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Everything You Need to Know About Finding Your Twin Flame

Everything You Need to Know About Finding Your Twin Flame

What is a Twin Flame

Have you ever met someone who completely changed the course of your life? It may be your twin flame. But what does this word mean? And, perhaps more importantly, how do you know when to find yourself? “These high-level spiritual love connections do exist, but what it means is a very serious misunderstanding,” said Lisa Vallejos, a mental mentor, and love coach.

Many people think that twin flames and romantic soul mates are the same things, and these terms can be used interchangeably, but they are entirely different things. Despite this, the twin flames are still fierce, life-changing relationships that can change your identity forever.

Twin flame

Contrary to popular belief, twins are not your soul mate. The Twin Flame doesn’t even have to be the person you fall in love with (although it is often the case). Vallejos said: “This high-level connection based on the soul has nothing to do with romance, but with spiritual growth. “When you meet them, your life will be completely changed. You start to see the world differently. This motivates you to want to interact with the divine, shifting consciousness, and become better and better in this experience. Full of soul.”

This relationship is two-way. This is not a one-way spiritual street. When you encounter twin flames, they will change your life forever, and you will do the same for them. (Regardless of our gender, we all contain male and female energy).

How to know when you meet with your twin flames?

Have you ever met someone and felt want to be? “There is a feeling of going home,” Vallejos explained. “Furthermore, she said, twin flames often experience similar childhood traumas. Although twin flames do not split the soul into two halves, twin flames act as reflections like our own overall situation.

Just like looking in a mirror, not only your untreated trauma will be reflected, but also the work of your previous life or ancestors. She said: “It may be intense. Being in a dual flame relationship is like looking in a mirror all day.” Unlike life partners or people, we think of like soul mates, dual flames are very intense and challenging to force us to Deal with unresolved problems and become a more extensive human relationship.

Because of this intensity, it is not common for twin flames to become a lifetime partnership. Instead, they are people who enter your life for a while to help you grow and guide you forward. Vallejos explained: “Because it is difficult to maintain these relationships, separation is very common.”

Think of the dual flame as a catalyst. It doesn’t matter if the relationship ends, even if it is painful due to the relationship’s intensity. The Twin Flame is not the one you should be waiting for because not everyone encounters one in this life. If you find them, don’t expect them to be your life partner. That is another relationship.

When you encounter a twin flame, it may feel (or may feel) like a spark of the universe. They may bring some of the most challenging lessons you will learn and will change your life path forever-you will do the same for them. This relationship will put you on the right way and help you cope with and heal unresolved wounds. Think of the twin flame as a spark, it is a vital spark, and you will always remember a spark. However, if this relationship does not last forever, it is not only possible but completely normal.

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