Triangle Braids (Next Level to Box Braids)

Triangle box braids

Triangle flanges are somewhat similar to box flanges. However, instead of splitting the hair into boxed parts, the hair is divided into triangles for a simple and cute variation of the tried and authentic style.

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How long do Triangle box braids last?

Triangular box braids are a unique style that will give your hair some edge. The star-shaped pattern that it makes and the two-tone hair colors will undoubtedly turn heads—and the best part is that the look lasts from four to six weeks.


How many packs of hair do you need for Triangle box braids?

Some people are making their braids look like stars. I suggest two or three packs of hair for bra strap-length braids and one more for waist and butt-length braids.

What do box braids symbolize?

Cowry shells, jewels, beads, and other material objects decorated box braids of older women alluding to their willingness to have children, emulate riches, high priesthood, and some classifications.

Do box braids ruin your hair?

Box braids are a perfect type of protection because there’s no heat on your hair, which means your hair won’t have any developing problems. That said, box braids can damage your hair if they’re mounted poorly, if they’re too high, or if they’re left in for too long.


How do I stop my hair from breaking in extensions?

  • Have the natural hair in good condition. It’s essential to take care of your natural hair before you get a weave or an extension.
  • Please see a licensed stylist.
  • Keep your hair clean.         
  • Protect the edges.
  • Turn on your hairstyle.

How to wash triangle box braids?

  1. Shampoo and Soak. Soak your braids with water before shampooing, and then apply your shampoo.
  2. Be thoroughly rinsed. Thoroughly rinse; repeat if necessary. I suggest using a light conditioner to add some moisture back in.
  3. Dry your braids full.
  4. Product Apply.

How to sleep with braids?

  • Divide the braids into two and loosely secure each half with a hairband.
  • Satin rollers or foam roll up the ends of the braids
  • As leaving some space allows for more movement and, of course, better sleep, stop rolling all the hair up to the hair tie.
  • Start the other side when finished rolling up the first side and repeat.
  • Tie an oversized satin scarf around your hair and tuck in any remaining noticeable rollers.

Which hair do you use for box braids?

It is typically a form of synthetic hair called kanekalon, which most often resembles the natural pattern and kinks of curly or blown-out Afro-textured hair. Kanekalon hair, when used for braiding, after you reach it with a blow-dryer and a brush, usually looks like kinky hair.

Difference between Triangle box braids and regular braids

Triangle box braids

Triangle flanges are somewhat similar to box flanges. However, instead of splitting the hair into boxed parts, the hair is divided into triangles for a simple and cute variation of the tried and authentic style.

Regular braids

It’s the braids’ baseline. Alternately, taking three sections of hair, passing each area over a middle strand on either side, think of it as juggling hair.


Hairstyles for Triangle Box Braids

1) Triangle Box Braids with elegant hair accessories

Triangle Box Braids with elegant hair accessories

Luckily, jewelry is not exclusive to the body! Using hair cuffs or rings gives Cleopatra a touch of elegance. Pairing the accessories with triangle box braids makes for an all-around hairstyle. Snap the accessories easily over braids, cornrows, or twists.

2) Hair up a bun and wrapped braids

Hair up a bun and wrapped braids

A hair wrap string is an excellent addition to your overall look. You can choose different colors of strings or ropes depending on the color of your hair. Braids are just as flexible as unbridled hair. Try messing with a half-up bun or a pony like this one!

3) Bold triangle braids with dark-colored roots

Golden Blonde Box Braids with Rubber Bands

Bleaching natural hair will make it frizzy, dry, and damaged—something nobody wants. Poetic justice braids along with rubber bands are the ideal solution because no bleach is required to lighten your hair.


4) High bun with twisted Box Braids

High bun with twisted Box Braids

The easy way to raise your braided topknot is by meticulously laying your edges. Baby hairs, also known as edges, are usually “laid” or smoothed down with wax-based butter, pomegranate or gel. This brings a polished feel to every updo.

5) Dark braids with hair accessories

Dark braids with hair accessories

Cuffs, strings, and cords added to the box braids can ooze tribal vibes that enhance the ethnic feel of your hairstyle. It’s cool for those with a bohemian-inspired lookbook, but many African American girls would quickly follow a similar theme, regardless of the fashion style they prefer.

6) Straight bangs braids

Straight bangs braids

Braids are not meant to cover the entire head; in fact, keeping your bangs free from the hairstyle adds uniqueness. This makes for a nice look with a twist—ideal for a student, a working professional, or a full-time mom.


