Gemma Collins Is Taking Off For A Romantic Holiday After Getting Back Together With Rami

Gemma Collins jetting off on romantic holiday with Rami

Gemma Collins shared with her fans a nighttime snapshot in which she said that she’s going on a romantic vacation with Rami.

The actress recently got back together with her old sweethearts Rami Hawash. They both starter dating back in 2011 but split up later on.

They were back last week. Gemma spilled on her Instagram that they headed to Israel for a vacation together for the first time. She shared a video of Rami driving while they were jamming on Tel Aviv by Omar Adam, the American-Israeli singer.

So excited to go to Tel Aviv; Madonna went now it’s time tor me

She stated
Gemma Collins Instagram

The 40-year-old actress seemed to be excited about her trip. She said that she never saw it coming, didn’t predict it would happen. She thinks she is lucky to have a good love life and is very happy.

She expressed that everyone should let go of their past because good people are out there, and everyone can have the love story of their dreams; you have to find your soulmate.

I’m having a summer of love, so while I go on a mini-break…. Who knows, I could come back pregnant.

Added Collins.
Rami singing in his car
Rami singing in his car to a song called Tel Aviv

Gemma revealed that she wanted to be in a relationship and start a family so bad when this year started. She thought that maybe it’s her time to start a family now, but you can not just do that unless you know you’re with the right person.

She advised that people should have faith in themselves and they can conquer anything. When asked about her plans for 2021, she expressed that she hopes to get married this year and start a family.

Her goal is to be herself and devote her time towards the relationship and have a baby finally.

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