Khloe Kardashian gives cheating Tristan Thompson ‘yet another chance’

Khloe Kardashian gives cheating Tristan Thompson yet another chance

News of Khloe Kardashian are circulating about her giving another chance to her ex Tristan Thompson who cheated on her.

Khloe has been publicly insulted by Tristan who is also the father of their daughter True, three times. He has cheated on Khloe three times, out of which Khloe had already taken him back 2 times, he chased Khloe quite a lot, after second time and they decided to have another baby together when he did this to her again, for the third time.

After many months of sharing messages and posts on Instagram about self growth, the Keeping up with the Kardashians star has got back together with 30 year old basketball player, as he promised he would be better this time.

An insider revealed that this is not a very good situation but Khloe is so desperate to make things work between her and Tristan, who also promised that he will not be like before. The main reason is that she wants True, her daughter to have her dad in her life, and she wants to have another child too, so they can’t be over.

Another source told that Tristan promised Khloe things would be better this time, he contracted with the Sacramento Kings to stay close to Khloe and True, and wants to give his family proper time.

Khloe said that it wasn’t fair for her daughter to be away from her father, her dad’s presence was important in her life so she didn’t take a permanent decision based on rushing emotions. It happened at the time of True’s birth, and they got back together. But Tristan cheated on Khloe again, when he kissed Kylie Jenner’s best friend Jordyn Woods in a house party.

This ended things between them, but Tristan won Khloe’s trust again, by proving to be a nice father and caring partner. He moved in with Khloe and took care of her when she caught Covid. He constantly showed efforts to win her back by compliments and expensive presents, and also tried hard to win her sisters hearts which was not an easy task.

Earlier this year, they split again as Tristan cheated with an Instagram model who revealed that they hook up.

But rumours are circulating that Khloe is ready to reconcile with him again, for the sake of her daughter. We hope things work out between them.

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