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Spanish Models

Besides food, architecture, beaches, football, and bullfighting, what is Spain famous for? Yes right! Spain is renowned for beautiful and charming women. With the 14th rank in the world, Spain’s media industry is also performing a significant part.

There was a time when Germans said, “If you want to see beautiful women, you had to go to Spain.” Nowadays, many handsome and charming American and European men look for a Spanish woman to marry. Nobody can deny the beauty of Spanish men and women.

The Spanish media industry is full of unique and talented models. International magazines, designers, and producers desire to hire Spanish models for their projects. According to the fashion industry, Spanish fashion is synonymous with innovation, creativity, and competitiveness.


Here we have mentioned the top 10 hottest Spanish models who got international recognition. These models can surely blow your mind with their mind-blowing look. Just scroll down and look up at these fantastic models.

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Claudia Moro:

Moro is considered the top model of Spain. She was born on November 10, 1985, in Spain. Moro participated in the Miss Universe competition of 2008, and amazingly she was among the top 7 participants.

Claudia Moro

She has an extended height of 5 ft and 11 in with alluring brown eyes and a charming face. Moro is also famous for her hot and sexy pictures. Her confident ramp walk poses and passionate persona is the other best thing about her. She was awarded the title, Miss Spain.


Penélope Cruz:

According to the ranking, Penélope Cruz is considered as the top Spanish model of 2021. She was born on April 28, 1974. During her studies in school, she saw the movie Tie me up! Tie me down! Through which she became so inspired and decided to do acting.

Penelope Cruz

She started her career at 16 on television with a video clip. Then she became famous and got multiple projects. Her notable projects are Belle Époque (1992), The Hi-Lo Country (1999), All About My Mother (1999), The Girl of Your Dreams (2000), To Rome with Love (2012), I’m So Excited! (2013) and Julieta (2016).

The movies that got her international recognition are All the Pretty Horses, Blow, the Christmas film Noel (2004), the action-adventure films Sahara (2005), and the mystery film Murder on the Orient Express (2017).


Cruz was awarded many National and International awards. She also did work along with Mother Teresa and donated a considerable amount. Besides, a great model is a great human being.

Ana de Armas:

This Cuban- Spanish actor was born in a small city on 38 April 1988. Her childhood was elementary. By watching movies on her neighborhood television, she decided to be an actor. She gave her audition at the age of 14 and was selected.

Ana de Armas

Armas completed three films during her school. She became more famous by her drama EI Internado. After this project, she became a celebrity, and her career ascended. She was also nominated for the Golden Globe Awards.


In 2020, Armas was starred in four films in the US. She has multiple upcoming projects with famous directors. Armas is considerably known for her bold personality.

In her personal life, she married a Spanish actor but later was divorced. She had affairs, but soon she broke up. Her last breakup was with Ben Affleck in January 2021. Armas’s Father did multiple jobs like teaching and banking, and her brother is a photographer.

Ivana Baquero:

Ivana Baquero stepped into the modeling industry when she was only 8. On June 11, 1994, she was born and came to the industry as a child star in 2002. She played minor roles in multiple films.

Ivana Baquero

Baquero was selected among the 1000 girls to play a role in Pan’s Labyrinth film as Ofelia. Her notable role was in “Fragile” alongside Richard Roxburgh and Calista Flockhart. She worked such amazingly as a child start that nobody could resist himself praising her.

As a young actress, she has done many unique projects in which her acting skills are admirable. Baquero was awarded many awards, in which the Goya Award, Imagen Award, and Premio ACE for Best Actress are considered her most significant achievement.

She is also nominated multiple times for many big awards on different platforms. Her latest project is Alta Mar (2019-2020), in which she performed leading character as Eva Villanueva.


Andrea Duro Flores:

Duro Flores has her name in one of the prettiest and sexiest Spanish models. She was born on October 14, 1991, and started her career in 2007.

Andrea Duro Flores

She played a role as Yolanda in a Spanish series Fisica o Quimica. This series became the turning point of her life and made her a celebrity. Duro also worked for BHM, a British magazine, but most of her work is on Spanish television.

In her Personal life, she was in a relationship with Joel Bosqued, a Spanish Actor, but they parted off in 2014. Now she is in a relationship with Juan Betancourt. Dura’sDura’s work and success are an inspiration for all young girls.


