A bold pixie cut beautifies Tyra Banks

tyra banks

Tyra Banks teased her Instagram followers with a short hairstyle on Friday, leaving them baffled. The Dancing with the Stars host uploaded a selfie with a super short hairdo.

Tyra Banks wrote: “Just chopped it all off again! What do you think???”

She revealed it was just an April Fools joke, just as her fans wrote: “OMG” and “is amazing,” she jumped back on social media and revealed it was just an April Fools joke. 

Tyra wrote: “JK! This was April of 2015. Gotcha for a second tho… didn’t I?”

As a result of the prank, her fans decided that she should actually go for it and cut her hair. 

This is an iconic look,” wrote one, while a second echoed this sentiment: “I mean, go for it mom,” and a third said: “I love this look.”

Tyra Banks stuns with bold pixie cut hairstyle

Days earlier, Tyra had taken her weave off and shown off her natural hair. 

For a bare-faced selfie, the American’s Next Top Model creator ditched her infamous weaves and extensions.

Tyra’s fans commented on her short tresses, with one writing: “I’m living for this!” Her dark roots and ombre look didn’t reach her shoulders all the way. 

Model – who usually wears super long hair – replied to the fan by writing: “Me too, boo. I can feel my scalp.”

Recently, Tyra opened up about balancing work and home life with her son, York. “When you are starting something new, even if you need balance, you kind of have to have tunnel vision in order to succeed,” she said on [email protected]’s #StraightTalk series. 

You should still take some time for yourself, but not so many that you fall off your game. At a certain point, you realize you shouldn’t look at your phone for 48 hours. “

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