Sir Michael Parkinson apologizes to Meg Ryan over ill-famed interview of 2003

Michael Parkinson apologizes to Meg Ryan

Famous chat show host, Michael Parkinson had Meg Ryan as his guest on the show, in 2003 and it seemed like the two of them did not get along and had an unpleasant experience.

One of the most notorious and disreputable chat show interview in the history of awkward interviews took place when American actress Meg Ryan appeared on the show in 2003. The chat show legend, Parkinson, who is 86 years old now, had to interview a rather emotionless Meg Ryan who only delivered one liners in response to the questions Sir Michael asked.

Although, Sir Michael had a long and successful career in showbiz and have interviewed a lot of high profile celebrities and public personalities, it was still a very famous interview.

20 years later, now, Meg has been offered an apology from Sir Michael who admitted that both of them were not in their top form, that day. He has said in an interview that he still wishes to not lose his temperament that day, with Ryan and should’ve been more well-mannered towards her. He admitted that he was being grumpy that day, with Meg whereas it wasn’t his job to be angry with his guests. Sir Michael stated that he was being too self bearing that day, which led to an awkward interview.

The interviewer asked Sir Michael what he’d do if he sees Meg again, to which the host responded that he’s sorry for his behaviour that day, but it was also partially Meg’s fault too, they both had played their roles in it and were both uncomfortable.

Before this, Sir Michael has been asked many times about the infamous interview and he always called Meg an “unhappy woman” and Meg has titled him as the unaccepting dad when she talked about the bold scenes in her movie.

After all these years, the host has been more of a soft person now and is remorseful about the 2003 incident. But now he affirmed he’d apologize to Ryan. He retired from tv in 2007.

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