María Valverde:

Valverde is a true example of Spanish beauty. She was born on March 24, 1987. One of the best things about Valverde is her simplicity. Her standards for beauty are different from other models.

María Valverde

Valverde’s main projects are Body Confusion, The king of the mountains, Cracks, Anarchist’sAnarchist’s wife, The Mule, Broken Horses, Galveston and Spider. On her performance in “La Flaqueza del Bolchevique,” she won the 18th Goya Awards of Best New Actress.

On television, her work is La Fuga, in which she played her role as Anna Serra and Hermanos as Virginia Rodríguez.


Valverde was in a relationship with a Spanish actor in her personal life, and they did three movies together. In 2017 she married a music director and violinist Gustavo Dudamel. According to her, life becomes easy when you move on.

Ines Sastre:

Ines Sastre is an ambassador of UNICEF. She was born in 1973. The career of this top-class Spanish model started through a food commercial for McDonald’sMcDonald’s.

Ines Sastre

Her first movie came on the air in 1988. Her performance won the viewers’ hearts, and she got an award for “Look of the Year” by a Modeling agency. That was the peak time of her career, and she was offered many big projects, but she denied and continue her studies.


Later she made her appearance in magazines like Vogue, Telva, Red (UK), Femme, ES, Elle, GQ, Linea, Luna, and many more. In movies, she played her role in Beyond the Clouds, The Best Man, Druids, lo No, Volpone, The Lost City, and A Dinner for Them Meet.

Sastre can speak multiple languages. She worked in Spain, Italy, and the US. In 2006 she married Alexandro Corrias, but later they separated. They have a son named Diego. Sastre is an amazing woman as she supports poor and needy children in South Africa by raising funds.

Judit Masco:

Judit Masco is the big name of the industry. She came to this world on October 12, 1969. The slope of her career started when she was 13 years old. She did a TV commercial, and after a year, she started her professional career.

Judit Masco

Masco has her name comes in the list of top writers, models, actors, and hosts. She is considered one of the most gorgeous and sexiest women in Spain. Her two most famous movies are The Long Winter and After the Dream.

Masco worked with the most well-known photographers in the industry. Many designers like Armani, Valentino, Carolina Herrera, Anne Klein, and Dolce & Gabbana hired her as their fashion model.

She was awarded the “Elle Woman of the Year Award” in 2003 and “Protagonistas” in 2009. She married Eduardo Vicente, who is a lawyer by profession. They are spending a happy life together. They adopted a girl and have four daughters.


Elsa Pataky:

Elsa Pataky is considered the Hottest and sexiest Spanish model. She left school for her first series, “AI salir de clase.” Her famous television series are Los Serrano, Queen of Swords, and Mujeres Asesinas. For a jewelry advertisement, Elsa Pataky was cast against Cristiano Ronaldo.

Elsa Pataky

Pataky was seen in the films The Art of Dying, Don’t Tempt Me, Twelfth Night, Iznogoud, Snakes on a Plane, Fast Five, All things to All Men, The Wine of Summer, Furious 7.

In 2007, Interviu magazine published Pataky topless pictures, and she filed a case against them. By the Spain Supreme court, she was given €310,000.


Pataky did multiple projects in coproduction with Uk and France. In her personal life, she dated Michael Youn and Adrien Brody. But in 2010, she married Chris Hemsworth, who is an Australian actor. They have a beautiful daughter and twin sons.

Amaia Salamanca Urizar:

Unlike other models, Amaima didn’t plan to join the modeling industry. She randomly gave her audition and got selected by a TV company. In 2009, he made her theater debut.

amaia salamanca urízar

Salamanca has done countless photo-shoots. She was also starred in video clips and TV shows. Her famous movies are Velvet, Gran Hotel, Love in Times of War, and Without Breasts; there is no Paradise.


“The Marquise of O” was her first project. Recently in 2020, Salamanca became an ambassador and protagonist for the Codorniu campaign. Her name comes in the list of 20’s20’s young and top-class Spanish actress.

Final Words:

Spanish models know how to carry fashion and fame.Their uphill struggle and dynamic behavior reflect their past and future. They do not bind their selves in the fashion industry but also working for the welfare of humanity.

These models are the true example of diligence. They make the trend and carry the fashion. So never expect that these models will leave the industry or industry will leave them. They are always a part and always be the part!

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