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Pregnant Alex Jones shares a cute baby bump selfie as the due date approaches

Pregnant Alex Jones shares a cute baby bump selfie as the due date approaches

Pregnant Alex jones

The Welsh Television Presenter Alex jones looks all glowing as she shares a sweet baby bump selfie with her fans.

Alex was so excited when she learned that she is having a baby girl.

But since she got pregnant with a baby girl, she has been excited from the beginning and keeps her fans updated throughout. She posted her baby bump in her Instagram story with the caption Getting bigger and we are all in awe. Alex has a following of more than 300,000 fans.

Alex jones instagram

Alex said that she thought her time had gone to have a girl.

This baby girl will be Alex and husband Charlie Thomson’s third child and sister of 2 brothers Edward and Kit.

Alex has been quite open about her pregnancy journey and has admitted that she is very enthusiastic about having a baby girl after desiring it for such a long time.

When asked about the arrival, she expressed that it’s an incredible gift and she had always wanted a girl, although she never said it because the couple has been blessed with two adorable sons.

The 44-year-old star also stated that her husband is equally thrilled to have a baby girl.

As Alex said that she thought she would not have a daughter, her husband, upon learning about her pregnancy, said it would be amazing to have three boys. But when they opened the email that revealed their baby’s sex, they were delighted as they both secretly wanted a girl this time.

Alex expressed that she is excited to start this beautiful journey of raising a girl, and she’d like to see how different it is from her other pregnancies.

The star has been pregnant throughout the quarantine and states that it is a different exposure this time.

She’s hopeful because she has had two sons before. So she would know if there are any alarming signs.

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