The Truth Behind Teresa Fidalgo Ghost Story

Teresa Fidalgo

Ghost stories are something of a hot topic in the section of practical jokes. And why not they should be? Someone with ordinary senses never pays head to stuff like this, and people like me always lower their guard when it comes to this. We are the weak target that is always played upon by ghost stories like the death of Teresa Fidalgo.

This is because (Spoiler Alert) scams like this usually target the major psychological fears us. I meant, who would want some strange girl with a bruised and bleeding face in their bed in the middle of the night. Yes, that’s what the ghost claimed she would do if she was not listened to, and not to mention her threat about killing your mother within 29 days.

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So of the weak-ass people, including me, will never take this risk, right?


So in this segment, you’ll get to know everything about this whole Teresa Fidalgo Fiasco.

How did Teresa Fidalgo die?

So in 1983, a girl named Teresa Fidalgo was in a terrible road accident near Portugal’s hilly area.

And after the same 20 years of that incident, a video came out on the internet, and the whole wide world got nuts about it and made it viral. What was in this video? You’ll find out, but let’s focus on the fact that you can fool people by creating a make-believe story based on just one point.


After that video, an Instagram post went viral, and people started doing whatever the post said. Let’s start with what was in the video.

Teresa Fidalgo story

The video starts in a total blackout. It was shot by a night camera, so all the stuff seems to be spooky from the very start. Three of the friends are in a car, there were two boys and a girl. The person holding the camera is in the backseat. One of the boys is driving, and the girl is in the front passenger seat.

Teresa Fidalgo story

They were in the city of Portugal, and according to the background and apparently, the purpose of them going to the hillside was to shoot some scenes for their upcoming movie called Virus. Creepy right!


So they were all chatting and having fun by talking about believing in ghosts or not, and suddenly they saw a girl, who apparently was a hitchhiker. She didn’t want to but stopped the car for her to check if they can help her. The girl was in a white dress and was weirdly silent. She asked them that if they can give her a lift and they said yes.

So, the three of them are inside the car, with the creepy girl, of course. By the looks on her face, it was like she has just experienced something really horrible, and she is still in its impact. The camera holding guy asked if something happened to her, but she didn’t respond. They asked the girl her name, and she said Teresa in a dull voice.

They thought the camera is bothering her that’s why she is not responding correctly. Suddenly, she points to the spot on the road towards the front of the car. She says,


“Do you see that spot?”

when they got where she was pointing, they all said yes, and then she came up with,

“that’s where I had an accident,… And I DIED”.

All of them looked at her, and when the camera caught her face, it was all bruised and wounded. The car crashed, and the video ended.

Whoosh… That was a lot for the world to take, and it got viral with the links of the real case that went 20 years back, and everybody believed this story.


What actually the Instagram post said?

So after the video went viral, there was this account on Instagram with the same name that posted something like,

“If you don’t share this message on 20 posts, your mother will die, and I will sleep with you FOREVER”.

And if that wasn’t the complete drama, a website called Hoax had a post relevant to that which said that a girl ignored this message and her mom died.

And that was it for it; people on social media went nuts about it and started following this stupid trend like a bunch of sheep. Not even thinking about it for a minute. This thing spread like a pandemic worldwide and gathered different versions of the same plot, same story but other characters.


Who dropped this Prank on us?

In 2003, a director from Portugal named released a short video that was titled The Curve. It started as a fun, practical joke on the easily scared teenagers, but it ended up a lot more than that. The simple video started going viral like crazy.

Apparently, the director was really proud of himself for pulling up a stunt like that. But everyone else all around the world was really pissed off about it.

The story started to untangle itself when some of the bright minds among us began to find the loopholes in this story, like why all of a sudden, a girl killed in a car crash wants to take revenge or something. And all of that is happening after 20 years of that incident.


So to sum it up, it was just a joke, and don’t worry, a strange woman is not going to sleep with you if you ignored nonsense.

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