Meet your Favorite Tik Tok Star “Pir Ahmed”

Pir Ahmed

Pir Ahmed is known as the most emerging new talent in the media industry. Pir Ahmed has 11.7 million on app TikTok from where he took the start of his career. Pir Ahmed has been an influence on his audience and posts humorous transition and acting videos. That’s how he gained the attention of people around the globe.

Pir Ahmed is very popular in India because of his handsome personality and his figure people tend to love him for his fantastic styling sense and crazy looks. He has even earned the special badges for being an ace TikTok comic. He’s now a crowned “muser.”


He begins, good-looking and Muscular. He’s getting extremely elegant among ladies. He is the most known Tik Tok celebrity with roughly five’ eight″ inches tall and weighs spherical 60 kg. He obtained Muscular assemble. He has Black eyes and brown hair.

Relationship status

Pir Ahmed was recently married in 2020, and his wife is not publically shown to the world.


It is updated that he is soon to be shown in TV serials, and also he works as a model for various brand shoots along the side with his regular uploads on TikTok.

He has over 100k followers on Instagram

He also has a YouTube channel working


As a significant influence of TikTok and the most known personality on the platform, people have always been thrilled to know how Pir Ahmed succeeded through the years. When the musically app became TikTok and what was his career beginning like so we asked him the most hearted request that:

1) How did you start on TikTok?

His answer was quite humble.

 He stated:

I started using musically here and there, just for fun. Later I realized more and more people liked these, so I got excited and thought that maybe I should take it more seriously. So I started TikTok from 2019, like actually using it consistently.

Your journey through the years has been quite influencing to the youth, and TikTok was not that bigger of the deal when you started, and your content has not only been one constant way it changed during the time so:

2) What do you feel has contributed to your success on TikTok?

He stated that:

“That’s my flexible nature. For instance, I would make all kinds of content, fashion, comedy, romance, and acting. I am anything depending on the mood or the day.”

Yes, I agree videos should depend on mood and time to portray yourself as a person every day. Everyone has different perspectives and ideas, and specifically, I think that is what makes you unique, but moving forward, have you always thought of being what you are today and:

3) What advice would you give your younger self?

“I would tell the 15-year-old me who was so confused in life that, ‘Follow your heart and everything will work out. Fail, but don’t give up. There is a better future for you.”

Oh! That’s great for someone who has succeeded quite much in just a nick of time and how would you consider yourself as an inspirational personality, and what will be something you would advise to a young mind

4) How can we inspire teenagers to strive for their success?

He answered with such fantastic enthusiasm that:

“Don’t take the peer pressure and do what others do because we are all humans and different things work for us. Do things that would help you get what you sincerely want in your life. Just be yourself, so you’re happy with who you’re are. That’s the most essential.”

Thank you for such fantastic advice couldn’t ask for more just one last question what do you think fundamentally.

5) What are the differences between successful and unsuccessful people on TikTok?

He stated:

“Success is a very subjective topic. What may be a success for me may not be a success for someone else. So one shouldn’t be disappointed if they have fewer followers or more followers than someone else. Even if they have ten people who care and appreciate them, it’s enough.”

Thank you so much for your time. I appreciate your enthusiasm and how you have developed yourself as a positive human being.

6) Would you like to say something else any extra piece of advice you would like to give?

One extra piece of advice or perhaps a request I have for everyone is that please don’t lose yourself in the process of searching for followers. Your audience will find you.

Thank you again for such an amusing conversation; and I could not explain how nice it has been o be in conversation with you, and I hope you have had the same experience.

So, everyone, we have tried to clear up all the questions you have been excited and curious to know about. It was PIR AHMED for you guys.

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