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Usage Of Tiktok Popular Magic Shaving Powder

Usage Of Tiktok Popular Magic Shaving Powder

Magic Shaving Powder

Considering that hair usually grows back within a few days, shaving takes a long time and can cause too many scratches and cuts. Anyone who chooses to remove their body hair may agree with me. Of course, another option is a depilatory, a chemical depilatory that usually comes in a cream formula, and you can wipe it off after a few minutes.

According to cosmetic chemist Ginger King, these depilatory agents’ work is due to calcium thioglycolate, which “helps break the bond of hair and achieve a depilatory effect.” Naturally, the beauty detective on TikTok Claim to find the best and most affordable hair removal agent: SoftSheen-Carson magic fragrance shaving powder. This is a scented white powder, and the price is about US$3, depending on the place of purchase.

As king pointed out, it is made of calcium thioglycolate, calcium carbonate, and calcium hydroxide-the same vital ingredients used in most other hair removal creams. The main difference is that it has a powder formula. To activate it, You need to mix it with water. It seems simple to use it according to the product’s instructions: mix with water, apply for five to seven minutes, and then wipe off.The product is only used on the face, TikTok users have always followed its ability to groom body hair and make them soft and smooth.

Tiktok Magic Shaving Powder

@bootlegzendaya’ user said in a TikTok: “My life has never been so smooth.” @madisonfullerr’ user wrote another suggestion is “10/10, if the hair is thinning, then it is recommended.” Browse the tab magic shaving powder on the app; you will find many similar comments. Such a great product will certainly not cost so little money-it must have a problem. To be sure, I asked some dermatologists to weigh the safety and usage of Magic Shaving Powder.

Heather Woolery-Lloyd, a dermatologist, certified by the Miami Board of Directors, pointed out that “magic shaving powder” has always been the favorite blacks’ product. According to Mona Gohara, a dermatologist certified by the Connecticut Board of Directors, this may be because men with darker skin are more likely to grow hair and razor.

She said,

“Pseudofolliculitis (razor bump) caused by shaving is a common condition in brown-skinned men, and those who deal with this condition can be very frustrated.” “Hair removal is a potential solution. There are other solutions.”

Just like the gold mentioned above, this hair removal powder contains a combination of calcium hydroxide, calcium thioglycolate, and calcium carbonate. She explained that thioglycolate could break down hair, remove hair, hydroxide controls the product’s pH, and carbonate absorbs water for shaving purposes.

None of these ingredients are familiar with chemical hair removal agents. Still, according to Melanie Palm, a dermatologist certified by the San Diego Council, they present a risk of skin irritation. She added,

“Besides, the product also contains spices and other ingredients such as cinnamon derivatives and linalool, which may cause skin contact allergies.” “Bad news.”

Palm generally recommends sticking to pharmacy formulas for arms and legs, such as Nair and Veet. But anyway, if you want to try Magic Shaving Powder on your body, you must first perform a patch test. It is primarily used for sensitive skin.

Woolery-Lloyd said: “Just like on the face if you want to use on the legs and arms, you must have a test point.” Gohara agreed: “It is recommended to use this powder Or any depilatory, test it first.” “The upper thigh near the buttocks is a good test area because if you react, it will be hidden.”

Whatever you do, you should avoid applying it to the genitals at all costs. Woolery-Lloyd explained: “The skin of the genital area is susceptible, and the hair removal cream can easily burn the mucous membrane skin.” For this reason, the genital area is too sensitive and dangerous for healthy hair removal cream.

If you have tested the patch on your legs and arms and there is no adverse reaction when mixing and applying magic shaving powder to your face or body, please be careful and strictly follow the product’s instructions. Woolery-Lloyd recommends: “Repeat applications in a short period will increase the risk of sensitivity, so it is essential to wait at least 24 hours between applications.”

Also, please be careful not to apply powder on the underarms when wearing antiperspirants or deodorants. Only use the razor 36 hours after removal. After prolonged exposure to the sun, do not use depilatory or use it with products with high alcohol content. But please don’t get these tips from us as Woolery-Lloyd pointed out, you can get these tips from the product itself. She said: “All these suggestions are on the packaging.”

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