15 Famous Hollywood Short Celebrities

Short Celebrities

Celebrities are formidable, lovely, and proficient – however, is height the key to their fulfillment?

While being short comes with its pros and cons, it seems that being small isn’t this type of large deal in Hollywood. A number of the biggest names in the biz didn’t allow their shortness to affect their careers, and neither need to you. Get prepared for a self-assurance boost as we show you ways these quick celebrities released themselves to stardom!

So here we are with the list of 15 short celebrities in Hollywood


Kylie Minogue (Height 152cm, or 5″0′, tall)

Kylie Minogue, 53, is one of the maximum well-known female singers in the world. Her top? A teeny tiny 153cm or 5’0″.

Kylie Minogue

Regarding stature, we generally tend to accomplice taller as something a good way to decide more success, however as this listing of quick celebrities proves; the size would not matter a piece.

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Ariana Grande (Height 153cm/5ft)

Ariana Grande Recognized for her cat’s eye make-up and skyscraper platforms, the 27-year-vintage pint-sized pop stress has by no means allow her to get in the way of stardom.

Ariana Grande

With a glittering internet well worth as a minimum $50million, this is one shorty who made it big.

Zac Efron (173cm/5’6″)

Everyone would be appearance quick next to The Rock. However, 32 yr. vintage Efron who acted alongside the Rock in Baywatch, is without a doubt only 5’6″.

Zac Efron

“I used to be known as the shortest kid in each grade, through a long shot,” he advised Men’s magazine and changed into only 5’1″ by the point he left excessive school. He didn’t reach his fully grown top till he turned 20.


His short popularity hasn’t prevented him from courting some of the most up-to-date ladies in Hollywood: Vanessa Hudgens and Lily Collins, to name simply two.

Robert Downey Jr, (174cm/5’6″)

Downey Jr, 55, has been photographed in many instances wearing doubtful-looking shoes that seem to have more lifts if you look intently sufficient.

Robert Downey Jr

Is he self-conscious about being only 5′ 6″? Perhaps.


While you appear along the heady heights of Chris Hems worth 190cm/6’2″, it is sufficient to make even Iron guy experience much more minor than surprise louse … get it?

Lady Gaga (155cm/5’zero”)

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, 34, or girl Gaga to you and me, starred in a 2017 Netflix documentary about her existence, entitled 5 Foot.

Lady Gaga

You’d count on the title changed into in connection with her top. But in line with Gaga in an interview after MTV movie and television Awards, “I’m honestly 5-foot 3 and 3 quarters.”


The truth? Perhaps she’s counting the extra centimeters on the heels of the one…

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Kanye West (1.73cm/5’6″)

A persona as well-known as West’s, who cares how brief he is. Despite the fact that should that be one of the motives, he took a stab at Taylor rapid (178cm) in some unspecified time in the future of the MTV VMA awards?

Kanye West

Brief or tall, the 43-yr-vintage track whizz and entrepreneur was constantly destined for the huge time, at least that’s what his call indicates.


Kanye is a Swahili call because of this “the first-rate one,” and his center names the Omari approach “God the highest.”

Anna Kendrick (157cm/5’1″)

In her very own phrases, petite actress Anna Kendrick, 35, informed Glamour mag, “I’m fine being small. I am brilliant being all the topics I’m.”

Anna Kendrick

Getting dressed is not the kind of excellent method for Kendrick, however.


“Each time a stylist attempts to put me in, like, an elegant pantsuit, I am like, ‘This isn’t going to paintings. It’s going to appear like a diaper. I apprehend you think that you can do it; I promise you, you cannot.”

She “appreciates shops which have petite sections.”

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Salma Hayek (157cm/5’2″)

Mexican actress Salma Hayek needed to perform a little soul searching earlier than she got here to love her brief stature.

Salma Hayek

“My height is 5-2, and in my town (Mexico), it’s far considered to be tall. People used to mention that the fast difficulty was a deformity… I’d come home saying, everybody teases me,’ she stated in an interview.

Now, the 53-one year-vintage actress has effectively and absolutely embraced her height.” I’ve a self-belief approximately myself that I see quite some tall ladies do not. So how meaningful is it, in reality, to be tall?”

Lena Dunham (160cm/5’3″)

Inside 2015 comic, Lena Dunham, 33, went on stage to help her besties, Taylor, fast.


That 2nd gave her an ultra-modern attitude on her peak or lack thereof.

Lena Dunham

“I used to be so thrilled to assist my friend and so displeased to find out approximately the fact of my pinnacle,” she counseled the Huffington to publish.

“I have been feeling quite tall, quite robust, and it changed into great to me, like: ‘Oh, I am now not tall. I am obese.”

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Reese Witherspoon (156cm/5’2″)

Reese Witherspoon, 44, May handiest be 156cm, however, her cutting-edge companion Jim Troth is a tall 185cm.

Reese Witherspoon

Fortuitously, Witherspoon is not any stranger to kissing tall guys. in the movie Four Christmases, and she or he acted along with Vince Vaughn, who is 196cm.

“I stood on masses of bins and that they had to assemble ramps that have been approximately the same length as to in which I want to be,” she said. “It became a venture, especially the kissing scenes.”


Vanessa Hudgens (155cm/5’0″)

At age 31, Vanessa Hudgens has finished a lot. But, honesty about her top may not be one in every one in every one of them.

Vanessa Hudgens

In an early interview, Hudgens claims to be a teensy bit taller than sources recommend. “i love surfer men and men who’re taller than me, which is not difficult due to the fact i am handiest 5’three”.

So, is she five ‘zero” or 5’3″? You could ask Zac Efron.


Tom Cruise (170cm/5’6″)

After divorcing Tom Cruise, fifty-eight, Nicole Kidman famously introduced, “I’m able to put on heels yet again!” So how tall – or top is the famous legend tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise

Insiders deliver various payments, and you could speculate approximately Cruise’s top; however, he is greater interested in being diagnosed for his films.

The usage of the Nineteen Nineties, Cruise changed into one of the maximum-paid actors in Hollywood and is presently sitting on the internet really worth around $350 million.


So, does length really depend? No longer for those celebs.

Natalie Portman [Height: 5’3” (160.02 cm)]

Age: 39

Natalie Portman

Natalie believes being short helped her get stable for Thor! She informed US Weekly: “I used to be particularly solid inside the characters because of the fact i can make in reality everyone look massive after they stand subsequent to me. I am surprisingly brief. They typically had a ramp for me to stroll up, so I need to land someplace near his face.”

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Kevin Hart [Pinnacle: 5’5” (162.56 cm)]

Age: 41

Kevin Hart

Humans have constantly made amusing of Kevin Hart’s short stature. But, he shared on Oprah high that he has determined out to giggle at himself. “I’m beyond confident. I’m assured of who I’m. I am assured in the individual that I’m – I suppose I am attractive!”

Bruno Mars [Height: 5‘5” (162.56 cm)]

Age: 34

Bruno Mars

Even when tall supermodels strutted beyond him, Bruno stole the highlight on Victoria’s Secret style show. What he lacked in peak, he made up for with finesse and his vastly thrilling overall performance!

Nicki Minaj [Top: 5’2″ (157.48 cm)]

Age: 37

Nicki Minaj

She won’t be as huge as an anaconda. However, Nicki is a petite beauty with a booty! The living Barbie doll is extra petite than top lady rappers, however, she is huge and in price at the top of the Hip Hop charts

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