Eminem, Drake, & Travis Scott; The most expensive singers for fans

Eminem Drake Travis Scott

If you’re a music lover you’d have probably spent a lot of money on concert tickets, merchandise, customized shirts, and many other products that have cost you a lot of money as well. If you total this much money over the years, it surely become a huge figure.

You might wonder why’d you spend so much money for one person only. Anyway, being a music fan can turn out to be pricey and there are some artists that are way more expensive for fans.

In a recent study, that was conducted to check how much money is spent by fans on musicians. It was done by calculating the number of their albums released, price of a concert ticket, merchandise and customized objects musicians have been selling through out the years.

The study concluded that the five most expensive singers of all the time are Eminem, Drake, Travis Scott, Kanye West & Kendrick Lamar.

The study showed that average cost of being an Eminem fan is $2966.66, Travis Scott fans soend $2244.39 on average & Drake fans have been charged $1543.42. This is quite a lot of money for an average citizen to spend on favourite vocalist.

Although Travis Scott is not much in the music industry for quite a while now, he sells a lot of merchandise & has a deal with Jumpman as well. Only this has cost fans a lot of money to spend on him.

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