A look into the life of Money Heist’s Tokyo, Ursula Corbero

Ursula Corbero

Ursula Corbero is a 32 years old Spanish actress and model. She was born on 11th August 1989. Her full name is Ursula Corbero Delgado.

After gaining fame in the Spain film industry, the series that got her international fame was “La Casa de Papel.” This series was one of the top series on Netflix in which she played the role of Tokyo. But what has made her World’s favorite artist is her role in Money heist.

There was a hidden actress in her, and she knew it from her childhood. At thirteen, she did her first commercial and then took acting classes. After completing her studies, she started working on TV series. Her first series on Antena 3 was “Fisica O Quimica.”

She has done every kind of work, and that’s what her fans like in her. From serious roles to comedy and horror, she has not left any role. Fans want to see every face and acting skill of their favorite artist, and Ursula has never failed.

Ursula Corbero

Her unbeatable and fantastic acting skills have won her various awards, including “the Untameable” award. She also got the title of “Woman of the year.”

She has also worked on projects by Spanish-Italian collaboration. After presenting a lot of talent and hard work at such a young age, she is the favorite Spanish actress with more than 21 million followers on Instagram. She has more followers than any other Spanish actor.

People have loved her every role, whether it is Television, film, or theater. She is considered a fashion icon.

Ursula Corbero and Hollywood:

Corbero entered Hollywood through Money Heist, in which she is playing the role of a villain. When asked about the movie proposal and her first reaction, she said she was first scared because she never spoke English so fluently before and she would work with different people. She said,

“When I read the script, I will be honest that I was not familiar with the G.I. Joe world, so everything was new for me, but I fell in love with the character. She is a badass. She is very powerful. She is bold. She is evil. But at the same time, she has a sense of humor. She never loses her sense of humor.”

When she was asked if it was easy for her to act in Hollywood suddenly, she said that it was very challenging for her, she started speaking English two years before, and it was her project in English.

Corbero’s Role in Money heist:

Corbero is playing the role of a thief in a Money heist. She helped her boyfriend in 15 heists and lost him in a robbery. Her boyfriend died in the very first part of the season.

Then she decided to meet her mom, and on the way, a professor met her. He told her that her house is surrounded by the police and offered her to join his team. The professor asked her to join him with seven other robbers for a heist. Professor asked every robber to select a city name to hide their identities, and Corbero has chosen the name “Tokyo.”

Corberos Role in Money heist

Tokyo is a very bold, powerful, evil, and strong character with a sense of humor. She is a thief but with loving and caring nature for those whom she loves. She dated Rio after her first heist with the team. In part 4, she flirted with Denver. She is a confident, bold, and beautiful thief who does not mind using her looks and sexuality for her advantage.

It was a challenge for the director to find a perfect actress for Tokyo’s role, and he selected Ursula Corbero, and Corbero gave her best. She has been nominated for the best actress award for her role as Tokyo.

Corbero played the thrilling role of a fearless thief with humor, challenging to maintain, but the girl did it very well.

Are you excited for the fifth season of Money heist?

In the previous season, the professor who was the mastermind behind the heist died. It left the audience shocked and curious for the next season. So the wait is over, and the next season will be aired on 3rd September. Yes! Just a few days left….

Money Heist Season 5

The following season will be released in two parts: the first part in September and the second part in December. The partition in season is the symbol for more suspense and curiosity. So dear fans, be ready for more thrill, humor, action, suspense, and surprises.

Corbero’s Experience of Money heist:

When Corbero, or in other words, Tokyo was asked about her experience of being in Hollywood and particularly regarding Money heist, she said,

“I remember I couldn’t stop crying while filming every scene. There was a pain in my stomach. Because a lot of crazy things happened to me in this show. My life changed, and I feel grateful and proud. I will miss Tokyo so much, but at the same time, I think she’ll be a part of me forever.”

Money heist’s actress next plans:

After the Money heist, she will prefer to go back to her roots. She loves comedy from where she started her career. She loves action too, but she wants to do comedy after going back. As she said, “I miss comedy and hope to return back.”

Okay okay. Money heist fans can overcome their curiosity by watching the upcoming season, but what about this amazing and stunning actresses’ real life.

We have seen her flirting various seasons, but how is she in real life? Has she ever been in a relationship with anyone? Do not be that much curious. We know you still have to wait for a few days for next season, but we will not wait. Here you can read about her real-life love.

Ever Ursula Corbero had been in a relationship?

Well, the actress is not single. She had dated a few other co-actors, but they were not serious kind of relationships. Like she dated an actor Israel Rodriguez for two years. Then a tennis player Feliciano Lopez for five months.

But since 2016, She is in a relationship with an actor Chino Darin who is from Argentine. They first met on the set of the TV series “The Embassy” in 2016.  They have been living together since 2019. She has shared a lot of pictures with him on Instagram.

chino darin and ursula

Chino, when asked how his relationship started with Corbero, he said,

“I came to Spain thinking that it would only be six months, with two projects, but then this came up with Ursula, and everything changed for me.”

He is soo in love with her. He calls her an amazing woman, and indeed she deserves this.

They are living happily together, having trips and enjoying each other’s company. She has shared their photos kissing, hugging, and spending quality time together.

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