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Oh Yeon-SEO Career, Early & Personal Life

Oh Yeon-SEO Career, Early & Personal Life

Oh Yeon SEO


  • Born: June 22, 1987 (age 33 years)
  • Birth Place: Jinju-si, South Korea
  • Height: 1.7 m
  • Instagram@ohvely22
  • Music Group: Luv (2002 – 2003)

Oh Yeon-SEO was born in Wu Haini on June 22, 1987. She is a South Korean actress and a member of the South Korean girl group LUV. She is famous for her role in the TV series “My Husband Has a Family” (2012); Chambery is here! (2014), “”Shine or Crazy”” (2015), “”Mr. Back”” (2016), “”My Savage Girlfriend”” (2017) and “”Korean Adventure”” (2017-2018).

Early life

Oh yeon-seo was born in Jinju, South Gyeongsang Province, and she was brought up in Changnyeong. In the second grade of middle school, Oh followed a group of friends to participate in SM Entertainment’s audition in Daegu but was rejected.

However, another company contacted her, saying that she was qualified and moved to Seoul, and only debuted at the age of 15 four months later.

After the band disbanded, Oh was admitted to Anyang Art High School and later became an actress.

After consulting the shaman with her mother, she changed her name from Haet-nim to Yeon-SEO, then entered Dongguk University and joined the Drama and Film Department.

Oh Yeon-seo



Oh Yeon-SEO made her first appearance in 2002 when she was 15 years old; her name was Oh Haet-nim, she was in a LUV band. They released their first album, Story, and released the singles “Orange Girl” and “I Still Believe in You.”

The band had a short lifespan and disbanded after six months due to low popularity. Later, she turned to the show business and made her first appearance in the 2003 TV series “Sharp,” but she has long been unknown.

2012-2013: Rising Popularity

Although she played an essential role in the 2009 film “Blood Donation Pledge,” it was not until she starred in the family drama “My Husband Has a Family” (2012) that she received little attention.

Then, she participated in the popular variety show “We Are Married” with Lee Joon of MBLAQ. At the end of 2012, She played in the TV series “Come on Here” every day. This was her first lead role.

In 2013, Oh played a thoracic surgeon in the medical drama “Medical Top Team.” Together with Kim Min Joon and Gal So-won, she was appointed as the ambassador of the first annual animal film festival in Suncheon to raise awareness about animal rights and welfare.

Oh also worked with actor Ryu Soo was appointed together as Red Cross Ambassador-Young.

2014–present: Breakthrough

Oh, in the acclaimed series, “Camberley is coming! “In, “played the protagonist of a compassionate and selfless man Chambery! (, 2014). This TV series’s viewership rate reached a peak of 40.4%, which led to the rise in popularity of Oh.

After growing up in Gyeongsangdo, it was difficult for her to play this role, but her position had to be spoken in Jeon Arhat dialect, a dialect she had never used in her life.

Oh Yeon seo Breakthrough

In 2015, Oh played the last princess Shin Yool of Balhae in the historical drama “Shine or Go Crazy,” co-starred by Jung Hyuk. The series of films was a success and received the highest scores during the entire run.

Then, Oh and Rain starred in the SBS TV series “Mr. Please Come Back,” which was broadcast from February to April 2016. Her role as Han Hongnan is a male character reincarnated as a female.

Oh was praised for her chemistry performance with her co-star Lee Ha-Nui, who worked with her in her previous projects, Shine or Go Crazy. Her comedy image portrays her male role and also left a deep impression on the audience.

In the same year, she starred in “Take Off 2”, which is the sequel to the 2009 movie “Take Off.” She was a member of South Korea’sKorea’s first national women ice hockey team. In 2017, oh was starred in a remake of the 2001 box office historical drama.

Hit My Sassy Girl with Joo Won. In August 2017, Oh signed a contract with the new management agency Celltrion Entertainment. In the same year, she was an actor in the fantasy romantic comedy/tragedy TV series “Korean Adventure,” written by Hong TV’s Hong sisters.

In 2018, Oh and Park Hae-jin (playing Yoo Jung) co-starred in the movie “Cheese in a Trap.” In 2019, Wu and Park Hae-jin (playing as Yoo Jung) starred in actors in the romantic comedy “Love with Flaws.” In 2019, Oh signed a contract with the new agency SidusHQ.

Personal Life

On March 29, 2018, it confirmed that they had a relationship with actor Kim Bum. However, after a few months of dating, they reportedly separated.

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