Kirk Norcross breaks silence over dad Mick’s suicide says that he’s still in denial.

Kirk Norcross dad suicide

British reality TV star Kirk Norcross finally broke his silence on his father Mick’s death, said that he could never fail to remember the scene when he found his dad’s corpse.

The beloved owner of Essex nightclub sugar hut, Mick, was found dead on January 21, this year at his place in Bulphan. He took his own life, sadly!

Kirk discussed this matter, saying that in his opinion, concerning this matter can help anyone facing a similar situation.

He may not explain in detail, but he did say that thieving c***s’ is responsible for his father’s death.

Kirk Norcross

An inquiry heard that Mick had been very depressed in the lockdown because he had to take a bank loan of £3.6 million due to his lavish home, as many property developments got delayed due to the pandemic.

Kirk addressed his 59K followers on Instagram, where he posted the video series in which he talked about his father’s suicide. He said that he isn’t rude, but if anyone isn’t interested in listening to this, they may unfollow him.

If I can prevent one person from killing himself, I have made an impact on this world

said the reality tv star. He advised his followers to be kind and polite to people.

He said that it’s important to grieve and let it out, and for this, it’s necessary to talk. He said that he knows many people have lost their dads and is using this platform to tell them that they aren’t going through this alone, and if anyone wants to talk about it, he’s there.

According to Kirk, the mind can play dangerous games. That is why it is essential to talk about what’s bothering you. He didn’t want sympathy, said that he like people caring about him, but he isn’t looking for any sympathy.

Kirk found his dad’s dead body hanged in the wine cellar of Essex mansion and said that he’s glad that no doctor, nurse, or any other stranger had to deal with it or go through what he went through.

He even tried to give him CPR; although it was clear that Mick had been dead at that time, son Kirk never forgot the times his dad took a stand for him.

It’s natural to be overwhelmed at the moment like this. Kirk said that he feels like all the time he spent with his father is like a dream. He added that his father was his best friend. He indeed was the best man Kirk ever met.

Kirk expressed that he can never forget the image when he first saw his dad dead. He can never get it out of his mind, but he can help others who are facing a similar situation. It’s a significant step from Kirk’s side.

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