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Unsolved Mystery of the Somerton Man / Spy or Common Person

Unsolved Mystery of the Somerton Man / Spy or Common Person

somerton man

Deaths always left mysteries, and some deaths left the remaining perplexed and astonished. Today in the twenty-first century, we have high technology to deal with every case regardless of its field. The tasks are easy and possible.

Back in the last century, we were not technologically advanced, and mysteries seemed to be Lil difficult for us to solve. We are on another level now, having DNA test machines, fast fingerprints services, and truth test devices. So that’s why the last century has a lot of suspicious cases that are left unsolved.

Here we have brought a suspicious story of Somerton Man that is still unsolved.


Along the shores of Somerton Beach, a couple found a body. It was clear that he wasn’t breathing. It was bizarre that he was wearing a suit-which was very formal wear. He had no identification; no one knew who he was.

Tamam Shud case

He was not one of the people reported missing. Investigators did not know who he was, so they assumed he died of natural causes near the beach shore. Over the past 65 years, people have investigated this body several times, but no one has found the solution to this mystery.

Whole Scenario:

In 1948 at seven o’clock in the afternoon, a married couple discovered the old man’s body. Seeing him drunk, they ignored him and passed him by. Several minutes later, another group of people passed by, but they too missed him. They realized that the same man has been lying there in the same spot on the beach again the next day as they went out to the beach. 

When the married couple realized that something was wrong, they immediately called 911. The body was carefully examined as soon as it arrived at Royal Adelaide Hospital. During the doctors’ examination of the dead body, many suspicious facts became apparent. 

The dead man’s pupil was significantly smaller than the average, his foot was slightly twisted despite wearing regular shoes, and the man was poisoned. However, doctors weren’t able to find any poison in his system.

Here is the list of his belongings that were found in his suitcase

  • One small screwdriver.
  • Eight large envelopes, one small envelope.
  • Two coat hangers
  • One razor strap
  • Toothpaste
  • The bag wrote with “Keane” on it
  • The scissors are in a sheath
  • Knife in a sheath
  • One cigarette lighter
  • One toothbrush
  • Stencil brush included
  • One broken pair of scissors
  • A pair of singlets
  • Two pairs of underwear
  • One glass dish
  • One soap dish containing a hairpin
  • One teaspoon
  • One card of tan thread
  • One tin of tan boot polish
  • A variety of pencils, most of which are Royal Sovereign pencils. Three pencils were H. 
  • Two airmail stickers
  • One scarf
  • One towel
  • Three safety pins
  • One front and back collar stud
  • One brown button.
  • Dressing gown 
  • Cord
  • One yellow jacket shirt
  • A singlet without a name
  • One shirt without a name tag
  • Six handkerchiefs
  • One piece of the light board
  • One razor
  • There is a pair of trousers along with a 6d coin
  • A sports coat
  • One coat shirt
  • A pair of pajamas
  • One shaving brush

Some Latest Updates:

As reported by ABC News, after digging the grave, the remains were carefully exhumed using a wooden spatula and brush and placed into a coffin before being transported to a forensic science center.

A DNA profile could be built, and answers found in one of the country’s most legendary cold cases if the man’s remains are successfully accessed. According to authorities, if DNA evidence is found, the man will be identified and where he came from.

As Forensic Science South Australia’s Assistant Director of Operations, Dr. Anne Coxon, said, “the technology available to us now is light years ahead of the techniques available when this body was discovered in the late 1940s.”

According to Dr. Coxon, tests of this type are highly complex, but investigators will employ every method at our disposal to try and resolve this enduring mystery. It falls under Operation Persevere, which aims to identify all unidentified remains in South Australia.

To uncover answers, Attorney-General Ms. Chapman believes we are finally getting closer to finding the truth about this story that has captured people’s imagination throughout the state and worldwide.


In light of the circumstances of his death and the historical context surrounding it, there has been widespread speculation that the deceased was a spy. Anglo-Australian military researchers conducted military tests at Woomera Test Range and Radium Hill, relatively close to Adelaide.

As a result of Somerton Man (Tamam Shud Case), security agencies in Australia were reorganized, culminating in the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO) the following year. In addition, the Venona project was used to intercept Soviet communications, exposing Soviet espionage in Australia.

Final Words:

Back the stage, there are many hidden truths and scenes about Somerton Man (Tamam Shud Case) mysterious death. You can say that many things can’t be shared with society for some reason. Over the decades, several steps and examinations have been conducted, yet no comprehensive report or results have been revealed to the public.

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