Karlie Guse – Where is She? (Unresolved Mystery)

karlie guse
  • Date(s) of Birth : May 13, 2002
  • Hair Color : Dark Blonde
  • Eyes : Blue
  • Height : 5’7″ (at time of disappearance)
  • Weight : 110 pounds (at time of disappearance)
  • Sex : Female
  • Race : White
  • Scars and Marks : Gusé has her left nostril pierced.

It’s more than a year since Karlie Guse, a California teenager from Mono County, disappeared in the early hours of October 13. At the press conference, the Mono County Sheriff’s Office announced that it would continue its investigation into Carly’s disappearance until clues were obtained. Nevertheless, they have no possible clues or clues to find her.

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Mono County Sheriff Ingrid Braud (Ingrid Braud) said the case is still investigated for missing persons. Even officials are “considering all possibilities.”

“We are no closer to finding Karlie,”

Braun said,

“Should this develop into a crime, we do not want our investigation to be jeopardized in any way. Therefore, we will not release any information about what investigative actions have taken place.”

Karlie’s mother (Lindsay Fairley) attended the press conference. She told reporters that one day she didn’t remember her daughter. Karlie’s father, Zac Guse, and stepmother Melissa Guse also attended the meeting.

Lindsay recalled her memory of Crime Online. Karlie and her daughter maintained a friendly relationship forever, who lived with her father and stepmother when she disappeared.

Lindsay said that she had physical custody of Karlie. Still, when Lindsay moved, her daughter returned to her father’s residence in Mono County. Her friends visited high school together.

Karlie Guse

Sheriff Braun said the parents had been supporting the investigation, including Melissa. The latter was reportedly the last person to see Carli before her disappearance.

“It was exactly one year ago today that I received your last text, not knowing it would be the last time I heard from you,”

Lindsay said, directing a letter she had written to Karlie,

“Two days after that, I got a call that made this whole world go dark: the news of that my sweet rainbow baby had gone missing. I have so many questions, Karlie! What happened to you, honey? Where are you?”


Fox News reported earlier, the incident surrounding her disappearance is very confusing. Karlie should disappear between 5:45 and 7:30 in the morning.

Melissa Guse mentioned earlier on Crime Online that she picked up Karlie in the town that night, several miles away from her country’s residence. Bishop’s suburbs.

Melissa told herself that she picked up Karlie at around 8 pm and then took her home to White Mountain, about 14 miles north of Bishop. Estate) near the road. Admit that she was panicked, the car was about to hit her, and changed seats several times throughout the journey.

After returning home, Gus had huge pupils and was also associated with the salad’s lettuce. Because of the “devil’s lettuce,” her father Zac and stepmother recalled her memories in their testimony. Sleep with her in her room all night to make sure she stays healthy.

According to reports, Melissa woke up at 5.30 am the next morning. When she looked at her, Carly was lying next to her, and she woke up. Melissa said that she was doping for a while and then waking up between 7:15 and 7:30 in the morning to learn about Karlie’s disappearance.

Fox also published the teenage stepmother’s voice with a tape recorder, which sounded a little confused. Allegedly, Melissa needs to prove her stepdaughter’s appearance in shock.

However, according to private investigator Michael Boone, the recording was the last time Guse heard before his disappearance. Both Zac and Melissa claimed that they had no idea where Carly was. Known, Lindsay doubted his story. When he arrived at Dr. Phil earlier this year, Lindsay said that the two had repeatedly revised the schedule and version of the event.


On the first day after Carre’s disappearance, Melissa broadcasted the latest news about the investigation on Facebook. As the video circulated, it seemed that shortly after the incident, a desperate mother was looking for her stepdaughter, which became the source of public hypothesis and mockery.

“One thing that bothers me as a licensed psychotherapist is the stepmother’s eyes constantly shift, which indicates she’s lying,”

Even Karlie’s birth mother doesn’t trust Melissa’s claims about her daughter’s disappearance.

In 2019, “Dr. Karlie’s mum Phil (Phil) said: “I believe my daughter has an overdose of deadly drugs. I believe that early that morning, Melissa opened her eyes and saw her. I think that was when my daughter passed away. Carly’s disappearance was interrogated.

“It feels terrible. “Comment on these allegations. “Carly disappeared that day, and everything happened so fast. . . She is not dead; she is missing.

Witness Saying

After Karlie went missing, the Mono County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement stating that she walked towards Highway 6 at White Mountain Estates in Chalfant early on Saturday, October 13, 2018.

Carly never saw anyone again. There is no evidence of her disappearance. Authorities issued a report stating that Karlie Guse was finally recognized on the White Mountain Village Highway and Route 6 in Mono County, California.


The FBI offered a Reward of upto $5,000 for information that leads to the location of Karlie Lain Gusé.

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