R Kelly’s Sex Trafficking Trial: The Singer’s Former Manager Testifies

R Kellys Sex Trafficking Trial

The former tour manager for R Kelly was forced to testify in the court In front of the jurors about the night when Kelly found out that he had got 15 years old Aaliyah pregnant.

Dimitrius Smith, Kelly’s former tour manager, worked with him during the 1980s when Kelly used to perform at subway stations and talent shows. Smith tried to assert his 5th amendment privilege, but later, he was ordered to testify on Friday.

Kelly found out that he had got 15 years old Aaliyah pregnant

Kelly is on trial for a very lengthy list of alleged crimes, which also includes an offence related to bribing a government official to obtain a fake ID for 15-year-old Aaliyah so that he could make her his child bride. His other crimes include racketeering and the sexual exploitation of a child.

Smith said that Kelly acted out this way to “protect himself and to protect Aaliyah.”

“She was too young. He was confused.”

According to him, Kelly and Aaliyah had a “playful” and “flirtatious” relationship, and that he had urged the singer not to marry her. Later, the R&B singer found out that she was pregnant and was left with no other choice but to marry her.

According to the details, Smith told Kelly that he could get him a fake ID card for the 15-year-old so that she could look old enough to marry the singer legally. He went to the local welfare office and bribed a woman $500 to make her an ID. He also went to a FedEx nearby and bribed an associate to make Aaliyah a fake employment ID before R Kelly and Aaliyah went to apply for a marriage license at the cook country clerk’s office.

The marriage license that was shown to the court indicates that they were married on 31 August 1994. Kelly was 27 years old at the time, while Aaliyah’s age was noted as 18 years old when in reality, she was only 15.

It was also stated that Aaliyah’s first album Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number included most of R Kelly’s songs. Unfortunately, Aaliyah died in a plane crash in 2001; she was just 22 years old.

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