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Olivia Rodrigo is an American songwriter, singer, and actress. Her full name is Olivia Isabel Rodrigo. Olivia was born in California, U.S, on 20th February 2003.

She was a talented and intelligent child. Her parent’s music taste inspired her. She learned to play the piano when she was only 12. Her inspiration in songwriting was Taylor swift. She started her career with a commercial, and then at the age of only eleven to twelve, she appeared in a video film, “An American Girl: Grace stirs up success.”

Then she continued her journey in various plays and songs.

How tall is Olivia Rodrigo?

Olivia is 5 feets and 4 inches tall. In meters she is 1.65 meters tall. She seems more taller in real but according to sources her height is in normal range for girl’s. It is assumed that girls ranging from 5 feet 3 inches to 5 feet 7 inches are in ideal height so Olivia has got ideal height neither too long nor too short.

Olivia Rodrigo height

How much Olivia Rodrigo Weight?

As I have mentioned, she has an ideal girl’s height but what about her weight? Does she focuses on her weight too? Olivia weighs 55 Kg with measurements 34-28-39. Wait! What, what, what? Yes she has such amazing measurements. 5.4 feet height, 55 Kg weight with 34 bra size and 39 hips size. Is not it’s a perfect curvy body shape measurements with slim waist 28 inches. Oh my Gosh. This girl is really going to make Hollywood mad if she maintained her measurements as such.

Well, everyone knows much about her career story, and everyone has seen her roles. Every second article is discussing about actor’s height, weight and these kind of stuff. This article is different and will also tell you about her private life, her love life, and who she chooses to be her partner? Does not that seems interesting and worth reading? So let’s dig into her love life.

Who has Olivia Rodrigo dated?

Olivia has got fame at such a young age but is she ever been in any romantic relationship? That’s quite an interesting story because she has never spoken of this topic by herself.

She has just shared few moments with few people that have taken the media’s and the public’s attention. As it is said that pictures speak by themselves, that’s what I am saying in this case. So let’s get a look over her love life.

Olivia Rodrigo and Ethan Wacker:

They both met in 2016 for the project “Bizaardvark.” They had spent a lot of time together during shooting and their holidays together, but nothing was serious until 2018.

Olivia Rodrigo and Ethan Wacker

In 2018, they went for a holiday together, and after six months, they were seen dating. This relationship did not go long, and they broke up just after one year.

They made their relationship public when Ethan shared their photo on Instagram with the caption, “Happy six months. You are the greatest”. Before that, it was a secret relationship. They appeared in various interviews but never spoke of their relation.

Then in August 2019, their snaps were removed from Instagram. It is not clear whether it was done to make public opinion wrong or the indication of a breakup.

Olivia’s relationship with her another co-star Joshua Bassett:

After some time of Ethan Wacker’s Instagram post, Olivia’s relationship was rumored with her other co-star Joshua Bassett. They worked together on a song, “Drivers License.” They are Disney co-stars, and after listening to the song’s lyrics, Disney fans assumed there must be something between the two.

Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett
Teen Vogue

Not only the lyrics but fans also assumed from their photos that they are more than friends. In fact, fans also believed that the Bassett’s song, “Lie, Lie, Lie” is related to Olivia. But Olivia has never disclosed that she “Driver’s License” was actually about Bassett or not.

The thing that confused fans was her comment in a show about her driving with Bassett, but she never disclosed the whole thing. So it was a rumor and not an authentic relationship.

What is Nowadays Olivia’s status?

From the few months, she is seen dating her producer, Adam Faze. Adam Faze is a film producer, a young producer though. He is around 24 years old. They were seen kissing each other. She has also introduced him officially as her boyfriend.

Olivia Rodrigo and Adam Faze

That’s a twist in young singer’s history. She has never introduced anyone before as her partner, but now she is making him her partner publicly.

They couple is in casual dressing and seen walking together. She has not only introduced him as her boyfriend, but they both show affection for each other even at shows and do not hide their affection at all.

Some industry friends met them. Sources know that they are really happy with each other and enjoying the new cuddly love. They are not only dating but seem to be serious about each other.

The young couple looks cute together. They were seen holding hands first at the premiere of Space Jam 2, and now their photos of hugging and kissing in casual outfits are out. They are enjoying their life by spending their weekends together.

Olivia also said that she is happier now. But she has not given any statement about her relationship. She said she is happy because of the song lyrics that she is writing. She said, “I am constantly learning and growing at such a fast rate”. She seems to be happy with her life, and Faze also a reason for her happy life.

So after being in a relationship with co-stars and Josh, whether it was real or only a rumor because they both have never discussed anything regarding it, she has finally found her partner. The good thing is that Adam is also getting serious about her, and he is also happy and enjoying the way she is enjoying it.

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