Rachel Uchitel was in financial crisis even though she signed an $8 Million N.D.A

Rachel Uchitel

Tiger Woods’ former mistress and TV hostess Rachel Uchitel is in a financial crisis even after signing an $8 million non-disclosure agreement shortly after being entangled in Tiger Woods’ cheating case. Now the American actress is more concerned about taking her life back.

On August 9, Rachel signed a 9-page extended non-disclosure agreement under the guidance of her lawyers. One of her lawyers is Gloria Allred, who is a powerhouse attorney. N.D.A promised Rachel a $5 Million now and $1 million for the next three years if she stays silent and doesn’t speak a word about her affair with Tiger Woods.

“His lawyers are saying we want all your text messages, and here’s the price,” Said Uchitel in a conversation with the outlet. She also stated that she isn’t a stupid person or a sex worker. She considered herself an intelligent woman and said that this is why she negotiated the offer of $8 million because she knew that it would affect her life and reputation.

But Rachel only received a small part of the amount that she was promised to be given. Uchitel signed for Celebrity Rehab, and Woods’ lawyers promptly ordered her to pay back the amount she received. She was also suggested to give up on the rest of the 3 million by her lawyers.

Rachel opened two children’s stores and closed them because they were both in debt. She filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Rachel spoke out about her relationship with Tiger Woods and stated that she knew that he was married, had a wife, and had other responsibilities. Still, Tiger asked her that he wanted to see her if she flew to Orlando, where he wanted to see her. She also stated that it was the beginning of her relationship, and she said that he was “her Tiger.”

Woods’ lawyer Michael Holtz approached Rachel and said he would chase after her and her salary if she got a job. If she got married, he’d go after her joint bank account. Rachel was told that Holtz was going after collecting damages. Holtz later attended her bankruptcy meeting that was held in May.

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