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Entrepreneurs in car

Entrepreneurs in vehicles are added to you by way of Richard Cooper, an entrepreneur, father, self-care propose, and purveyor of the bloodless hard fact.

In 2014 Richard released a YouTube channel mashing up his ardor for entrepreneurship and motors.

The authentic idea of interviewing entrepreneurs in their success rides and percentages their tales of trials and tribulations led them to excellence.


Some years later, and after taking the pink tablet, Richards’s channel has emerged as a runaway underground hit with 13+ million perspectives and 100,000+ subscribers by assisting guys in apprehending the truth about cash, self-care, and intersexual dynamics.

Richard Cooper Entrepreneur


Richard Cooper went through his crucible only a few years ago on at the age of forty.

During the devastating five-year span, he went through a divorce two years after his daughter turned born and misplaced everything from his ex.


In the course of the same length, the business enterprise he commenced ten years previously changed into being threatened with a government policy exchange that would put him out of business.

His family turned into long gone, his cash turned into long gone, and his business turned into approximately to be destroyed. He changed into constantly experiencing signs and symptoms of put up-worrying pressure ailment, and his mind of suicide started to look increasingly more attractive.

And then, sooner or later, Richard became surpassed the reproduction of an e-book referred to as “The Rational Male” at a moment that would trade the direction of life.


It allowed him to define a brand new vision for his existence… One that could flip him into a piece of advice for guys everywhere who’re going via their crucible.


Richard is very detail-orientated and produces great results working with EMbitious.ca Health Community. I would highly recommend Richard to your team in the office or the sports field.

Passion for work

Getting the privilege of operating with Richard Cooper through the start-up via specific stages was inspirational. The ecosystem provided consulting to a large number of companies across the distressed debt financial offerings industry.


Richard surpassed my expectancies on nearly every stage. I discovered him to be a distinctly ethical, prompted, commercial enterprise-savvy entrepreneur.

Looking at Richard’s take his agency from concept to deployment and directly to full-size growth changed into an absolute delight. His execution changed into spot-on and developed beyond our original discussions.

To be frank, not many marketers have the talent, money, or savvy to perform what Richard did in a sort of quick time. The fruits of his labor are obvious. Satisfied clients, thriving commercial enterprise, stable infrastructure, and well-trained employees. It’s far a pride to recognize you, Richard.



After all that Richard has been through, forming a life where you tend to fascinate more and more people is amazing. Richard has the power to impress and delicate people with his power, and that’s how he presumed to take over with the power and influence others with his writings

He has written various entrepreneurial influencing books such as

The unplugged alpha

Enough is enough

The debt consolidation control

He wrote some masterpieces to inspire people like him, and these books that he writes not only is to provide but to inspire people with the art and skill that he has to offer and which would help them too



A former series enterprise insider, now a debt control expert, I specialize in bringing to the marketplace debt comfort options that endorse for the consumer and get them out of credit card debt fast and effective.

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  • Internet advertising
  • Debt agreement
  • Credit score recovery
  • Non-public Finance
  • Mortgages
  • Call Centre Mechanics
  • Debt Negotiation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Client Loyalty and Excellence
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  • Repayment Plans Tied into internet Promoter rating.
  • Workplace tradition
  • Professional on client Debt, credit score, and money management
  • Hiring structures that appeal to top Shelf humans
  • Growing Raving enthusiasts of employees, clients, and companies


The life of Richard cooper is nothing less than an inspiration to lead on your life with his story of rising up after leading into the ground through his passion and information about cars has been amazingly tremendous his qualities are indescribable for the fact that one person can just do too much.

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