, without Mercury’s typical technique of following the instructions below, we will have no choice but to enjoy the journey.

When the planet enters the logical Aquarius on March 4, life will be easier. Mercury is happy in the air, signs of wisdom. Aquarius is the humanist of the zodiac. It turns our communication to look at the people around us and the surrounding area. This separation, logical energy will help us control our emotions during retrograde, which is well known to cause us to fall into a state of depression and indecision.

Stay optimistic: Enjoy the extra space that Mercury cleans up, and spend a little time reading or enjoying podcasts. This situation will also pass. This summer, Mercury will retrograde through Cancer, starting July 7 (Sunday), requiring us to reconsider our attitudes and provide space to organize our thoughts and emotions. Although Cancer enjoys a good reputation, its sign has bypassed the pace like a crab, hesitant.

Use this Mercury retrograde (ending in Cancer on Sunday, July 12) to get in touch with difficult emotions and make plans. During the retrograde period, you do not need to take any measures, but you can use it for healthy introspection.

Past experiences and lessons

Especially in the last week of Mercury retrograde, let yourself re-examine old journals, yearbooks, and photo albums. How has your life changed over the years? Are you satisfied with the current direction? Still, need to change gears? Find inspiration from past lessons and use it to develop strategies for achieving your goals best.

Scorpio can be fascinated, so be careful to fall into unhealthy thinking patterns. Self-awareness will help you turn this period into a fruitful moment of reflection before the On Tuesday, October 27, retrograde into Libra, a sign of relationship. Beware that the old flames will strike you during Mercury’s retrograde in Libra, so beware that you become a late-night texting predecessor. Yes, Libra longs for romantic attention and loves flirting, but don’t let retrograde deceive you into unhealthy old areas. Mercury will happen directly on November 3 (Tuesday) as election day.

Yes, it sounds terrible, but at least not in the middle of a retrograde pat. Communication is an important part of our daily lives, so when the messenger planet reverses, there will be major problems. But it is important to remember that retrograde, although very annoying, is not the end of the world.

Fast-moving Mercury will be retrograde three to four times a year: you have experienced it before, and it can also be retrograde.

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