Lena Headey, Hannah Waddingham Revisit Traumatic ‘Game Of Thrones’ Scene

Lena Headey Hannah Waddingham Revisit Traumatic Game Of Thrones Scene

HBO’s most popular series, “Game of Thrones” stars Lena Headey and Hannah Waddingham recently revisited their time spent on the “Game of Thronesset, and they also discussed a particularly traumatic scene they had to film.

The two stars got together for a video chat session in which Waddingham reminisced meeting Headey for the initial time on the set of the HBO series. On that day, they filmed the scene where her character “shame nun” takes naked Cersei, played by Headey, through the streets of King’s Landing when she constantly chanted “shame, shame.”

About her experience, Waddingham said that on her first day, she was standing on top of a staircase and had given birth to her daughter two months ago, so she didn’t even know what was her name on the show, so she told Lena that it was an incredible show.

Lena commented that she was obviously petrified about being half-naked in front of six thousand people for almost two whole days.

Then the two friends discussed the “traumatic wineboarding scenethey filmed, in which Cersei maltreats Septa. It was the 10th episode of season 6. Both of them said that it was particularly a hard and shocking scene, and they were both traumatized by it.

Waddingham expressed that their fans are also shocked that they actually filmed that scene and there were no camera tricks involved. She said that both of them were uncomfortable while shooting it, but they eventually knew that nobody is going to die, so they had to film it by hook or by crook.

Lena also called it a horrendous experience for Waddingham because she was tied down for almost 10 hours of shooting. The star then said that although it was difficult to shoot that scene, it helped them become more comfortable with each other and also grew their friendship.

Waddingham stated that she admits that it was a horrifying experience, but Lena walking through the streets almost naked made both of them exceptionally close friends, and that was what was needed. Lena added she was very nervous before joining Game of Thrones because Waddingham was like the Queen of Ladies in the show, and her character was just a nobhead.

So it is clear that stars have to go through some uncomfortable moments, but that is necessary to pass through, and only this way can they grow to be comfortable around each other.

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