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Ken Dixon Entrepreneur – Career, Life & Net Worth

Ken Dixon Entrepreneur – Career, Life & Net Worth

Ken Dixon Entrepreneur

Ken Dixon Biography

  • Born: May 3, 1960 (60 Years Age)
  • Birth Place: Haney, Maple Ridge, Canada
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Spouse: Jennifer Beals (m. 1998)
  • Marriage Location: Michigan
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Hair Colour: White
  • Net Worth: US$ 5 Million Approx
  • Wife Net Worth: Approximately US$ 8 Million

Ken Dixon is the name of a very wealthy entrepreneur in Canada. Ken Dixon was born in 1960, and his net worth is about 1-5 million US dollars. He has made many achievements in his life. He is the husband of the famous American actress Jennifer Beals.

Jennifer Beals looked beautiful and was a teenage model when she was young. This charming and glamorous model, and talented actress, married Ken Dixon, a wealthy entrepreneur, in 1998.

You already know Jennifer Beals and her on-screen charm and acting skills, but you know very little about her private love life. This article will discuss some inside information and unknown facts about Jennifer and her husband, Ken Dixon!

Career, Family, and Education

Ken Dixon was born on May 3, 1960, in British Columbia. His real name is Kenneth Lyle Dixon. As a Canadian entrepreneur, he has proved to be a proud Canadian citizen and is currently working in Canada as of 2020.

After he grew up, he spent most of his childhood in Canada with his family and siblings. He belongs to white people rather than atheists. He did not disclose information about her parents and siblings to fans all over the world. His zodiac sign is Taurus.

Currently, we have no information about his academic qualifications and university. But he only graduated from Canada and completed his studies. After obtaining relevant information, we will update readers as soon as possible.

Relationship Status And Wife

Ken Dixon is not single and is married to the famous American actor Jennifer Beals. Jennifer is one of America’s most popular and respected celebrities. She is known for her notable roles in many TV shows and movies. He only gained fame and high popularity after marrying Jennifer Beers, the girl of his dreams. He married Caroline Desiree Vermeulen in 1996 and later divorced due to some internal and family issues.

ken dixon jennifer beals

Ken Dixon used to have two children. Ken Dixon and Jennifer met for the first time at the party through mutual friends. They love each other and decide to become friends and understand each other. This beautiful couple is rarely captured in public places and rarely attracts media attention. Because of their different majors, they have limited time with each other, but they efficiently manage to cope with it.

Before marrying Jennifer Beals, both said that they dated for a long time. Rarely dating, the couple decided to get married. After 2-3 years of constant dating, the two decided to get married in 1998. This beautiful couple welcomed their first child in 2005, a daughter named Ella Dixon.

According to rumors, most fans call Ken Dixon’s daughter Ella Dixon deaf. But Ken and Jennifer Beals denied this rumor and advised fans not to believe it. Ken Dixon said that his daughter Ella Dixon is not deaf and can clearly understand everything without any problems.

Ella Dixon is now a 14-year-old girl with no hearing problem. Ken Dixon is very Closed to his daughter and prefers to be with her. The couple was spotted by Ella many times when they were out.

Currently, Ken Dixon is living a happy life with his wife and lovely daughter Ella. He is naturally romantic and generous. So far, there have been rumors about their divorce and relationship conflicts.

Body Measurements And Height

There is no exact information about Ken Dixon’s body measurements about his height, weight, and biceps. Ken Dixon is of medium size and slim.

He prefers to live a healthy life by following healthy eating habits instead of going to the gym. He used to be a gym fan, but he did not have time to go out for fitness due to his busy schedule. He Has brown Eye Color, and his hair color is white.

Net worth

Ken Dixon is a successful Canadian entrepreneur who has net worth and has made many achievements in his life. According to all estimates, his net worth will be between 1 and 5 million US dollars. Since he is still an entrepreneur, his net worth will increase in the next few years.

His wife’s net worth is approximately US$8 million. She is a model and actress and has won a lot of wealth and fame during her long career. There is no doubt that they both live luxurious lives, expensive apartments. He is lucky to have a beautiful and kind wife, Jennifer Beers.

The couple is wealthy and helps each other financially and spiritually. Ken Dixon is also a hardworking man, known for his relationships with many charities and NGOs. Ken Dixon did not disclose his car, property, and bank balance to the fans. We will update readers as soon as possible.

Social Media Status

We did not find any social media accounts of Ken Dixon. He may be active on social media, but no further details about this. But his wife (Jennifer) is very active on social media sites and constantly uploads her photos to her Instagram account to recognize her loyal fans around the world. Despite being a favorite actress, she always supported and appreciated the gay couple and even fought for her rights.

If you want to learn more about Ken Dixon and his daily routine, it is best to follow his wife’s social media accounts. Ken always uploads photos of her husband Ken Dixon and his lovely daughter Ella. Her Instagram account has 380,500 followers. She is very active on Twitter and Facebook too.

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