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Petition For Katie Hopkins To Be Deported From Australia Signed By Thousands Of Citizens

Petition For Katie Hopkins To Be Deported From Australia Signed By Thousands Of Citizens

Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins admits to breaking the rules of Australian quarantine, and many people have signed the petition to dismiss her from Australia.

It came in the recent news that Katie Hopkins broke quarantine rules by opening the door for workers delivering her food naked, and thousands of citizens have signed the petition to deport her from Australia.

Petition signed against Katie Hopkins

In her recent Instagram post, the former Apprentice star made fun of the quarantine rules while staying at a Sydney hotel. On the social platform, she boasted about opening the door for food delivery while she was naked. She has now deleted the post.  

Many Australians stranded in other countries due to lockdown attacked Katie’s disrespectful act, mocking the hotel’s quarantine rules.

Hopkins ridiculed Australian citizens, saying,

I think it’s bulls**t. I think it’s bulls**t that I can be here and you can’t.

Petition for Katie Hopkins

Reports say that the hotel has reported to police about this act of Katie, and if she’s found guilty, she’ll be deported from Australia.

The famous media personality was set to appear in celebrity big brother in this country.

This video is, however, quite a ridiculous attempt on Katie’s part. Usually, celebrities are pretty careful of what they post on their social platforms, as everything can reach millions of people within seconds.

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