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Katie Price Put Up Diet Supplements For Sale After Having Complete Body Liposuction In Turkey

Katie Price Put Up Diet Supplements For Sale After Having Complete Body Liposuction In Turkey

Katie Price

Famous media personality Katie Price has recently traveled abroad to get her entire body liposuction.

Katie Price, 43, has taken to Instagram to flog her diet supplements as she continues her healthy ride. She has used the platform of her Instagram to promote slimming products that contain zero calories.

Katie Price

Katie got complete body liposuction which included bum lifts and lifts on lips and eyes as well.

She shared a post for the diet supplement sale that wrote,

Zero-calorie low sugar products ideal for weight loss and reducing calories from £1.99.”

Katie also posted a much closer look of her, few weeks after her extensive surgery in Turkey.

She wrote: “here we go, completely unfiltered picture.

The mum of five also got her eyelashes done by Annabel @masterlashuk, and she said that they did a fantastic job, and what’s more impressive is that she can wear her lash range lashes with these.

Katie Price instagram

In the past weeks, the former glamour model also shared pictures of her face covered in bandages as she went through the healing process.

Katie has been taking Herbalife productsfor her diet. Last year she told me how happy she felt when she dropped a dress size. She said she felt fitter and pleased after using the diet products, and now she is putting them up for sale.

She shared a photo with her boyfriend Carl wood’s and in that picture, Herbalife products were seen on a table behind. She wrote with the snap that this year has been challenging, and she had her ups and downs. She also expressed that she has been in the limelight since 17, having many ups and downs. Katie said that she’d been judged for anything that she does, so she stays careful.

It seems like she is pretty satisfied with her experience of Herbalife products and wants her fans to have a quality life too. In our opinion, one should follow whatever makes him happy.

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