7) Side parted triangle braids

Side parted triangle braids

A side parting is a notable and cost-effective alternative to center parting, just in case you’re more into asymmetrical hairstyles. When selecting a string to be wrapped around your braids, choose a much lighter or brighter color than your braided hair.

8) Hot pastel triangle braids

Hot pastel triangle braids

Although some jumbo box braids are entirely symmetrical, others are more complex. Like neon or pastel, an artificial color intensifies the funky vibes of braids that would otherwise seem conventional and, thus, a little boring.

9) Box braids with triangle parts

Box braids with triangle parts

Box braids with triangle sections are flattering to almost everyone! However, getting this kind of look involves a lot of manipulation and scalp tugging. If you think that even combing slightly knotted hair will bring a tear to your eye, the box braids might not be for you.


10) Triangle braids with curls

Side parted triangle braids

You need to use curly synthetic hair for these box braids hairstyles. Part your hair in small sections if you want your braids to be thin and just half of them braided. Keep rest of your hair loose and show off those excellent curls.

11) Yellow triangle box braids

Yellow triangle box braids

First up, we’ve got these gorgeous red triangle box braids. The braids are chunky, long, and in a beautiful yellow color. We love the look because the yellow color makes the triangular pattern stand out. It’s a trendy hairstyle that’s ideal for ladies who want to look bold. These braids have been finished with a string; you can use a cord or not, depending on your style.

12) Gorgeous thick and thin Teal braids

Gorgeous thick and thin green triangle box braids

You can make braids look special by creating cool patterns like this. In this hairstyle, we have triangle braids with very thin braids in Teal color between the triangles. It’s such a stylish and imaginative concept! You can be as straightforward or as complex as you like. So, re-create something like this or apply it to a few more little braids, maybe try different colors as well.


13) Jumbo triangle braids

Jumbo triangle braids

Jumbo triangle braids that have been fitted with cords and cuffs. Accessories like this will really spice up your braids and make your hairstyle special to you. Go for something glam and gold like those you’ve seen, or add some colorful strings and other stuff like beads.

14) Triangle Box Braids in Multicolor highlights

triangle box braids in multicolor highlights

Are you looking for a hair concept that makes a statement? These braids are for you, then. In this hairstyle, we have long triangle part braids that start black and then blend into light purple, blue, and yellow. This is such a wonderful collection of colors. You can replicate this or try a color palette of your own. Multicolor styles like this work better on longer braids, so you get the full benefit of a change of color.

15) Goddess box braids

triangle Goddess box braids

You can glam up your braids is by adding curly hair. These long triangle braids have curly hair at their ends. This combination is stunning and gives the braids an elegant and trendy look. You can have long braids like featured or try shorter braids on curls, too.


16) Triangle braids with accessories

Triangle Box Braids with elegant hair accessories

Our next hairstyle features gorgeous triangular braids with more simple jewelry ideas! Instead of cords and cuffs, we’ve got cords with shells and a braid wrap. Little accessories like this make the simplest of braids look great, and you can show your own style by selecting your favorite colors and patterns.

17) Thick triangle braids

Thick triangle braids

If you’re looking for a lovely hairstyle that’s simple to wear, this next idea is for you. Here we have a long, thick triangle of braids. We love the triangle pattern used here because it’s so neat and elegant. It looks awesome. You can replicate long braids like this or try this pattern with short braids, too.

18) Black and Ombre braids

Golden Blonde Box Braids with Rubber Bands

You don’t have to go all out when you add color to your braids. You can only add a few bold braids to your look, just like that. We’ve got black and ombre braids here. As you can see, the color still looks gorgeous, but it’s more subtle than the styles where all the braids are colorful. Ombre is a chic color and will look stunning in every length of the braid.


19) Stylish triangle braids

Stylish triangle box braids

Our next idea is the right one for the ladies who want to look trendy. Here are braids with an intricate triangular pattern. There’s just one braid cuff, too. You only need one cuff to make the accessory stand out and look very trendy. This is a hairstyle that’s going to look great to everyone!

20) Triangle braids pattern

Triangle braids pattern

Earlier, we exchanged triangle braids with little braids in-between the triangle parts. Here’s another great way to wear this sort of pattern. For this, the tiny braids frame the different triangle parts, while the majority of the braids have been stylized on the side to show off the fashionable design. It’s a cool, unique, imaginative hair concept that’s going to wow.

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