Most Beautiful Women with Sexy Hands in Asia

Sexy hands

Hands are considered to be the most attractive part of the body. Most people tends to get attracted when we talk about certain parts of the body. Hands are the center of attraction when we talk or the first gesture of welcome or greeting is done under the process of a handshake.

People mostly access a person’s personality and person by their first look. Hands play an initial role in it to define which hand is beautiful and which is not. Oxford university studies said women hands find not very long or very short with a certain width and nails are shaped angular way in addition to it contains a soft touch to it

Girls Generation Taeyeon

Taeyeon is a Korean singer who opted as one of the top people to have the most beautiful hands in the world. With her beautiful hand presentation, she has the cleanest and angular look to the nails with compliments the soft skin of the hand.

Girls Generation Taeyeon

People tend to capture her hand pictures because of the fantastic soft textured look. If you look at her fingers, she has just the right amount of width, which neither makes her hand thin or thick.

Red Velvet Seulgi

Seulgi is known as a famous Korean singer and dancer linked with the group known as red velvet. Apart from her singing skills, she is known to have the most attractive hands in the world.

Red Velvet Seulgi

Her long-nailed hands are correctly manicured and compliment the thin fingers’ look showing a detailed look of shaping. Most importantly, because of the nail shaping and beautiful skin, she depicts golden hands’ look. Every color of nail paint matches her personality and looks extraordinarily beautiful because of her hands.



EXID Hani, also known as Hani, is a Korean singer and actress who tends to look amazingly beautiful all the time.

She is featured in many television shows showing incredible performance, and her personality her hands are known to be the most beautiful thing in her many fan pages for her hands are made.

Her hands are equally in width & look amazing because of the thin finger. Even her nail bottom with great finger placement perfectly amazes people into her hands’ beauty. She takes advantage of it and decorates her nails on and off accordingly o the theme or mood. Surprisingly, it just adds up more and more to her beauty.


TWICE Nayeon

Nayeon is an emerging talent who came to the top of the singing industry by the survival singing competition and linked up with the group twice by jyp entertainment.

TWICE Nayeon hand

Nayeon is a singer, but her aura and delusional personality is a center of attraction amongst people who loves her hand and how she improvises her hands as a whole in her character.

She has a very funky taste and tends to play with colors and show them through her hands. Her nail colors can easily define her level of interest as she is well aware of her beautiful hands, so that she shows them more often in pictures.



IU is a star singer, a songwriter, and many of her Korean industry skills and achievement. She is also known as one of the most beautiful women; not only that but people, especially her fans, are highly in love with her hands. Her short little sensitive hands look just like cotton candy.

She got the cutest shape of nails which adds up more to everything. As she is aware of fan love for her hands, she mostly posts pictures in which her hands are prominent.

f(X) Amber

Fx amber is also known as Amber Taiwanese. She is an American singer and songwriter. Amber joined the girl sing group of Korean artists known as fx gaining popularity over the years reflected over her personality more and more, according to her fan pages. She has the most beautiful hands on her social media posts and pictures, showing her hands prominently and gaining more likes than the others.


She has an ideal hand, and that what’s make it irresistible also she knows how to carry it and look more and more magnificent.

AOA Seolhyun

Another marvelous Korean singer with a fantastic aura, she contains her life healthy as if she is a singer and an actress came in series such as ugly truth, etc. Seolhyun is a member of AOA group member.

Her beauty and charm attract people, and most people get crazy over her hands. Many social media pages and fan groups share their hand pictures and go mad over a little gesture.


She intentionally shows her hand in the picture as if it is the fan demand by showing off her hands. She has set a trend of special manicure shaping noticing her nail shape.

Her hands give a clean and tidy look as far as her nails are concerned. They add up to the beauty and make people go crazy over them.

Weki Meki Doyeon

A south Korean singer signed under fantagio she is a member of the weki meki group as a star in the film industry. She maintains herself quietly; amazingly, doyeon is a singer and does shoots for various brands.


Her hands are a real center of attraction; her funky fashion sense and her ideas are expressed through her nail paints that she applies. She has a perfect golden hand containing the ideal width and finger size that a person with attractive hands should have.


Hands are a high-demand review, and people love hands and feet that are symmetrical and perfect, so here are some of the most beautiful Asian Women with the most beautiful hands in the world and tend to attract vast amounts of the audience through beauty.

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