Check out these ‘vaccine-ready’ clothes from an online retailer.

vaccine ready clothes collection

Although the pandemic inspired many fashion trends in the past few months, a fashion retailer has now created a vaccine-specific collection.

The online fashion company Revolve created a subcategory for vaccine-ready clothes or outfits with shoulders exposed for vaccination purposes.

There are a variety of options in this category, from tank tops to tube tops and from off-shoulder blouses to one-shoulder bodysuits.


Despite the fact that the shirts were not specifically made with the vaccine in mind, Revolve chose to group them together based on their shoulder access — one or two exposed shoulders.

A Revolve spokesperson was quoted as saying by Insider.

“We curated this page as a cute idea for our customers that captures what’s going on in their lives right now,”

Netizens took to social media to share their reactions.


“Revolve’s vaccine ready section is actually very cute,” a Twitter user wrote. 

Another wrote, “LOVE the humor – it’s a great play to the situation we find ourselves in globally. It’s funny while being so on the pulse IMO.”

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