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Justice Society: World War II

Justice Society: World War II

Abdul Rafay
Justice Society: World War II

The first image and voice cast for Justice Society: World War II, an animated film with which the veteran team will debut within the DC Universe, was released through The Hollywood Reporter. Of the 42 DC animated films, it is the first to start the group of heroes that first appeared in the comics during World War II.

Justice Society: World War II will feature a voice cast led by Stana Katic as Wonder Woman and Matt Bomer as The Flash. They had already worked together on 2013’s Superman: Unbound.

The Justice Society: World War II cast includes Elysia Rotaru as Black Canary, Chris Diamantopoulos as Steve Trevor, Omid Abtahi as Hawkman, Matthew Mercer as Hourman, Armen Taylor as Jay Garrick, Liam McIntyre as Aquaman, Ashleigh Lathrop as Iris West, Geoffrey Arend as Charles Halstead / Advisor, Keith Ferguson as Dr. Fate and Darin De Paul will play Roosevelt.

A first look at the movie “Justice Society: World War II” is leaked, the next animated project from Warner Bros. Animation and DC Comics to see the light, which will take us back to the days of World War II.

A video that arrives here is really a featurette and not so much a trailer. The sense that we can listen to those involved in the film, for example, the voice cast or scriptwriters advancing what we will see in this film, and for instance, explaining the approaches of the characters or highlighting Wonder Woman’s leadership ability to lead this team. Throughout the eight minutes of the video, we have moments dedicated to each superhero.

It should be noted that it uses the same art style and character designs as the recent animated film “Superman: Man of Tomorrow” and having Flash. The previous universe would confirm the whole idea that this is a continuation of a new universe that opened after “Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.”

The animated film has a voice cast consisting of  Stana Katic as  Wonder Woman, Matt Bomer as  The Flash, Elysia Rotaru as  Black Canary,  Chris Diamantopoulos as  Steve Trevor,  Omid Abtahi as  Hawkman,  Matthew Mercer as  Hourman,  Armen Taylor as  Jay Garrick,  Liam McIntyre as  Aquaman,  Ashleigh Lathrop as  Iris West,  Geoffrey Arend as  Charles Halstead / Advisor,  Keith Ferguson as  Dr. Fate,  and  Darin De Paul as  Roosevelt.

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